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Sap Rising chapter 1 Sap Rising, meaning Sap Rising, genre Sap Rising, book cover Sap Rising, flies Sap Rising, Sap Rising 4924df36199e3 In This Spare And Mesmerizing Debut, Christine Lincoln Takes Us Inside The Hearts And Minds Of African Americans Whose Lives Unfold Against A Vividly Evoked Rural Community As They Navigate Between Old And New, Between Youth And Responsibility, They Find Themselves Choosing Between The Comforts Of What They Trust Without Question And The Fearsome Excitements Of What They Might Come To Know One Young Man S World Is Both Expanded And Contracted By Stories He Hears From A Beautiful Stranger Another Stumbles Across His Mother Having An Affair With His Uncle An Intense Friendship Forms Between One Woman Afraid She Will Turn Out Like Everyone Else And One Afraid She Won TLincoln S Down To Earth Voice, Saturated With The Manner And Details Of The South, Brings Her Characters To Life With A Remarkably Light Touch And An Extraordinary Depth Of Emotion In Sap Rising, She Proves Herself One Of Those Writers Whose Work Transcends Its Own Rich Particularity To Speak With Clarity To The Most Fundamental Elements Of The Human Experience

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    Phenomenal I don t know why it took me over a decade to read this collection of beautiful stories I had assumed that not being African American would prevent me from relating in such a powerful way Christine has a way of making her characters feel familiar to me, incarnations of someone I ve been or am yet to be Her characters, in the brief time allotted them I so want to know about them , open themselves up for introduction to strangers, to educate, to inspire, to move I think the quiet celebration of womanness and the joys and frustrations that arise when trying to interpret that term for ourselves is what I took the most from these interwoven tales I definitely recommend

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    Comments on the short stories making up Sap Rising The characters were very believable The stories were equally so The writer told an amazing amount of story in very few pages There was basically no hope or happiness in any of the stories and together collectively, it was a rather depressing read The endings were abrupt It was like looking at something interesting, and having a door slammed in your face before you could learn the outcome Two stars.

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    Sap Rising is a spare but elegant collection of interconnected chapters short stories Each chapter s narrator has its own voice and piece of the story The author s storytelling is masterful and beautiful.

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    I have to confess, I barely knew what this book was about when I picked it up I did, however, know enough about the author to have had this book loitering around my reading list for years Christine Lincoln was born and raised in inner city Balti, and graduated from Washington College in Maryland at the age of 34 For those of you not familiar with the area, here s what this means Christine Lincoln is black, and grew up poor, and then she did some serious bootstrap pulling, enrolled in a lauded private liberal arts college in a bucolic little town on the Chesapeake Bay known for churning out great writers, and snagged the school s most prestigious writing award Knowing all this, I didn t care what Sap Rising was about What I wanted to know was the story of this woman s journey I wanted a memoir I didn t get one.Don t get me wrong, this is a really lovely book It is a novel built from interconnected stories told from the various points of view of the adults and children living or surviving, aptly in a small town in southern Maryland From the first page, you can see why even the rich bitches of Washington College had no choice but to show some respect The prose is a sparse and fragile filigree of emotions and shattered dreams It s beautiful But beyond the lyrical accomplishment, I couldn t help but feel like the author was keeping her characters at arm s length instead of allowing her own strength to fuel them.As far as I can tell, Lincoln has not published any other books And that s a shame, because I d still love to read about that journey.

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    Christine Lincolns debut novel, Sap Rising, is rooted in the mystical, rural Grandville where the tales of its townspeople are captured in 12 intertwining short stories The sagas are told from varying viewpoints fathers, grandmothers, young boys, nosey neighbors, teenaged girls, etc and are rooted in themes of self discovery, escapism, and hope.All of the stories are symbolic and appealing, but a few that really struck this reviewer were the title story, Sap Rising and A Very Close Conspiracy In Sap Rising, we meet a very restless young woman, Ebbie Pinder, who runs away from the mediocrity of life as a homemaker in Grandville to the bright lights of the big city She returns home alone and with her child, Pontella, in Like Dove Wings and Pontellas plight is recounted in A Hook Will Sometimes Keep You In A Very Close Conspiracy, we meet the town drunk, Hiron Fuller, who retraces his life, loves, and views as a black man as he succumbs to a fatal injury.The author demonstrates her depth and range of character development by taking the reader deep inside the psyches of Hiron, a man worn down by racism and poverty, the self doubting Pontella who was abandoned by her mother, Ebbie, and the painful episodes of Boags and Cinnys coming of age transformation She paints a picture of the human condition and adds insight and emotion into each story Ms Lincoln is a great storyteller with a style akin to J California Coopers yet distinctively her own She has made her mark with a successful debut I am looking forward to her next release.

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    Christine Lincoln crafts characters and voices in Sap Rising with a poet s attention to precisely the right word and detail And so through these absorbing stories an entire rural southern community Grandville springs to life Its featured inhabitants Sonny, Aunt Loretta, and Pontella come to my mind will linger in your mind and heart I m hoping the author will read this and her future works in audio editions.

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    The reviews for this book of short stories were quite promising It was a Christmas gift to which I looked forward to reading But I found the writing juvenile But the jury is still out I think I am going to re read it and give it another chance To be continued

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    This author won my college s most prestiguous writing award a few years before I attended, so naturally, I delved through her book Her writing transcends the mundane and gives true voice to these oft overlooked characters Deeply moving.

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    Good read Marvelous writer

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    With each story she brings to life such remarkable characters while capturing truth and reality in her work.