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Black Heart Down (Conquest, #5) pdf Black Heart Down (Conquest, #5) , ebook Black Heart Down (Conquest, #5) , epub Black Heart Down (Conquest, #5) , doc Black Heart Down (Conquest, #5) , e-pub Black Heart Down (Conquest, #5) , Black Heart Down (Conquest, #5) 22aaa70907b For Robbie Russo, Only One Man Has Ever Owned His Heart, Kyler Christenson The Years At Each Other S Sides Never Diminished His Love For Him, But With The Rise To Fame In Their Rock Band, Black Heart Down, Than A Few Challenges Hindered Their Relationship Now, He S Reached A Crossroads, Either He Ll Have All Of Kyler, Or He Ll Walk Away From Everything They Ve Built TogetherKyler May Be Fearless On Stage, But If There S One Thing To Send His Heart Crashing Down, It S Losing Robbie When Robbie Delivers His Ultimatum, Kyler S Willing To Do What It Takes For Things To Work But Change Doesn T Happen Quickly, And When He Makes A Terrible Mistake, All Their History Together Might Not Be Enough To Save Their Future

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    I loved this book It was different from all the other books in this series and even from all the mm books I ve read This one is about a couple who has already been together for a long time, but their relationship is kind of fucked up.Robbie and Kyler both members of the rockband Black Heart Down, have been together for 11 years They were exclusive for 5 of those years, but then fame hit and things changed Now a lot of people were talking about Kyler being and ass in their reviews, but for me Robbie was the ass in the first place When fame hit and all these men came out of the woodwork, he suggested seeing other men to know what it was like to be with someone else.he fucked shit up right then and there Ofcourse Kyler made a shit ton of mistakes too He also slept with other people, including women, and he can t seem to stop flirting with other people to try and uphold his rocker persona He sees himself as bi and not gaybecause he doesn t want to admit to the fact that he wants to be with men instead of women.Now these boys are completely honest to each other They don t lie and they are best friends They also love each other very much, but they just lost their way Robbie asks Kyler to be with just him and stop with all the flirting and Kyler agreesbut ofcorse he fucks up no he doens t cheat Things get to be to much for Robbie and he decides to leave and join the band Conquest from book 1, 2 etc Jesse and Evan want to help him, but they also want to help these boys find their way together again I loved seeing Jesse and Evan again and all the other characters I only read book 1 in the series but that was then enough to follow this awesome book It s about two awesome guys who love each other a lottrying to find their way back together They are also incredibly HOT together Wow loved the steam and dirty talk 4,5 stars from me

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    BHD was a little different from the others because Ky and Robbie are an established couple already They obviously love each other but their relationship is toxic and disrespectful I had no idea how that could change and was really worried that I would never like Ky Robbie came across as sweet and quiet and you feel bad for the way Ky stomps all over his heart by blantantly flirting in front of him Ky just comes across as a typical, arrogant rock star who cares for no one but himself You actually want Robbie to leave him.But then you learn the truth Robbie is not so innocent himself Ky is not as bad as he appears and his past is heartbreaking But they really have so much going against them you wonder if they should even try I believe they needed to split up in order to get together and have a real relationship.Brandon and Shun play a big role helping Kyler and Jesse and Evan help Robbie It was nice having the Conquest boys play such a big role in BHD The ending when Ky shows Robbie how much he has changed and what he was willing to do to get Robbie back was unbelievably sweet and brilliant It took me by surprise thats for sure.I really hope this isn t the last book I am really addicted to this series.

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    4.25 starsDespite needing to put this away the first time I started it, I was actually surprised to see that the drama that had at first gotten to me was not nearly as difficult to read as I had anticipated I liked that much of the book dealt with Robbie and Kyler actually trying, working, and making progress on their relationship Instead of using the typical plot progression that is often employed in a story similar to this, SJ Frost used Jesse and Evan to her best ability so instead of the bulk of the story being about two men who can t meet halfway and the ending coming about to bring them together, we get to see that process and then the work put into the relationship until it finally is in the right place to move forward Yes, it makes the story angsty, but it is much like real life relationships and unlike typical romance fodder I appreciated that and it made the story much enjoyable for me.So, now SJ Frost has only to write Brad s story whom I assume and hope will be with Remmy, on whom I ve grown a giant crush I ve been waiting ever since Keys to Love for that story, so I hope it isn t to far away

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    This book started with me wanting to smack the two main characters quite frequently, but somewhere in the 50% the dynamics of the relationship started to change I realized something as i finished it, the way a relationship starts to deteriorate is not fun to watch, but it s such a pleasure to see two people find their way back to each other again By no means is easy and this character showed that it does not happen overnight, but it is worthwhile Review to come soon

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    An excellent continuation to the SJ s conquest s rock hard series and I d been dying to see this book s release and there was no disappointment whatsoever These guys, the bands, the characters practically make you drool and the cover alone makes the pages melt with hawtness.

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    How to rate review this one Well it started out as good as the others I loved Kylar and Robbie, and I loved that Jesse and the gang played a large role But somewhere along the way this one started to lose me Partly Robbie came over as a little to whinny with his constantly walking running away.But I think mostly I started to lose focus when the whole famous rock stars can sit at an outside cafe across the road from their hotel and not get mobbed The fans were there but left them alone so they could eat and talk about really personal stuff The band and Arden are hyped up as the biggest thing since the beatles yet they get to go shopping like regular joe s It just kinda spoilt the whole rock star theme for me.But that last song Now that was a high light The lyrics were great, I could almost hear the music So overall I m gonna keep to my 4 star rating, as I think the niggles are just my own kind lol As for stories in this series I would love to read Remmy s, but I d really prefer him not to be paired with Brad I love Brad but I hate GFY kinda things and to me Brads straight So pairing Remmy with a new guy for me would work better LOL ETA Still sweet and I still loved the ending.

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    I put off reading this one for forever The blurb made it sound like I d be having to read about cheating which i hate Or at the very least I d have to stand around with Robbie while his closeted boyfriend flirts with women to keep up his heterosexual image which i also hate I should have had faith in Ms Frost and her world building at least in this series than to think she d have either her characters or her readers suffer that much.The problems between Robbie and Kyler were real problems, like you get in real relationships But it wasn t one of them being a dick to the other and him just taking it They both made mistakes, they both, as Evan, i believe, put it at one point, stopped putting their relationship and each other first and lost their way for a while.But the book wasn t painful to read, as I d been fearing It was every bit as hopeful and sweet and optimistic as all of the other books in the series the only difference being that maybe this one is a little honest and a little realistic than the others view spoiler i loved SO much that both Robbie and Kyler made changes in their lives in order to be ready to continue trying to have a relationship I loved that they both realized that the other person deserved better and decided to take the steps necessary to provide him with that i loved that a lot of that involved being honest with themselves about a lot of things, too.I love how Jesse and Evan helped so much, but were able to stay neutral and listen to and support both sides Seeing their relationship used as the example for all of these others just made me want to go back and re read their story again.I think my favorite thing was how much different Robbie and Kyler together felt at the end than at the beginning at the beginning, especially when they were trying again before the whole waiter s phone number incident, it had me feeling like i ve felt in doomed relationships sort of desperate and on edge, almost just waiting for the other person to screw up so you can have a solid enough excuse to leave and not have to hurt any i LOVED that that feeling was gone at the end that not only did they SAY that they were leaving the past behind, but that it honestly felt like they had That was amazingly well done hide spoiler

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    I admit that I had to put this one down for a bit after I initially began toread it, but on the second time around I fell in love with this couple.This book picks up with Robbie and Kyler, who we know from the Consques Series Robbie and Kyler have been together since they were teenagers They are each other s first love, and they KNOW that they are each other s ONLY love But they ve strayed from what they once were, and they have so much baggage they can barely be civil again They are very good at being sexually intimate, but that is all they can do well any.For a while I felt almost overwhelmed by how much was going onbut as I read I fell into the stride of the story and it was great beautiful love story of finding your way back to the person you re meant for It is a testament to how good a writer SJ Frost is that she took me from being unsure about this story, to being engrossed and a little in love with these boys in every chapter.I liked the way she had them reconnect and they way that she was forceful in showing that true love, that is meant to endureNEVER comes easy After raging and ranting about Kyler, he ended up being my favorite of SJ s rockers Sweet book, sweet boys and a MUST read if you ve read the others O And now we wait for Brad and Remmy

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    This book is a little different than the others in the series The other books had instalove, but this one was an established couple whose relationship had deteriorated to a point that it was hard to believe things could be put back together The emotions I felt were deeper in this one There were parts that were frustrating with Robbie always running away and acting childish and to some degree I could understand it because their relationship had gone on for a while and the pattern was the same with both of them I did love how they both had to grow and change and they both had to realize that relationships take work and compromise Once again the author integrated all the previous characters which was great, because I love the whole group of characters from this series All in all this has been a great series to read and I really wish the next book was out already.

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    I ve been looking forward to Robbie and Kyler s story since the first time their names were mentioned and it was perfect Their transition from a self destructing relationship to a healthy one was not without obstacles, but the end result was amazing I m so happy that Robbie and Kyler worked things out and really managed to save their love for each other We see a lot of our old friends again Jesse and Evan, Brandon and Shunichi, and Julian and Morgan I enjoyed it immensely 4 stars for an amazing follow up to the Conquest series.

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