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    I love the story and was very excited to share it with my daughter However, the book is already falling apart I ve included two photos This was our first time opening the book and reading it.

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    I love to ready this book to my two year old daughter I love that in the end of the book the princess is able to rescue herself.I give this book to every new mom that I know It can be a real struggle to find books that are for children of a young age that have strong female characters.

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    I have always liked the message that girls can be as capable as boys in whatever they choose to do.I also know that the earlier you begin to model and support that belief the can be accomplished.Paper Bag Princess brings this belief to both listeners and readers.

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    Another great book by Robert Munsch It s fun to read and the kids love the story I also like how it teaches the kids a thing or two about thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions to big problems It also imparts a lesson about not judging people based on their appearance.

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    Another great book from my childhood, and happy to see my little one enjoying it as much as I did Some books do stand the test of time

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    Great story My 14 year old son didn t really like it, haha, but his two year old sister is into it I remember this story from when I was a kid so the nostalgia factor is there for me too.

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    I bought this for a colleague s daughter because I believe every little girl should grow up reading this story.

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    An absolute staple for every young girl s book shelf My favourite Munsch book hands down

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