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Extreme God Chasers quotes Extreme God Chasers, litcharts Extreme God Chasers, symbolism Extreme God Chasers, summary shmoop Extreme God Chasers, Extreme God Chasers a57f04db An Extreme God Chaser Is A Dreamer Who Has Been Captured By The Hope Of Being Caught By The Uncatchable One He Craves The Pursuit Like A Child Who Chases A Loving Parent Until, Suddenly, The Strong Arms Of The Father Enfold The Chaser The Pursuer Becomes The Pursued Paul Put It This Way I Chase After That I May Catch That Which Apprehended Me

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    No stars for this book I found nothing in it that was of value unless you want to get inside the head of the Pentecostal and Apostolic movement He started the book out discrediting all churches that use the Bible to determine what God is doing today in the world He calls them the old love letters He says that churches sadly study where God has been , but do not know God or where He is today They also do not know who God is only who He was because the use the Bible to get to know God He says you have to have an experience to know who God is He then gives such an experience in a Houston area church where he was helping lead services and as the pastor got up to read from the Bible and read one passage then there was a thunder clap sound and the pastor was thrown backward from the pulpit several feet and lay motionless and could not get up for several hours When he got up he had to have help The pulpit was split in two before it hit the ground People came forward for the next 24 hours for repentance and baptism People found themselves unable to stop crying and could not move themselves and had to be carried by the ushers This it what Tenney proposes to be powerful than God s Word about Himself This false foundation leads the lives of so many in this movement It is emotionally driven and has no scriptural foundation I agree that we need to know God daily and it needs to be fresh, and that is why I am in love with a living God whom I pray to daily and whom I read about daily I am not chasing Him because He is standing knocking waiting for me to respond to Him We love Him because He first loved us I know He is real and working in my life not because of a miracle, but because of living faith You keep seeing a sign No one came to faith because of a sign They all came by grace through faith Believe and you will see

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    Although I read this youth young adult version of Tenney s God Chasers book, God used it one pivotal summer to help me make choices in a way that reflected a desire to follow hard after God It challenged me to seek God s face instead of His blessing and gave me a desire to make sacrifices so that in letting go, I could hold on to what is most important I would consider reading it again but might go for the original version this time around.

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    I strongly recommend reading this and allowing the Lord to take ahold of your life, and run with Him in this journey

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    This is one of my favorite books I couldn t put it down It helped put a passion within me to want to pursue God .

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    God book on worship and the presence of God.It made think a lot.

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