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The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom summary The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom, series The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom, book The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom, pdf The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom, The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom 2ef0547702 Brilliant And Provocative Drawing On Close Readings Of Traditional Martyr Stories And On Deep Historical Research, She Convincingly Demonstrates That Little Evidence Exists For The Widespread Persecution Of Christians By The Romans Publisher S Weekly Compellingly Argued And Artfully Written, Moss Reveals How The Popular Misconception About Martyrdom In The Early Church Still Creates Real Barriers To Compassion And Dialogue Today An Important Book And A Fascinating Read Archbishop Desmond Tutu This Is The Best Sort Of History Delightfully Accessible Yet Based On Prodigious Scholarship, Deeply Serious, Yet Entertaining And Enlightening Above All, It Shows The Reader The Importance Of Sweeping Away Myth, In Order That We Do Not Behave Badly In The Present, Using The Past As Our Excuse Diarmaid MacCulloch, Professor Of The History Of The Church At Oxford University And Author Of Christianity The First Three Thousand Years A Tour De Force Addition To The Literature Of Sacred Violence A Case Study In How Bold Scholarship Can Dismantle It Candida Moss S Religious History Will Change Religion, And, If Christians Heed It, History, Too James Carroll, Author Of Jerusalem, Jerusalem Moss Dismantles The Wall Of Righteousness That Some Christians Erect In Order To Justify Their Conflict With Others Without This Persecution Narrative, We Will Be Better Equipped To Work Together In Our Complex And Pluralistic World Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director Of NETWORK This Is A Timely And Eye Opening Book Moss Carefully Researched And Readable Account Corrects And Clarifies An Important Feature Of A History That Has Been Fictionalized For Too Long Harvey Cox, Hollis Research Professor Of Divinity At Harvard, And Author Of The Future Of Faith In Engaging Prose And With Scholarly Acumen, Moss Pulls Back The Curtain On One Of Western History S Best Kept Secrets That Christians Were Never Subjects Of Sustained Persecution Read This Book And Rejoice As Moss Turns History On Its Head And Points The Way Beyond Religious Violence Diana Butler Bass, Author Of Christianity After Religion Not Only Has Candida Moss Reminded Us That Much Of What We Accept Uncritically Is Pious Legend, But That Such Myths Poison The Religious And Political Rhetoric Of Our Time There Is Something Here To Offend Everyone, Which Is The First Sign Of Groundbreaking Work Rev Dr Robin R Meyers, UCC Minister And Author Of The Underground Church Reclaiming The Subversive Way Of Jesus Historical Argumentation At Its Most Cogent Booklist Fascinating One Of The Most Enlightening Aspects Of The Myth Of Persecution Is Moss Ability To Find Contemporary Analogies That Make The Ancient World Intelligible To The Average Reader SalonIn The Myth Of Persecution, Candida Moss, A Leading Expert On Early Christianity, Reveals How The Early Church Exaggerated, Invented, And Forged Stories Of Christian Martyrs And How The Dangerous Legacy Of A Martyrdom Complex Is Employed Today To Silence Dissent And Galvanize A New Generation Of Culture WarriorsAccording To Cherished Church Tradition And Popular Belief, Before The Emperor Constantine Made Christianity Legal In The Fourth Century, Early Christians Were Systematically Persecuted By A Brutal Roman Empire Intent On Their Destruction As The Story Goes, Vast Numbers Of Believers Were Thrown To The Lions, Tortured, Or Burned Alive Because They Refused To Renounce Christ These Saints, Christianity S Inspirational Heroes, Are Still Venerated TodayMoss, However, Exposes That The Age Of Martyrs Is A Fictionthere Was No Sustained Year Long Effort By The Romans To Persecute Christians Instead, These Stories Were Pious Exaggerations Highly Stylized Rewritings Of Jewish, Greek, And Roman Noble Death Traditions And Even Forgeries Designed To Marginalize Heretics, Inspire The Faithful, And Fund ChurchesThe Traditional Story Of Persecution Is Still Taught In Sunday School Classes, Celebrated In Sermons, And Employed By Church Leaders, Politicians, And Media Pundits Who Insist That Christians Wereand Always Will Bepersecuted By A Hostile, Secular World While Violence Against Christians Does Occur In Select Parts Of The World Today, The Rhetoric Of Persecution Is Both Misleading And Rooted In An Inaccurate History Of The Early Church Moss Urges Modern Christians To Abandon The Conspiratorial Assumption That The World Is Out To Get Christians And, Rather, Embrace The Consolation, Moral Instruction, And Spiritual Guidance That These Martyrdom Stories Provide

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    si du moins l on n a pas d j lu les deux pr c dents, plus d velopp s et moins pol miques, que l auteur a publi s sur ce sujet respectivement en 2010 et 2012, sans parler de ses nombreux articles parus dans diverses revues anglo saxonnes.

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    A great read that explores the difference between persecution and prosecution Humanity has a bizarre attraction to martyrdom, from years past to the present.

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    As seems to be typical of her work, the research is poor, she tries to slant things the way she wants them to be perceived, and she is really good at dishonestly ignoring important facts that contradict her conclusions.

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    Moss is a prodegy in NY EC studies Here she is not afraid to point out exaggerations, while maintaining a respectful appreciation for Scripture and Tradition Weeding out facts from fiction is actually a healthy pruning of the early Church to increase faith for believers and a curious investigation for those who struggle Kudos Candida

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    Oh, how I love revisionist histories Especially well written, informative and enlightening books like this one here There is an added bonus in that it is an extremely well written book, with no filler material.This revisionist evaluation of the myth of persecuted Christians has two virtues One, it is a good revisionist history A good revisionist history will lift the layers of self serving historical lies and reveal the historical record In this case the historical lie is that on a regular basis Christians were fed to the lions, tortured, persecuted and mistreated by cruel, godless pagans.The historical record is nuanced The historical truth is that persecution of Christians were at least exaggerated or at worst fabrications Prosecutions did in fact exist Much like today where whenever possible hegemonic empires will use the legal process to prosecute terrorists, in ancient times Christian groups and movements engaged in illegal activities in other cases, on an individual level, legal authority was sometimes challenged and in other instances, persecutions on a larger scale went on These activities paled in comparison to pogroms practiced by Christian authorities against minority groups or beliefs deemed to be heresy This book also contains no filler material, It represents the best of both worlds Historical accounts written by academics intending to reach a wide readership often fall flat on their faces The reason, for a variety of reasons, usually the absence of existing historical facts, the accounts are positively stuffed with filler material These academic attempts to tell gets bogged down with a load of material extraneous to the story That is not the case here The account given by author, Candida Moss, here is relevant and sticks to the facts.This is a book of cogent historical analysis She perhaps overstates the case about the myth of Christian persecution At times I personally wondered if she was engaging in Christian bashing Every time that occurred, however, there she was, supporting her assertion with a historical reference.This book is a dose of fresh air Highly recommended.

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    If you grew up in religion constantly hearing about how horribly Christians were persecuted in ancient times, then you need to read this book and hear the truth Much like the perceived persecution of Christians today you ll find it s mostly myth and blatant lies The insistence of Christians on seeing persecution everywhere has led to much of the social ills we suffer in America And it s true for much of the world too Christians set up this false dichotomy of us vs them in order to achieve their political goals It utterly disgusting to read that the early writers of the church planned it to be exactly that way Christians use persecution to demonize anyone who disagrees with them The author explains how this all cane about An excellent read

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    Reviews of this tome are predictable How dare she How boring Her scholarship is slipshod Of course those are from religious partisans whose ox has been gored This book is worth a very careful reading and re reading of many sections is recommended Moss delineates many processes and milestones as Men built the edifice that became the Christian Church There were and remain other processes, such as the violent suppression of dissent and of alternative understandings within the larger Church, and the campaigns against those who live within other faith traditions Moss s effort is an excellent exposition of one major thread in Christian history.

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