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The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance summary The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance, series The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance, book The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance, pdf The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance, The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance a528940843 Josh Waitzkin Knows What It Means To Be At The Top Of His Game A Public Figure Since Winning His First National Chess Championship At The Age Of Nine, Waitzkin Was Catapulted Into A Media Whirlwind As A Teenager When His Father S Book Searching For Bobby Fischer Was Made Into A Major Motion Picture After Dominating The Scholastic Chess World For Ten Years, Waitzkin Expanded His Horizons, Taking On The Martial Art Tai Chi Chuan And Ultimately Earning The Title Of World Champion How Was He Able To Reach The Pinnacle Of Two Disciplines That On The Surface Seem So Different I Ve Come To Realize That What I Am Best At Is Not Tai Chi, And It Is Not Chess, He Says What I Am Best At Is The Art Of Learning The Art Of Learning Takes Listeners Through Waitzkin S Unique Journey To Excellence He Explains In Clear Detail How A Well Thought Out, Principled Approach To Learning Is What Separates Success From Failure Waitzkin Believes That Achievement, Even At The Championship Level, Is A Function Of A Lifestyle That Fuels A Creative, Resilient Growth Process Rather Than Focusing On Climactic Wins, Waitzkin Reveals The Inner Workings Of His Everyday Method, From Systematically Triggering Intuitive Breakthroughs, To Honing Techniques Into States Of Remarkable Potency, To Mastering The Art Of Performance Psychology In Stories Ranging From His Early Years Taking On Chess Hustlers As A Seven Year Old In New York City S Washington Square Park, To Dealing With The Pressures Of Having A Film Made About His Life, To International Chess Championships In India, Hungary, And Brazil, To Gripping Battles Against Powerhouse Fighters In Taiwan In The Push Hands World Championships, The Art Of Learning Encapsulates An Extraordinary Competitor S Life Lessons In A Pause Resisting Narrative

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    Reading through some of the low reviews, I didn t know what to expect going into this book Some people felt that it was too much of an autobiographical book, bragging about his accomplishments in chess and martial arts with little to do with actual techniques on learning.I m very glad that I picked up this book, because it has truly inspired me.What people are missing is that Josh is not bragging about the level he achieved in chess The point he was making was that, even though he was a child chess prodigy, the style of learning and teaching had held him back from being the very best in his profession Having been paired up with coaches that taught chess in a very rigid and forceful way, and not being able to deal with the stress of change or pressure eventually became overwhelming to him It was only later in his life when he took on martial arts that he was able to apply his own theories and philosophies on learning, taking micro to macro steps, cultivating a foundation for learning rather then forcing structure Through his experiment on self learning, he was able to take a brand new skill set, and evolve into a world level competitor in a shockingly short amount of time.I know that everybody can benefit from this book and it s contents It really does have the formula to take you from mediocre to a high level performer but be warned, the techniques are not a quick fix solution It s about taking a skill set, breaking it down to simple steps, then breaking down the simple steps down into micro steps micro steps being the foundation of the skill sets and then practicing those micro steps to perfection before moving back to the macro steps and so fourth where you can finally put everything together.If you are looking to develop you skills or talent in your career, a martial artist, a musician etc. it s about breaking apart everything you know, and starting over from the foundation up to build the steps that will eventually help you evolve into a top performer.

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    Though not quite what I was expecting of an advice book on approaching the learning process and pursuing self growth , this is an excellent memoir philosophical book about the author s journey from a chess champion to tai chi martial arts champion, and the parallels he draws between his training of the two Those who are fans of books such as Malcolm Gladwell s Outliers will appreciate this book written by an undeniable outlier not only in one field, but in two seemingly unrelated ones However, Waitzkin points out the similarities between his preparation for competing in tai chi as well as chess, and outlines the pitfalls he faced early in his career allowing himself to be affected by mind games, becoming easily flustered, having difficulty maintaining focus and how he remedied them It was interesting to read about his journey unfold as he matured into an adult and began pursuing martial arts, and how the calm, focused demeanor he developed helped him realize how to learn and grow efficiently It is inspiring to read, but those looking for an advice book will find the advice buried deeply in metaphor.

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    A catchy title, but this book is mostly about how the author went through countless numbers of international tournaments outsmarting his opponents Although the life of a 29 year old chess master and Tai Chi champion is fascinating and can be inspirational for some people, the book rarely touches on the principles and methods of learning If you are searching for the Art of Tai Chi and Optimal Performance, I would recommend Dan Milman s Body Mind Mastery or Ways of Peaceful Warrior, Ken Cohen s The Way of Qigong, Jim Loehr s The Power of Full Engagement, Mark Cohen s Inside Zhan Zhuang, and Don Greene s Performance Success.

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    the only thing the art of learning has taught me is that i ought to read negative reviews prior to purchasing any book.personally, i don t have much respect for tai chi in terms of it being an effective martial arts for self defense, but josh waitzkin is also a marcelo garcia black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu which is no accolade to scoff at between that and his chess accomplishments i expected some insightful approaches to learning, but it s honestly a boring memoir w mediocre writing.do yourself a favor and skim through the 1 star reviews as they sum up my sentiment on this book pretty well deceptive title, no groundbreaking insights on learning you ll see mine posted up and available on the used books section soon enough.

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    The book is truly engaging This is non fiction, and I read it through in one sitting I was fascinated by Josh Waitzkin s experiences in chess and in Tai Chi, especially by how he used the lessons learned in each discipline to inform his perception and understanding in the other I m handing these out like popcorn to anyone I think will enjoy the book His attentiveness to his life experience and the essential understandings he draws from them are compelling Personally, I hope to make active use of his insights in my own life Thank you, Mr Waitzkin.

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    This was one of the most incredible books I have ever had the opportunity to read, written by the closest thing to a superhero this world has ever witnessed, in my humble opinion, though I realize I can only say this once Inspirational would be the right word here, but I don t think there is an appropriate word in the English language for what Josh Waitzkin s life story meant to me If I must give any criticism it is that the reader will struggle to feel like any of this is possible for a mere mortal What it takes to be the best in the world in anything seems to go way beyond natural talent, and the level of detail Waitzkin shares with us in such seemingly unrelated areas of his mastery chess and martial arts is the real gift of this book I am absolutely humbled and inspired, and I believe if you read this book it just may change your life

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