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DNA Evidence files DNA Evidence , read online DNA Evidence , free DNA Evidence , free DNA Evidence , DNA Evidence e9938d7a0 Themes Hi Lo, Nonfiction, Contemporary Themes Bursting With Facts, These Books Will Truly Enthrall Struggling Readers Nonfiction Titles Cover High Interest Topics Both Creepy And Utterly Terrifying Each Title Is Thoroughly Researched And Includes An Introduction, Five Chapters, An Epilogue, Glossary, And Index On The Scene Photography Captures Students Imagination And Spurs Further Reading These Are Books That Struggling Readers Will Not Put Down What Is DNA Evidence How Is It Collected Can DNA Evidence Solve Crimes These Topics Are Explored In Five High Interest Chapters Including Those Convicted And Then Exonerated Because Of New DNA Technology

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    This book tells you about how and what exactly they use to DNA to solve cases or unsolved ones I really liked this book because it gives examples and it has lots of details of what kind or cases they solved like kidnap homicide and other kinds I recommend this book to people who wonder how police do it to find a killer really fast or just to people who like to learn about science Thanks to DNA police and scientists have solved many cases

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    The Tittle of my book is , DNA Evidence The book problem is how to get DNA Evidence for good things and bad things This author is qualified to right this book because he made several books about similar stuff to this one The tone of this book is a little dry and academic Yes , there is photos that is illustrating whats going on with DNA and what it looks like No , this book was not really related to me but i did talk about it in class before Yes i would recommend this book to a friend because you can learn a lot and its educational The type of reader that would enjoy this book is someone who likes learning about science.

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    Information about DNA and how it has been used both to commit and exonerate suspects of a crime Not as much info about DNA itself as I had expected I thought the focus was on the stigma attached to people that had been innocently imprisoned and the challenges they face when released from prison I did not realize they did not have the benefits of excons that had served their time had It was interesting information, just not what I expected the book to be from the title.

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    It was a good book the book was about people going to jail People do stupid stuff in this book and that s how they got in jail.

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