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Ghost (Track Book 1) (English Edition) chapter 1 Ghost (Track Book 1) (English Edition), meaning Ghost (Track Book 1) (English Edition), genre Ghost (Track Book 1) (English Edition), book cover Ghost (Track Book 1) (English Edition), flies Ghost (Track Book 1) (English Edition), Ghost (Track Book 1) (English Edition) 6280468d95f4d Ghost WORLD RECORDS CHECK THIS OUT This Dude Named Andrew Dahl Holds The World Record For Blowing Up The Most Balloons With His Nose Yeah Thats True Not Sure How He Found Out That Was Some Kinda Special Talent, And I Cant Even Imagine How Much Snot Be In Those Balloons, But Hey, Its A Thing And Andrews The Best At It Theres Also This Lady Named Charlotte Lee Who Holds The Record For Owning The Most Rubber Ducks No Lie Heres Whats Weird About That Why Would You Even Want One Rubber Duck, Let Alone , I Mean, Come On And Me, Well, I Probably Hold The World Record For Knowing About The Most World Records That, And For Eating The Most Sunflower Seeds Let Me Guess, Sunflower Seeds, Mr Charles Practically Shouts From Behind The Counter Of What He Calls His Country Store, Even Though We Live In A City Mr Charles, Who, By The Way, Looks Just Like James Brown If James Brown Were White, Has Been Ringing Me Up For Sunflower Seeds Five Days A Week For About, Let Me Think Since The Fourth Grade, Which Is When Ma Took The Hospital Job So For About Three Years Now Hes Also Hard Of Hearing, Which When My Mom Used To Say This, I Always Thought She Was Saying Harder Hearing, Which Made No Sense At All To Me I Dont Know Why She Just Didnt Say Almost Deaf Maybe Because Hard Of Hearing Is Like Hospital Talk, Which Was Probably Rubbing Off On Her But, Yeah, Mr Charles Can Barely Hear A Thing, Which Is Why Hes Always Yelling At Everybody And Everybodys Always Yelling At Him His Store Is A Straight Up Scream Fest, Not To Mention The Extra Sound Effects From The Loud TV He Keeps Behind The Countercowboy Movies On Repeat Mr Charles Is Also The Guy Who Gave Me This Book, Guinness World Records, Which Is Where I Found Out About Andrew Dahl And Charlotte Lee He Tells Me I Can Set A Record One Day A Real Record Be One Of The Worlds Greatest Somethings Maybe But I Know One Thing, Mr Charles Has To Hold The Record For Saying, Let Me Guess, Sunflower Seeds, Because He Says That Every Single Time I Come In, Which Means I Probably Also Already Hold The Record For Responding, Loudly, The Exact Same Way Lemme Guess, One Dollar Thats My Comeback Said It A Gazillion Times Then I Slap A Buck In The Palm Of His Wrinkly Hand, And He Puts The Bag Of Seeds In Mine After That, I Continue On My Slow Motion Journey, Pausing Again Only When I Get To The Bus Stop But This Bus Stop Aint Just Any Bus Stop Its The One Thats Directly Across The Street From The Gym I Just Sit There With The Other People Waiting For The Bus, Except Im Never Actually Waiting For It The Bus Gets You Home Fast, And I Dont Want That I Just Go There To Look At The People Working Out See, The Gym Across The Street Has This Big Windowlike The Whole Wall Is A Windowand They Have Those Machines That Make You Feel Like You Walking Up Steps And So Everybody Just Be Facing The Bus Stop, Looking All Crazy Like Theyre About To Pass Out And Trust Me, There Aint Nothing Funnier Than That So I Check That Out For A Little While Like Its Some Kind Of Movie The About To Pass Out Show, Starring Stair Stepper Person One Through Ten I Know This All Probably Sounds Kinda Weird, Maybe Even Creepy, But Its Something To Do When Youre Bored Best Part About Sitting There Is Tearing Into My Sunflower Seeds Like Theyre Theater Popcorn About The Sunflower Seeds I Used To Just Put A Whole Bunch Of Them In My Mouth At The Same Time, Suck All The Salt Off, Then Spit Them All Out Machine Gun Style I Couldve Probably Set A World Record In That, Too But Now, Ive Matured Now I Take My Time, Moving Them Around, Positioning Them For The Perfect Bite To Pop Open The Shell, Then Carefully Separating The Seed From It With My Tongue, Thenand This Is The Hard Partkeeping The Little Seed Safe In The Space Between My Teeth And Tongue, I Spit The Shells Out And Finally, After All That, I Chew The Seed Up Im Like A Master At It, Even Though, Honestly, Sunflower Seeds Dont Taste Like Nothing Im Not Even Sure Theyre Really Worth All The Hassle But I Like The Process Anyway My Dad Used To Eat Sunflower Seeds Too Thats Where I Get It From But He Used To Chew The Whole Thing Up The Shells, The Seeds, Everything Just Devour Them Like Some Kind Of Beast When I Was Really Young, I Used To Ask Him If A Sunflower Was Going To Grow Inside Of Him Since He Ate The Seeds So Much He Was Always Watching Some Kind Of Game, Like Football Or Basketball, And Hed Turn To Me Just For A Second, Just Long Enough To Not Miss A Play, And Say, Sunflowers Are All Up In Me, Kid Then Hed Shake Up The Seeds In His Palm Like Dice, Before Throwing Another Bunch In His Grill To Chomp Down On But Let Me Tell You, My Dad Was Lying Wasnt No Sunflowers Growing In Him Couldnt Have Been I Dont Know A Whole Lot About Sunflowers, But I Know Theyre Pretty And Girls Like Them, And I Know The Word Sunflower Is Made Up Of Two Good Words, And That Man Aint Got Two Good Words In Him, Or Anything That Any Girl Would Like, Because Girls Dont Like Men Who Try To Shoot Them And Their Son And Thats The Kind Of Man He Was It Was Three Years Ago When My Dad Lost It When The Liquor Made Him Meaner Than Hed Ever Been Every Other Night He Would Become A Different Person, Like Hed Morph Into Someone Crazy, But This One Night My Mother Decided To Finally Fight Back This One Night Everything Went Worse I Had My Head Sandwiched Between The Mattress And My Pillow, Something I Got Used To Doing Whenever They Were Going At It, When My Mom Crashed Into My Bedroom We Gotta Go, She Said, Yanking The Covers Off The Bed And When I Didnt Move Fast Enough, She Yelled, Come On Next Thing I Knew, She Was Dragging Me Down The Hallway, My Feet Tripping Over Themselves And Thats When I Looked Back And Saw Him, My Dad, Staggering From The Bedroom, His Lips Bloody, A Pistol In His Hand Dont Make Me Do This, Terri He Angry Begged, But Me And My Mom Kept Rolling The Sound Of The Gun Cocking The Sound Of The Door Unlocking As Soon As She Swung The Door Open, My Dad Fired A Shot He Was Shooting At Us My Dad My Dad Was Actually Shooting At US His Wife And His Boy I Didnt Look To See What He Hit, Mainly Because I Was Scared It Was Gonna Be Me Or Ma The Sound Was Big, And Sharp Enough To Make Me Feel Like My Brain Was Gonna Pop In My Head, Enough To Make My Heart Hiccup But The Craziest Thing Was, I Felt Like The Shotloudest Sound I Ever Heardmade My Legs Move Even Faster I Dont Know If Thats Possible, But Thats Definitely What It Seemed Like My Mom And I Kept Running, Down The Staircase Into The Street, Breaking Into The Darkness With Death Chasing Behind Us We Ran And Ran And Ran, Until Finally We Came Up On Mr Charless Store, Which, Luckily For Us, Stays Open Mr Charles Took One Look At Me And My Mom, Out Of Breath, Crying, Barefoot In Our Pajamas, And Hid Us In His Storage Room While He Called The Cops We Stayed There All Night I Havent Seen My Dad Since Ma Said The Cops Said That When They Got To The House, He Was Sitting Outside On The Steps, Shirtless, With The Pistol Beside Him, Guzzling Beer, Eating Sunflower Seeds, Waiting Like He Wanted To Get Caught Like It Was No Big Deal They Gave Him Ten Years In Prison, And To Be Honest, I Dont Know If Im Happy About That Or Not Sometimes, I Wish He Wouldve Gotten Forever In Jail Other Times, I Wish He Was Home On The Couch, Watching The Game, Shaking Seeds In His Hand Either Way, One Thing Is For Sure That Was The Night I Learned How To Run So When I Was Done Sitting At The Bus Stop In Front Of The Gym, And Came Across All Those Kids On The Track At The Park, Practicing, I Had To Go See What Was Going On, Because Running Aint Nothing I Ever Had To Practice Its Just Something I Knew How To DoCastle Ghost Cranshaw Feels Like Hes Been Running Ever Since His Dad Pulled That Gun On Him And His Momand Used ItHis Dads Been In Jail Three Years Now, But Ghost Still Feels The Trauma, Which Is Probably At The Root Of The Many Altercations He Gets Into At Middle School When He Inserts Himself Into A Practice For A Local Elite Track Team, The Defenders, Hes Fast Enough That The Hard As Nails Coach Decides To Put Him On The Team Ghost Is Surprised To Find Himself Caring Enough About Being On The Team That He Curbs His Behavior To Avoid Altercations But Ma Doesnt Have Money To Spare On Things Like Fancy Running Shoes, So Ghost Shoplifts A Pair That Make His Feet Feel Impossibly Lightand His Conscience Correspondingly Heavy Ghosts Narration Is Candid And Colloquial, Reminiscent Of Such Original Voices As Bud Caldwell And Joey Pigza His Level Of Self Understanding Is Both Believably Childlike And Disarming In Its Perception He Is Self Focused Enough That Secondary Characters Initially Feel One Dimensional, Coach In Particular, But As He Gets To Know Them Better, So Do Readers, In A Way That Unfolds Naturally And Pleasingly His Three Fellow Newbies On The Defenders Await Their Turns To Star In Subsequent Series Outings Characters Are Black By Default Those Few White People In Ghosts World Are Described As Such An Endearing Protagonist Runs The First, Fast Leg Of Reynolds Promising Relay Fiction Kirkus Reviews Castle Ghost Cranshaw Has Been Running For Three Years, Ever Since The Night His Father Shot A Gun At Him And His Mother When He Gets Recruited By A Local Track Coach For A Championship Team, They Strike A Deal If Ghost Can Stop Getting Into Fights At School, He Can Run For The Defenders, But One Altercation And Hes Gone Despite Ghosts Best Intentions, Everyone Always Has Something To Say About His Raggedy Shoes, Homemade Haircut, Ratty Clothes, Or His Neighborhood, And He Doesnt Last Hours Without A Brawl Will Coach And His Mom Give Him Another Chance To Be Part Of Something Bigger Than Himself, Or Is He Simply Destined To Explode With His Second Fantastic Middle Grade Novel Of The Year As Brave As You The Ferociously Talented Reynolds Perfectly Captures Both The Pain And Earnest Longing Of A Young Boy The First In The Four Book Track Series, This Is Raw And Lyrical, And As Funny As It Is Heartbreaking It Tackles Issues Such As Theft, Bullying, And Domestic Violence With Candor And Bravery While Opening A Door For Empathy And Discussion An Absolute Must Read For Anyone Who Has Ever Wondered How Fast You Must Be To Run Away From YourselfHIGH DEMAND BACKSTORY Is Anyone Else Putting Out So Many Stellar Books So Quickly The Author Of The Boy In The Black Suit And All American Boys Both Keeps Dashing Along Becca Worthington Booklist, STARRED REVIEW Reynolds As Brave As You Uses A Light Hand To Delve Into Topics That Include Gun Violence, Class Disparity, And Bullying In This Compelling Series Opener Seventh Grader Castle Cranshaw, Nicknamed Ghost, Knows Nothing About Track When A Former Olympian Recruits Him As A Sprinter For One Of The Citys Youth Teams As Far As Ghost Is Concerned, Whoever Invented Track Got The Whole Gun Means Go Thing Right, Something He Learned Firsthand When His Father Tried To Shoot Ghost And His Mother In Their Apartment Three Years Prior The Trauma Has Had Ripple Effects On Ghost, Including Angry Outbursts I Was The Boy With All The Scream Inside , Altercations At School, Stealing, And Lying Joining The Track Team Provides New Friends, Goals, And An Opportunity For Ghost To Move Beyond His Past Ghost Is A Well Meaning, Personable Narrator Whose Intense Struggles Are Balanced By A Love Of World Records, Sunflower Seeds, And His Mother Coachs Relationship With Ghost Develops Into A Surrogate Father Son Scenario, Adding Substantial Emotional Resonance And Humor To The Mix Ages Up Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW August , Castle Ghost Crenshaw Lives With His Single Mother His Father Is Serving Time In Prison After Firing A Gun At Ghost And His Mom Three Years Agoand Ghost Has Been Running Ever Since While Running One Day, He Stops To Watch A Track Practice And Decides To Crash The Race Impressed, The Coach Offers Him A Position On The Team His Mom Reluctantly Agrees To Let Him Join As Long As He Can Behave Himself And Stay Out Of Trouble In School This Is A Struggle For The Impulsive Ghost, But With Coachs Help, He Learns The Advantages Of Diligent Practice And Teamwork Reynolds Paints A Realistic Picture Of A Boy Who Needs The Support Of His Community To Channel His Talent And Energy Supporting Adult Characters, Like Shop Owner Mr Charles And Coach, Are Positive, Nuanced, And Well Developed The Diverse Team Members Are Dealing With Their Own Struggles, Which Will Be Explored In Three Future Installments The Consequences For Ghosts Misbehavior Are Somewhat Inconsistent, But The Detailed And Informative Descriptions Of Running And Training With An Elite Track Team Than Make Up For This VERDICT The Focus On Track Athleticsa Subject Sorely Lacking In The Middle Grade Spacecombined With The Quality Of Reynoldss Characters And Prose, Makes This An Essential Purchase School Library Journal STARRED September Sometimes A Whole Life Can Change In One Night For Seventh Grader Castle Cranshaw, That Night Was Three Years Ago When His Father Tried To Shoot Him And His Mother, When The Liquor Made Him Meaner Than Hed Ever Been Thats When Castle Started To Call Himself Ghost, Because Mr Charles, Who Let The Terrified Pair Take Refuge In His All Night Store, Looked At Us Like He Was Looking At Two Ghosts And That Was The Night He Learned How To Run Really Run Jason Reynolds As Brave As You Has A Playful, Intimate And Conversational Style, And In Ghost, A Middle Grade Series Debut, He Tells The Story Of How An Unforgettable Flight Of Terror Led To An African American Boys Instinct To Run Fast One Day On His Walk Home, Ghost Sees A Track Team Practicing With Their Short Bald Coach Who Looks Like A Turtle With A Chipped Tooth Keenly Observant Ghost Becomes Annoyed With One Of The Runners Others Perceive As Unbeatable, And Decides To Keep Up With Him, If Not Beat Him Even Though He Aint Ever Had A Running Lesson He Stubbornly Persists Until The Coach Relents Listen, You Get One Run, You Hear Me The Story Of Ghosts Evolving Relationships With His Anger, With His Ever Worried Mother, With Coach Brody And With Running Is A Joy To Read For A Boy Whos Got A Lot Of Scream Inside, Ghost Can Riff Entertainingly On Topics From Eating Sunflower Seeds To Meter Sprints Ghost Is About Kids Who Are, In Both Senses, Running For Their Lives, And The Generous Souls Who Help Them Along The Way Discover In Jason Reynoldss Excellent Middle Grade Novel, A Boy Learns To Run When His Father Shoots A Gun At Him And He Never Stops Running Shelf Awareness, STARRED REVIEW Castle Crenshaw Discovered His Fleet Feet On The Night His Drunken Father Pulled A Gun On His Mother And Him, And The Pair Took Off Running Into The Night Now Dad Is In Jail, Mom Is Working Too Hard, But Castles Getting Byor He Would Be If The Likes Of Seventh Grade Bully Brandon Would Just Leave Him Alone Hanging Out On The Park Bleachers One Afternoon, Castle, Who Insists On The Nickname Ghost, Watches A Track Team At Their Season Opening Practice, Unimpressed When He Swaggers Up To The Starting Line And Shows The Team Hotshot That Hes Really Not All That, Ghosts Obvious Talent Catches Coachs Eye After A Quick Meeting With Mom, He Finds Himself Joining The Defenders, A City Track Team Despite His Speed, Hes A Rank Novice In Terms Of Team Playing, And His Off Track Conductfighting At School, Stealingisnt All That Great Either, But Coach Is Merciful And Doggedly Insistent That Ghost Can Do Better A Message Heavy Scene In Which The Newbies Bond Over Chinese Food And Shared Family Secrets Might Play On Tropes But Successfully Tugs At Heartstrings The Final Pages Have Ghost Lined Up Beside None Other Than The Hated Brandon, But An Ambiguous Ending Confirms That This Is Less About Ghosts Track Success Than His Journey To Self Worth Readers Track Stars Or Slowpokes Will Find That The Redemptive Relationship Among A Supportive Mom, A Skillful Coach Who Believes In Second And Third Chances, And A Determined Young Man Comes Through Louder Than The Final BOOM Of The Starter Gun Bulletin Of The Center For Children S Books October When It Comes To Providing Mirrors For Contemporary African American Teens,Reynolds When I Was The Greatest, Rev The Boy In The Black Suit, Rev Has Proven Himself To Be An Emerging Leader His Latest Offering Is The First In A Projected Series About Four Middle School Athletes And Their Efforts To Betterthemselves, On And Off The Track The First Leg Of This Literary Relay Belongs To Ourtitle Character Castle Ghost Cranshaw Is A Young Man With A Taste For Sunflowerseeds, Guinness World Records, And People Watching He Also Has A Proclivity Forgetting Into Trouble, Fighting, And Running, Stemming From The Night His Father Now In Prison Pulled A Gun On Him And His Mother When Ghost Happens Uponthe Citywide Track Team, The Defenders, At Practice And Impulsively Bests Its Fastestsprinter, The Coach Sees Potential In The Seventh Grader Ghosts Path To Seeingthe Same Potential In Himself Is Littered With Stumbling Blocks, Including A Pairof Expensive Silver Running Shoes Ghost Cant Afford But Is Convinced Will Help Him Run Faster Reynolds Has Created A Wonderfully Dynamic Character In Ghost His First Person Narrative Is One With Which Young Readers Will Readily IdentifyConflicting Emotions Are Presented Honestly And Without Judgmentwhile Ghostworks Through The Trauma Of His Fathers Violent Act, He Is Also Able To Hold Onto Positive Memories Reynoldss Introduction Of The Series CharactersGhost,Lu, Patina, And Sunnywill Have Readers Rooting For The Entire Defenders Team Horn Book Magazine November December

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    This is a generalization, but in my experience librarians really enjoy reading within their comfort zones They ll travel outside of them from time to time but always they return to the books that they like the most Children s librarians are just the same The fantasy readers stick to fantasy The realism fans go with realism Graphic novel readers with comics When I served on a yearly committee of librarians in New York I d notice that some books were difficult to get anyone to read Horse books, for example, just sat on our shelves untouched Nonfiction could take some prodding And as for sports books forget about it Nobody ever got near them Still, you can t give up on them Mike Lupica and Tim Green may rule the field but that doesn t mean other people don t make a lot out of athletics If our Newbery winning The Crossover by Kwame Alexander taught us anything, it was that Now Jason Reynolds, a young adult author until this year, has produced a middle grade novel centered on that must unlikely of sports track It skirts the clichs It dodges the usual pitfalls It makes you care about a kid who keeps messing up over and over and over again It ll make you like sports books, even if you can t generally stand them And now we ve got to find a way to get a lot of it into the hands of kids Stat.Call him Ghost You can call him Castle Crenshaw if you want to that s technically his name but he s been calling himself Ghost ever since the night his dad got drunk and threatened Castle and his mom with a gun Ghost learned to run that night and you might say he s been running ever since He s got a load of anger inside that he doesn t know how to deal with so he tends to take it out on others at school Then one day he spots a track warm up and takes an instant dislike to the albino kid in the expensive tracksuit Without thinking about it twice Ghost beats the guy on the track, running on the outside, which gets the attention of the coach Coach begs Ghost to join and Ghost reluctantly agrees but it isn t what he expected The other kids there all have their own lives, few of them easy The running is much harder than anything Ghost has ever experienced before And then there s the fact that no matter how fast he is, Ghost can t run away from trouble It follows him and if he s not careful it s going to follow him right onto the track.Baseball Basketball Even football These are the sports of fiction I doubt anyone has ever run any statistics on it, but if you were to gather together all the children s sports books and group them by type, the baseball books would undoubtedly outweigh all the others 2 1 That s because baseball is a game with a natural rise and fall to its action Basketball has speed and football has brute force, all good things when writing a story Track In track you run and then you stop At least that s how I always looked at it For Jason Reynolds, though, it s different He didn t write this book with track as a single focus He looks at what the sport boils down to Basically, this is a book about running Running from mistakes forgive the clich , from very real threats, for your life, and for your team Why you run and where you run and how you run And if that s where you re coming from, then track is a very good choice of a sport indeed.On paper, this book looks like it s the sort of story that s all been done before That s where Reynolds writing comes in to play First off, it s worth noticing that Mr Reynolds is blessed with a keen sense of humor This comes to play not just in the text but also in little in jokes here and there Like the fact that one of the runners that, I should mention, gets cut later in the book because his grades are slipping is named Chris Myers Christopher Myers is the son of Walter Dean Myers, and a friend to Jason Reynolds I love Jason s descriptions too Mr Charles at the corner store, looks just like James Brown if James Brown were white Or Ghost saying later, for something to make you feel tough, you gotta be a little bit scared of it at first There are some pretty fantastic callbacks hidden in the story as well Right at the start, almost like it s some kind of superhero origin story, we hear how Ghost heard the gun go off that night he ran away from his home with his mom and I felt like the loud shot made my legs move even faster That ties in beautifully with the starter pistol that goes off at the very very end of the book.But maybe what I like the most about Jason Reynolds books is that he applies this keen sense of the complexity to his characters I don t think the man could write a straight one dimensional villain to save his soul Even his worst characters have these brief moments of humanity to them In this case, Ghost s dad is the worst character You don t get much worse than shooting at your wife and kid after all Yet for all that, Ghost still can t help but love the guy and eats sunflower seeds in his memory Each character in the book has layers that you can peel away as the story progresses Even Ghost, ESPECIALLY Ghost, who makes you want to yell and him and cheer for him, sometimes at the same time.There s been a monumental push for increased diversity in children s literature in the last few years Diversity can mean any number of things and it often focuses on race In a weird way, increasing the number of racially diverse books on a given publisher s release calendar isn t hard if the publisher is dedicated to the notion Far difficult is figuring out how you increase the economic diversity Middle grade characters are almost always middle class If they re working class then they tend to be historical Contemporary lower income kids in realistic novels are almost unheard of For example, how many books for children have you ever read with kids living in shelters I ve read just one, and I m a children s librarian So I watched what Reynolds did here with great interest Ghost isn t destitute or anything but his single mom makes ends meet by working long hours at a hospital Middle class kids are remarkably good at ignoring their own privilege while kids like Ghost become almost invisible In the book, Ghost s decision to initially race Lu isn t solely based on how Lu struts around the track, thinking he s the bee s knees It s also on his clothes Lu, was decked out in the flyest gear Fresh Nike running shoes, and a full body skintight suit He wore a headband and a gold chain around his neck, and a diamond glinted in each ear Later Ghost makes a decision regarding a particularly fancy pair of running shoes That s an economic decision as well Those are the most obvious examples, but the book is full of little mentions, peppered throughout, of where Ghost s class comes in to things It s nice to see an author who gets that We are often affected by forces outside our control, forces we don t even necessarily notice, particularly when we re children If young readers see it, they ll be reading between the lines, just like Reynolds wants them to.Right at the beginning of the book, when Coach is trying to convince Ghost s mom that he should be running, Ghost realizes that he s in a situation that s played out in loads of sports films He thinks, If this went like the movies, I was either going to score the game winning touchdown which is impossible in track or die Sometimes you can gauge how good a book is by how self aware its characters are But sometimes you just read a book, put it down, and think, Man That was good That was really good This is a book that actually made me tear up, and there aren t a lot of middle grade books that do that I was rooting for Ghost hard, right until the end I was caring about a sport that I d never otherwise think about in a million years And I was admiring it from start to finish for all that it accomplishes in its scant 180 pages This is the book you hand to the kids who want something real and good and honest There are a lot of Ghosts out there in the world Hopefully some of them will discover themselves here Run, don t walk, to pick this book up.For ages 10 and up.

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    I m currently a fifth grade teacher with the gifted inclusion class My school is located in a low income high minority area My goal this year was to not just choose good books for them to read, but to choose good DIVERSE books I read about someone saying something along the lines of everyone needs to be able to see themselves in a book and it resonated with me I think it s equally important to learn about others and their circumstances too.To make a longer story longer, I wanted to choose something relevant to my students and their lifestyles and I wanted a MC who was African American I d read Jason Reynold and Brendan Kiely s All American Boy and when I heard about Ghost I knew I wanted it for my students.I chose to read the first chapter aloud to my students and it was a homerun for them from the very first page They were drawn in by his use of language, writing style, and the plot itself Castle is lovable and most importantly he s real Whether my students are as economically disadvantaged as him, have a family member in prison, or have simply liked a sport or been in an altercation at school, every single student identified with him in some way.I pulled articles from online about albinism to connect to Lu , the effects of a parent being in prison, and about the benefits of participating in after school programs to show different relationships and connections to the text It has been a great experience.I HIGHLY recommend this book for middle grades readers and up Everything about it is worth reading and the end will leave you wanting

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    National Book Award Finalist, Ghost , is a powerful portrayal of a troubled teen who lacks direction His choices are often wrong, wrong, wrong, but it s easy to understand why he keeps making the mistakes he does Castle Cranshaw has natural talent for running But he hasn t been running track his experience is running for his LIFE When an Olympic medal winning track coach sees Ghost s potential, he inserts himself into the life of this angry teen Castle s single mother struggles to provide what her son needs, but it takes the challenge of a track team, the support of a coach and a compassionate merchant to unleash what s been bottled up in the youth for far too long Author Jason Reynolds is no stranger to award winning books Three of his works have received the Coretta Scott King award Reynolds has introduced us to several diverse characters in Ghost This book is the first in the Track series about a talented group of kids who have a chance at the Junior Olympics They have a lot to prove, though, first to each otherand then to themselves This inspirational tale is headed to the sixth grade classroom of my daughter, Jen Not only is she a phenomenal reading teacher, she s also a track coach All readers including her reluctant ones will be asking for books by Reynolds They ll eagerly await new titles in the Track series So will I

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    Jason Reynolds captures all of the nostalgia of summer reading clubs with this title The story is a coming of age story of sorts that provides realistic portraits of the characters Written in an easy to read tone, the dialogue has a melody that sings across the pages leaving all kinds of rhythm with every turn Although some of the story can be predicted, it is familiar mainly because the plot is carried out in neighborhoods not unlike ones we have known in our own lifetime Old school ways of taking care of children are shared in the story and brilliantly full circle resolution to typical problems in mentoring are detailed One of the best parts of the book is that it prepares you for the next one.

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    I cared about Castle within the first few sentences That s all it took to get me hooked I love the voice of this book It was written in a way that transported me directly into Castle s life and let me experience it through his eyes Absolutely wonderful.