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The Queen's Necklace (Russian Edition) (Ozherele korolevy) explained The Queen's Necklace (Russian Edition) (Ozherele korolevy), review The Queen's Necklace (Russian Edition) (Ozherele korolevy), trailer The Queen's Necklace (Russian Edition) (Ozherele korolevy), box office The Queen's Necklace (Russian Edition) (Ozherele korolevy), analysis The Queen's Necklace (Russian Edition) (Ozherele korolevy), The Queen's Necklace (Russian Edition) (Ozherele korolevy) 0878 The Queen S Necklace Sketches An Extraordinary Portrait Of The French Aristocracy As It Falls Towards The Anarchy And Bloodshed Of The Revolution This Masterpiece Lends Emotional Context To Historical Past, With A Narrative That Prophesizes Impending Violence Through The Superficiality And Power Struggles Inside The Court Itself Court Life Is Vividly Drawn Its Fashions, Habits, And Politics, And Also Its Power, Decadence, Vices, And Corruption

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  • The Queen's Necklace (Russian Edition) (Ozherele korolevy)
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  • 06 October 2019
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About the Author: Alexandre Dumas

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre The Queen's Necklace (Russian Edition) (Ozherele korolevy) , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Alexandre Dumas auteurs dans le monde.

8 thoughts on “The Queen's Necklace (Russian Edition) (Ozherele korolevy)

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    This is an intriguing look into Marie Antoinette s time fun, light and totally entwined with intrigues, back stabbing, plotting, politics, honor, laced with royalty I would recommend skipping the first chapter as it can be confusing, at least it was for me Let s just say it differed greatly from the rest of the book I think he was attempting retro active staging, but it failed for me anyway At times it was hard to keep up because the characters entered so quickly.The book is a wonderful romp through royal plots and parallel plans the challenge is to see who comes out on top and how The twists are surreal, making you wonder how much of this was based on true stories of the times and how much is fiction.

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    This book bored me to distraction I know this is a true event from history, but I just didn t think the queen would talk and behave in that fashion I also got sick of every man in the novel being so in love with the queen, he was half mad If you really want to read Dumas at his best, pick up The Count of Monte Cristo and skip this one.

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    Having read many of Dumas works, I have a certain expectation that his sharp wit and eloquent way of painting pictures in my mind will be a part of any new book of his that I read The Queen s Necklace did not disappoint It is a multifaceted story that keeps your interest and spawns many theories in your mind as you go It comes together rather surprisingly fast in the end though I moved from this book to Taking The Bastile It seems Dumas was incapable of bad writing.

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    I chose this book because I actually loved Alexander Dumas as a child The writing is formal, which carries me into another world The action is clearly European, not as action packed as a western The plot is difficult to follow, unless you know what to look for I recommend this to anyone who studies the arts and the craft of writing.

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    A wonderful book that arrived in a better condition than advertised, quickly, at a very good price.

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    As much as Iove The Count of Monte Cristo, this work dissappoints The story is scattered abd sometimes seems incoherent I would almost never tell someone to just watch the film version, but, in this case, the film presents a solid version of the story even with the plot additions.

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    Wonderful Splendid Another masterful piece of work by the greatest master of intrigue I must say that after Monte Cristo this is my second favorite.

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    Great book, but it is a historical novel written a long time ago One needs to take that into consideration when reading the book.

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