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The Crime of the Century: Richard Speck and the Murders That Shocked a Nation pdf The Crime of the Century: Richard Speck and the Murders That Shocked a Nation, ebook The Crime of the Century: Richard Speck and the Murders That Shocked a Nation, epub The Crime of the Century: Richard Speck and the Murders That Shocked a Nation, doc The Crime of the Century: Richard Speck and the Murders That Shocked a Nation, e-pub The Crime of the Century: Richard Speck and the Murders That Shocked a Nation, The Crime of the Century: Richard Speck and the Murders That Shocked a Nation a571139adec The Crime Of Century Is The Brilliantly Written And Factual Precise Recreation Of The Brutal Murder Of Eight Nurses By Richard Speck Fifty Years Ago In A Chicago Hospital Town House No Crime Fiction Can Match This Page Turning Account Of Human Evil And Courtroom DramaWilliam J Martin, Specks Prosecutor, And Dennis L Breo Wrote The First Edition Of This Stunning And Powerful Book In As The Th Anniversary Of The Horrible Crime Approaches, A Second Edition Packed With New Information From The Lone Survivor Of That Evil Night Along With Fresh, Chilling Material Makes The Book Evencompelling Than Its Original You Wont Put It Down Bernard Judge One Of The Finest True Crime Books Ever Written Were Confronted With New Faces Of Evil Every Day, But To Me The Real Face Of Evil Will Always Be Richard Speck And The Horrific Murders He Committed Years Ago This Book Hits You Like A Locomotive, Detailing How Specks Crime Shattered Our Innocence It Is A Heart Breaking Story, But Heart Warming, Too, Because Of The Courage And Integrity Of Corazon Amurao, Whose Survival To Identify Speck At Trial Is A Triumph Of The Human Spirit Over Unspeakable Evil It Is Also A Memorial To The Eight Young Nurses Who Were Slain Go Out And Buy The Crime Of The Century As Soon As Possible Rick Kogan, Prominent Chicago Newspaper Columnist, Radio Personality, And Author A Case That Shattered Notions Of Personal Safety Jim Williams, CBS Chicago A Definitive Account Of The Crime And Of The Incredible Courage Of Corazon Amurao, Who Not Only Survived But Confronted Speck In Court Paul Caine, WTTW Chicago Tonight It Was So Unfathomable A Massacre For No Apparent Reason By A Remorseless Stranger Against A Group Of Women He Didnt Know And It Introduced A Term To The American Public That Has Since Then Become All Too Familiar Random Mass Murder Corky Siemazko, NBC NewsRichard Speck Attack Survivor Corazon Amurao Somebody Up There Was Hiding Me From Him God Was So Nicethe Book Is A Detailed Account Of The Crime And The Drama Of The Trial Rose Sobol, Chicago TribuneThe Barbarity Of The Attack Shocked The Nation People Were Terrified That This Monster Was Among Us The Morning Show, WGN TV ChicagoThe Women Thought He Was Going To Take The Money And Leave Until He Pulled Out A Knife And Started Ripping Bed Sheets Into Strips He Used These Strips To Bind Hands And Feet And Gag His Captives About Four And A Half Hours After The Ordeal Started, He Walked Out The Door And Disappeared Miraculously, He Overlooked Corazon Amurao Mara Bovsun, New York Daily NewsChicago Woke Up To A Nightmarefor Three Days, The City, And The Nation, Were Gripped With Fear Phil Rogers, NBC ChicagoRichard Speck Opened The Floodgates To A Tragic Phenomenon Mass Murder That Haunts Us TodayThe Victims Can Never Be Forgottenthe Brave Corazon Amurao Speaks Lovingly Of Her Colleagues So Should We All Oak Park, Illinois, Wednesday JournalI Was Nine Years Old And Living In The Suburbs Of Chicago When Richard Speck Committed His Horrible Crime Even At That Age, I Knew This Was Something Enormous As The Years Went On, The Crime Slipped Into The Back Of My Mind However, It Was All Brought To The Forefront When The Now Infamous Prison Tapes Of Speck Were Made Public In This Prompted Me To Read The Crime Of The Century By Dennis And BillThe Amount Of Information Thathad Never Beenreleased Before, The Stories Of The Dedicated Police, Lawyers, Ordinary Citizens, And Even Skid Row Bums To Bring Speck To Justice, The Courage And Determination Of Corazon Amurao,and, Mostly, The Vignettes Of Suzanne, Nina, Pat, Merlita, Mary Ann, Valentina, Pamela, And Gloria That Brought Them Back To Life As Individuals Was Fascinating, Moving, And Inspiring The Amount Of Facts And Detailsis Enormous, But Structured In Such A Way That It Is Easy To Follow As A Professional Producer Director In Chicago Theatre, I Realized This Would Be An Incredible Stage Play, And For The Next Years, I Worked With Well Known Playwright Rebecca Gilman Adapting The Book And The Story To The Stage The Production Was A Tremendous Hit, Introducing Many People To The Stories Of The Heroes Of This Horrible EventI Am Now Very Happy To See The Book Re Issued With An Updated Afterword Touching On Some Of The Events Relating To The Case Since The Books Original Publication, Including The Prison Tapes, The Disappearance Of Specks Brain, The Update Of Coras Life, And Even Our Play Having Met Many Of The Individuals Involved With The Crime, Including Cops, Lawyers, Friends, And Even Family Members Of Theeight Victims And Becoming Friends With Some Of Them , I Knowthis Book Treats Them All With Thehonor And Respect They DeserveRebecca Gilman Has Said To Me, You Cant Appreciate The Good In People Until You Understand The Bad This Book Delves Into The Horrifying Evil Of Speck, But,importantly, Into The Remarkable Good Of Hundreds Of Others Its A Fascinating Journey Into The First Of The Modern Day Mass Murders We Now Have Become Used To I Highly Recommend The Crime Of The Century As A Must Read Greg Kolack, Producer Of The Stage Adaptation, The Crime Of The CenturyRNING AFTER The Alarm Rang At Five Forty AM In The Bedroom Of Judy Dykton She Was Determined To Get In Some Final Licks For The Neurology Exam She Switched Off The Fan That Had Been Working Overtime Against The Summer Heat And Heard A Noise That Sounded Like The Whimpering Of An Animal, But Paid No Attention She Walked To The Basement Of The Town House, Took Some Clothes That Had Been Drying Overnight, And Returned Upstairs Again She Heard A Sound, And This Time It Wasdistinct, Like A Little Child Crying Or Calling Out She Opened A Blind And Looked Out And Saw A Woman Standing Across The Street, Looking Up At , Toward The Crying Voice Opening The Window, Judy Could Now Clearly Hear Coras Cry Oh, My God, They Are All Dead Cover Photos Of The Nurses Are Top, From Left Mary Ann Jordan, Nina Schmale, Patricia Matusek, Valentina Pasion, And Bottom, From Left Gloria Jean Davy, Suzanne Farris, Merlita Gargullo, And Pamela WilkeningFast Paced Detective Work And High Drama In The Courtroom Combine To MakeThe Crime Of The Centurya First Rate Thriller James R Thompson, Governor Of Illinois

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