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Clit-ology pdf Clit-ology , ebook Clit-ology , epub Clit-ology , doc Clit-ology , e-pub Clit-ology , Clit-ology 8eeb87adb50 Clit Ology Is A Savvy Guide To A Woman S Most Intimate Geography And How Men Can Work It For Her Pleasure As Well As His Own Filled With Techniques For Getting Her Wet, Wild, And Orgasmic, Clit Ology Addresses Myths And Mysteries Surrounding Her Secret Garden Such As Can A Woman Really Become Revirginized If She Doesn T Have Sex For A Long Time , Why Does It Take A Woman Four Times As Long As A Man To Climax , And How Does A Woman S Internal Anatomy Change During Arousal And Intercourse Written By Jordan LaRousse And Samantha Sade, Founders Of The Top Erotica Site Oysters Chocolate, Clit Ology Gives Real Gal Advice On What Gets Women To OH, Yes This Book Demystifies The Pussy With A Combination Of Sexual Techniques, Vagina Lore And Trivia, Andreal Gal Advice About What Turns Them On Down There

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    Clit ology, a one stop guide to an improved sex life Men love pussy They love it so much that in their lifelong quest to get some, men have gone to great extremes from writing music to creating impressive works of art to starting fistfights and outright wars think of Helen of Troy, whose amazing puss launched a thousand ships Clit ology is an all in guide to a better sex life It offers trivia, statistics, step by step instructions, techniques and pointers in an easy to read format.This book is written to the man in easy to follow language It comes in paperback and on Kindle It would make for an excellent gift to a lover who suck in the sex department, but also helpful in taking an already good sex life to the next level with ideas and pointers.My girl Liz and I read this together and now you too can reap the benefits of our new found knowledge We will be hosting a week long chat on Shh on the TopPick of Clit ology Join us here during the week of August 23 for chatting, information, trivia, games and fun We will be handing our GOLDEN COCKS in the games and tally them up by week end so that we can crown our grand prize winner Hope to see you then US UK Noble Content 5 starsComprehensible 5 stars Photos Images 4.5 starsPrice point 4 stars Overall rating 5 starsWould I re read this book Yes.Would I recommend this book Yes.Shh with Alessandra Torre features a weekly chat TopPick the covers areas of reading smut, heroes HEAs and not surprisingly often touches on the subjects of this book Public group for members 18 years and older

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    Clit ology is a savvy guide to a woman s most intimate geography and how men can work it for her pleasure as well as his own Have you ever wondered how things work Ever been afraid to explore Wonder no This book is full of interesting facts, tips, images, and statistics to help you discover yourself This book was a BR with my girl SUE in order to prep for an upcoming week long chat on Shh on the TopPick of Clit ology us here during the week of August 23 for chatting, information, trivia, games and fun We will be handing our GOLDEN COCKS in the games and tally them up by week end so that we can crown our grand prize winner Hope to see you then US UK Noble in for the fun

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    This is the written for men companion book Penis Genius The Best Tips and Tricks for Working His Stick Reviewer s note This book is written with a target audience of heterosexual men While I think there s definitely something in there for women gay or straight to learn about their own squishy bits, be aware if you choose to pick it up that it is written entirely from the perspective of cis man woman sexuality Sexual position diagrams are all one man, one woman, for example As I said of its companion book, I strongly suggest that if you pick up this book, you get the hard copy It s just a beautiful book The layout is artfully done, with the requisite number of gorgeous eye candy, barely dressed models it is a sex book after all showing you all you ever needed or wanted to know about all a woman s most delightful bits Don t worry, though This is no textbook The authors manage to stir up just the right mix of tantalizingly sexy, light and fun, and downright informative Want the real scoop on the mythical G Spot You ll find it in here Wondering how to tell if she s had an orgasm Yup, got that too Want to know a few things you should definitely not ever ever never suggest to a woman you d like to take to bed with you Read this book And don t think this is just a reference book, either Scattered amongst the collected knowledge in the book is a huge variety of suggested sex periments designed to help you get to know your partner s body like the back of your hand, or hopefully like the tips of her nipples One of the most welcome surprises of this book was the fact that it also had information on the changes you can expect from your partner as she goes through menopause or a hysterectomy, and a section ever so delightfully called what to expect from her hooha when she s expecting Clitology is intelligently written in frank, simple language you can read the disclaimer on why we use dirty words in the Look Inside feature above Inside, you ll find goodies like a sexual position guide for all your favourite type of penetration, a step by step to cunnilingus and fingering and even a section on vaginal fisting , and a quiz that will show you just how close you are to being a bona fide clitologist haven t you always wanted to know Not surprisingly, since they are designed as companion pieces, I was as disappointed by the lack of diversity represented in the book as I was in Penis Genius The models were young, white, thin and classically read Hollywood beautiful, the same with the illustrated diagrams, and it seems that considerations for body shape of either partner is similarly neglected, especially when discussing sexual positions The diagrams also all contained eerily hairless mons, which I found a bit unnerving I d also love to see a similar book that is aimed at couples and somes that don t fit into the cis gendered, heterosexual demographic, but partly that s because I d like to see of these books Overall, I found Clitology nearly as informative, sexy and amusing as Penis Genius, though this one gave off a bit of the vibe that it was trying a bit too hard Still, my verdict is a solid 4 sexy, slippery g spot orgasms Definitely another one that I d like on my coffee table when in adult company

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    Gorgeous photographs beautifully illustrate the many tips and pointers in this wonderful book that is chock full of diagrams and quizzes to get even the female readers to understand their own bodies Both the male and female models are fabulous at showing possible positions for partners who might be interested in learning about one another Awesome You get the information as if it were a textbook and yet the photographs make it look like instruction for the Kama Sutra Both male and female readers will discover ideas that they will wish to try out right away The book should sit on your bookshelf beside its mate MASTERING YOUR MAN HEAD TO HEAD.

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    Not bad at all The book is written in an easy to understand format and is a quick read Most of the info is pretty basic, but sound.

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    This aught to be interesting Can t wait.

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