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    Wow So how do you even explain this book without going on and on for twenty pages This is the kind of book you need to read a few chapters and then get together to gush or seeth about with friends because there s just SO much It plays out like a historical, Romanesque or Highland tale, except it s all fictional lands kingdoms societies.At first it s hard to stick with who s what the author starts with a map of the region and a glossary and it helps I had to refer back to it a couple times in the beginning but then I had it.Then it just gets good Every turn of the page has another twist At first you think there is nothing useful in Laurent, and then as the book progresses, you begin to realize that maybe there s something redeemable in there, but no matter what, or how hard you try, you aren t going to figure him out because the author does not want you to.Damen is Delicious and I think he carries all of the hopes for all that is wrong to somehow turn out right.There is some kinky going on all over the place, mostly consensual, but there are slaves in this and societal norms that are also a product of this very creative and intriguing setting so there are a couple non con scenes involving slaves.As a m m romance, I wouldn t say that this was particularly romantic but it seems to have set the ground work for something to happen in the rest of the series There is some m m action but not between our two main characters and honestly, I m so glad there wasn t I m actually enjoying the mystery and the fact that these two didn t look at each other and immediately feel something deep in their core or insane lust or insert any cliched insta love phrase here But honestly, I don t know that they ever will be any m m action between them, just a feeling.This story is building, drawing me in and I m loving every minute of it

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    This is the story of Damen, a Prince overthrown by his half brother upon the event of his death and given as a sex slave to the crown prince of a rival nation Damen s identity as the dead prince is not known to his new owner TW This book contains assault, rape, and child sexual assault.My biggest issue with the plot overall was that while the concept does sound interesting enough, the execution is the worst I ve ever come across Damen is a vague character at best and no matter what he goes through an assault, an attempted assault, and another assault , his character never changes Ever He s assaulted one day by a servant to prepare him for the prince who owns him, nearly assaulted in a public sport, and the next day he s all ready for the servant who assaulted him the first time to give him a massage without any worry.On top of that, he meets and sort of befriends a slave from his home country who apparently had been held captive and groomed for his own use the slave was sent to the rival country upon his supposed death Yet when he sees this slave brutalized by a rival his only thoughts are that the slave was groomed for him , so he should be the only one using him And that s meant to help display his supposed growth because hey he spoke to him in the first place Oh, and it is fine that Damen kept slaves, because they were too weak willed to know how to spend their time or live their lives, so they needed someone to own them, they are like children and helpless without a master That isn t presented as a skewed world view, it s presented as absolutely correct and A OK Even to the person forced to be a slave and the one being brutalized.Women in this series also fall under 1 of 2 categories easy, or easy and pregnant.Honestly the base, 1 sentence summary of this book sounds like a decent enough premise It s the writing that is just aggressively awful C.S Pacat, I am willing to say, is a terrible writer without a drop of talent for storytelling This first book was self published and it shows with all the hallmarks any decent editor would have gotten rid of pointed out above largely This would not even pass in a junior high english class, let alone as an actual book.Character descriptions are sketchy, the most bizarre and nonsensical metaphors possible are used and then overused , and some action and brutal aspects of the story are long and drawn out while others anything from assaults on the main character to violence to even simply walking down a hallway are dismissed with a vague half sentence that leaves you confused and lost for several paragraphs before you realize that happened.The icing on the top of the cake has to be just how atrocious the world building is You have no sense for these nations, what their rivalry stems from, what relations are now, the landscape of the political climate, or even the climate for that matter It is excruciatingly vague.TL DR This book isn t even worth a fun hate read to make fun of it I ve read through to book 2 which did have an editor and it s almost entirely unreadable as well The writing is the worst I have ever seen, the author is a hack, and the books seem to not only encourage but laud the benevolent and kind masters who help their poor slaves live a life rather than, I don t know, bump into windows all day like human flies.

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    While his father the king lays on his deathbed, Crown Prince Damen is seized by troops loyal to his half brother Kastor, who seizes the throne Rather than simply kill Damen, Kastor packs him off to be a pleasure slave at the court of Vere, traditional enemies of Damen s people, with whom Kastor has made peace, for now If anyone in Vere realizes who he is, Damen will be dead Until then, he has the humiliation of being a slave to deal with Captive Prince is primarily a tale of complex palace intrigue Damen is thrust into a world where almost nobody is what they seem to be, and everyone seems to be scheming to find some advantage over everyone else Damen s primary nemesis at court is his new owner, Laurent, a man who has reason than most to kill Damen if he ever found out his true identity.This first book in a trilogy focuses on building the world that Damen inhabits and setting up the complex relationships of the main characters In reality, not a lot happens in this book, but by the end you ll have enough to start guessing about what might really be going on, and there s definitely things put in motion by the end to signal action in the second book.The story is not quite what I was expecting It doesn t quite fit into the typical forced enslavement fantasy However, the characters are quite interesting and figuring out the various motivations becomes as engrossing as a good mystery Damen is the epitome of the good and honorable would be king, while his new owner Prince Laurent seems at first to be the classic dissolute evil nemesis and his uncle the Regent a potential ally Yet, by the end of this first book you may feel that none of the characters is quite what they at first seem to be.

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Captive Prince download Captive Prince, read online Captive Prince, kindle ebook Captive Prince, Captive Prince 8020e02db6cd Damen Is A Warrior Hero To His People And The Rightful Heir To The Throne Of Akielos, But When His Half Brother Seizes Power, Damen Is Captured, Stripped Of His Identity, And Sent To Serve The Prince Of An Enemy Nation As A Pleasure Slave Beautiful, Manipulative And Deadly, His New Master, Prince Laurent, Epitomizes The Worst Of The Court At Vere But In The Lethal Political Web Of The Veretian Court, Nothing Is As It Seems, And When Damen Finds Himself Caught Up In A Play For The Throne, He Must Work Together With Laurent To Survive And Save His Country For Damen, There Is Just One Rule Never, Ever Reveal His True Identity Because The One Man Damen Needs Is The One Man Who Has Reason To Hate Him Than Anyone Else