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The Vanguards txt The Vanguards , text ebook The Vanguards , adobe reader The Vanguards , chapter 2 The Vanguards , The Vanguards 381f06 The Omegas Only A Vampire Is Man Enough To Teach Werewolves How To Fight Daedalus Has Been A Powerful Vampire For Ages Intrigued By The Chance To Train The Geeks Of The Underworld, The Omegas, He Wasn T Bargaining On Losing His Heart To A Human Can He Make The Omegas A Success, Fit Into Sugar S Quiet Life, And Avoid Being Ripped To Shreds In The Process The Alpha Someone Is About To Get Some Spice In His Life Spice Has Nothing But The Clothes On Her Back When She Returns To Chicago She S Looking For A Better Life, And That Means Reuniting With Her Estranged Twin Sister, Sugar She Isn T Thrilled To Find Out Sugar S Boyfriend Is A Vampire But Then She Meets Eric, Once The Bottle Cap Glasses Wearing Nerd Next Door Now Grown Into The Kind Of Man She D Love To Snuggle With On This Cold Winter Nightand He S Offered Her His Room In Sugar S House The Beta Three Days Of Hell, In Charge, And Running Out Of Antacids As The Pack S Beta, Robert Needs To Watch Over The Vasi Werewolf Pack For A Few Days He Hates The Responsibility, But His Job Is To Dissolve Any Problems While His Alpha Honeymoons Nevertheless, Trouble Comes To Town And Her Name Is Esther, Who Is Intent On Slaying The Vampire Daedalus She S Beguiling, Beautiful And Picks His Pocket Although Robert Doesn T Trust Her, He Still Wants To Possess Her

About the Author: Annie Nicholas

Annie Nicholas hibernates in the rural, green mountains of Vermont where she dreams of different worlds, heroes, and heroines When spring arrives the stories pour from her, in hopes to share them with the masses one day.Mother, daughter, wife are some of the hats she happily wears while trudging after her cubs through the hills and dales The four seasons an inspiration and muse.

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    BOOK 1 this is a great start to an amazing series sugar is human with next door friends who are werewolf Eric sugars bff is the sort of leader of the Omega s who include Tyler Robert and abused katrina they hirer the century s old vampire pal robi first glance sugar and Daedalus had explosive reaction to each other great story with room to grow for other books in series.Book2 Amazing 2nd in series After Eric won alpha in pack I was worried he lose his cute romance loving geeky way about him but instead just made him even sexy Loved the sugar and spice comical mix Really would have liked about Tyler and katrina but their book will come Absolutely great ending and great HEA for geek Eric and down on luck Spice.Book3 I v got to say Robert wasn t my favourite but not because I didn t like him because he s not a big character in the other books but now after seeing him in a whole new light I love him He has this inner steal about but mostly shows a shy unsure persona until his beta side comes out the a sexy techy geek comes out When Esther first came into picture is wasn t sure they would suit each other, she s a very high strong sexy assassin who goes for what she wants and Roberts a unsure reluctant temp leader while Eric on his honeymoon with Spice This story was about Robert and Esther but also has a lot of drama to do with Daedalus and Sugar and Sugar reluctance to convict to being a vampire I liked that it s not all roses which u get with most romance HEA, I hope they sort something out in next book feel really sorry for Daedalus.

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    3 novellas gathered in one book Nice paranormal romance borderline erotic reading.

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    I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads First off I will say.the books are downright SEXYwhich I like in my bookshowever, it was the only thing that kept me turning pages in books I and III Book II was my favorite of them allthere was of a story there which I liked All of them are fast reads Would have liked action If my review was based on book II I would have given it four stars That being said, I was left very curious of what was to happen next to the Vai s as well as their Nasferatu friend so I will definately continue to read the series.

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    The first and second books were good, rating four stars in my opinion what took it down to three was the third book It started some conflict between two rather major characters and left the reader with no end in sight The main protagonists of the third book get their happy ending, but others that are holdovers from the first one are not so fortunate my main complaint is that there is no resolution, good or bad This was a copy won through goodreads first reads program.

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