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    Adding this set and a few other Bob Book sets 2,3, and 4 to my first grade classroom library They are cute little books that the kids can read independently and confidently I was struggling to find B,C,D, and E leveled books, and these books will fill those gaps nicely They come leveled and ready to go They can even be used for intervention groups since there are list of words at the end and this one also comes with sight word flash cards.

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    My grandson has been struggling with reading and I decided to look for site word books I read so many positive reviews for this one, I decided to give it a chance His reading and spelling has greatly improved since using this book The flash cards add extra support in learning the words Very well pleased with this book Definetely recommend if your child is having trouble with reading.

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    Bob books taught my 5 year to read when she was in preschool Now, she is reading at a first grade level in K I highly recommend them to any reader whether they are a new reader or a reader who just needs to build confidence in reading or one who is ahead of the class We have 4 of the Bob Book sets and I know we will be buying

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    After finishing the kindergarten series of Bob Books, found that this was just a little bit harder However, my granddaughter surprised herself by reading, almost flawlessly the books in this set Between the kindergarten and first grade series she felt really confident that she could go on an tackle intricate reading She s two months into kindergarten and her teacher has commented on the fact that she s really accelerating in her reading skills We re in the middle of the next series, word families and she just keeps on getting better We ve been using these series for only three weeks and the improvement is really great She loves to read to her mom and dad.

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    Our son is autistic and this is great with reinforcing his site words and helping him with reading I wish I had known about these books sooner It has simple but fun pictures to help provide support for words that our son needs help on Very easy to motivate our son to read despite being autistic It takes a lot longer for our son to remember because of his disability So this is great for repetitive reading and just nice to give kids confidence.

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