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    Enjoyable fun

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    I really enjoyed A Year In the Merde, the first book about Paul, a British businessman living in Paris In that book, the hilarious clash of cultures and frustrations of doing business in France created a very humorous and satisfying story This sequel is not as appealing.Paul has struck out on his own in Paris, determined to open the tea room My Tea Is Rich that was a focus of the first book However, the tea room takes a backseat to Paul s romantic exploits He s dating the lovely Florence but is pining for his ex girlfriend Alexa Having betrayed Alexa in the past, how can he win her back The journey is not all that interesting Many chapters are spent detailing Paul s visit with Florence s family in rural southern France, which is amusing but a clunky and ultimately irrelevant way to start the story Then, there is much plot work designed to keep Paul and Alexa apart until he must finally make a bold move to get her attention Ultimately, I didn t care all that much I wanted of Paris and the witty observations that permeated the first book This was a disappointment.

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    The first book A year in The Merde was great Pointing a direct finger at all Parisian habits The second book deserves just a shrug A character driven love story set in France Although funny it s a story and does not maintain the stand up comedian wittiness of book 1.

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    The main character wants to sleep with every french girl he meets, or they want to sleep with him They usually do That is literally the role of every female character in this book, which gets tiring.

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    not so funny as the first one but i enjoyed myself reading it.

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    Without trying to include spoilers, AYITM was about Paul West moving from London to France to help create English Style tea rooms in France, while working for a boss with questionable ethics He has complete culture shock, dates a lot of girls and gets into quite a bit of trouble, all with the self deprecating humor that the Brits are known for He picks on the English, the French, vegetarians, and Americans, but in a way that you can t help but love.ITMFL picks up where the previous book left off for the most part Paul is still in France, becoming acclimated, but still having problems with tea rooms and women It seems that the guy can never really catch a break Yet, he seems to realize that a lot of his problems are his own doing I loved the fact that Paul has really become French than English in the course of this book, but realizes that he s somewhere in between the cultures He s too English for the French, he s too French for the English But you can t help but dig the guy Also, his wit is amazing I dare you to not laugh out loud.While you wouldn t need to read A Year In The Merde to follow this book, it probably would help explain some of the characters and why he interacts with them the way that he does Although, minor explanations are included in a if you re just tuning in kind of way Those for the faint of heart or are easily offended may want to read with caution There are some explicit scenes and scenes that will make you squirm All the French that is used in the book is translated into the closest English translation as well.I loved the format of the book as well The book is divided into somewhat lengthy sections, but each section has smaller chapters Yet, it s almost superfluous because the whole narration flows so smoothly It s almost like Clarke is handing you a convenient stopping place I love the British terms for things as well, and all the French I m a bit obsessed.But my favorite part is why he includes Merde in all the titles Having not been to Paris, I am not sure how accurate this is, but there is the belief that the French, particularly the Parisians do not pick up after their dogs so there is all kinds of dog merde in the streets The title for the first book, A Year in the Merde is a spoof of the popular A Year in Provence Get it But that s not the best part, the best part is that the book I was reading prior to this one, Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, also takes place in Paris There is a part not too long after Anna lands in Paris that she observes that there isn t any dog poop on the streets When I read that I almost fell off my chair and then called Matt We decided that someone isn t telling us the whole story We just may have to go to Paris someday to find out.

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    When I started this book, I was still under the impression that the series was in some way autobiographical You d have thought that I could have noticed the difference in the name of the author and that of the character, but this had evaded my attention when I read the first one, and continued to as I started this one.The book was actually enjoyable for knowing that it s not about actual events, which would have left me with far less sympathy for the characters As it was, I found it easy to enjoy as caricature than as reportage Subtract the concern that people are actually like this, and my vague unease in rewarding them for it by buying their books, and this is an entertaining cultural jaunt.

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    Bleh The French cultural stuff is the best part The narrator is insufferable.

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    The edition I have read has a white cover and two snails behind a cup of English tea Anyways, I read this book based on my French cousin s recommendation To sum it up, Paul West is an Englishman morphing into a Frenchman Though he originally aimed to open an English tea room in the middle of Paris, the main plot revolves around his needlessly complicated relationships with French women Plus, there s a lot of cultural puns that I m happy to get considering I arrived in France a few days ago This book would definitely be enjoyed and fully understood by the Brits or people who know stuff about English UK culture Though do not fret The writing is easy to comprehend and Paul the narrator explains his jokes so that readers will get it The only pun I don t understand is the Yann Kerbollock d I do get it has something to do with having a funny name like Peter Burns sounding like P ter Burnes meaning Fart bum or whatever in French but I m not familiar with British slang Other than that, I seriously appreciate the humour There s sarcasm and gags, and the funniest part was the office Christmas party Also, Paul s jokes tend to reference past events in the novel so it feels intimate because it feels as if his personal inside jokes are being shared with the reader All in all, I think it was a funny read and considering this is the second book in a series, it does well on its own A total comedy for sure mixed with romance and satire I also want to add that I like the other characters They re just as peculiar For example, Beno t who fell in love with a tea urn, Jean Pierre who hypnotizes any women with his eyes, Nathalie the married woman who sleeps with other men to feel alive, Alexa the obvious hipster and true love interest, Florence s dad, and the fishermen Anyways, my favourite jokes view spoiler when Paul s ex boss mocks French philosophers and existentialists in Caf de Flore and Jake ranting about the geographical faux of Dan Brown s book The Da Vinci Code towards what they call Da Vinci code tourists lol cuz after going to the Louvre, the annoying kid complained that all they saw was La Joconde which he didn t understand IS the Mona Lisa Also, they didn t understand that the American Ambassade is right next to the Louvre and the whole chasing scene in the movie novel would ve only been half a minute LOL hide spoiler

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Merde Actually download Merde Actually, read online Merde Actually, kindle ebook Merde Actually, Merde Actually 0a75b97c24a4 A Year After Arriving In France, Englishman Paul West Is Still Struggling With Some Fundamental Questions What Is The Best Way To Scare A Gendarme Why Are There No Health Warnings On French Nudist Beaches And Is It Really Polite To Sleep With Your Boss S Mistress In His Second Comedy Of Errors, Paul West Opens An English Tearoom, And Mutates Temporarily Into A Parisian WaiterMeanwhile, He Continues His Search For The Perfect French Mademoiselle But Will Paul Find L Amour Ternel, Or Will It All End Inmerde Author S Apology I D Just Like To Say Sorry To All The Suppository Fans Out There, Because In This Book There Are No Suppositories There Are, However, Lots Of Courgettes, And I See This As Progress Suppositories To Courgettes I Think It Proves That I M Developing As A Writer Stephen Clarke