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    Excerpt from the journal of Neal Stephenson So here I am, trying to wrap up the last book of the The Baroque Cycle This thing has gotten completely out of control I knew it d be huge when I planned it, but this story has sprawled everywhere What the hell was I thinking Any one of the story threads I ve had going could be a fair sized novel in itself Now I gotta gather them all up and try to come up with some kind of coherent ending I m not going to have a fan left if I don t wrap this up well.Deep breath OK, where are we at and what do I need to do to finish this damn thing The main story has finally reached 1714 so at least I don t have to keep flash forwarding to an older Daniel Waterhouse going back to England after leaving Massachusetts Daniel is returning to England to try and settle the dispute between Isaac Newton and Leibniz over who invented the calculus, but I want him to get wrapped up in political intrigue about who would succeed Queen Anne I also want Daniel to lay some of the groundwork for the upcoming Industrial Revolution by getting involved with the invention of an early mining pump Side note The Engine for Raising Water by Fire sounds cool Time to ramp up all this business about the legendary gold of King Solomon I also need to tie that back to the ageless Enoch Root That s my sci fi element that ll keep the geeks turning pages in a European historical fiction When I left off, Jack Shaftoe was being blackmailed by the king of France to go to England and destroy confidence in the currency being overseen by the new master of the mint, Isaac Newton But Jack doesn t know that Isaac is obsessed with King Solomon s gold and only took the job so that he can get gold from around the world brought to him to find it And Isaac doesn t know that his counterfeiting nemesis Jack already has the Solonomic gold Eliza is going to have less to do in this one, but I ll have her increasing her anti slavery efforts I m going to let Daniel and Isaac Newton play detective when trying to track down Jack by giving some fun history of how people used to have to do their own prosecutions and hire thief takers to track down criminals It ll be a cool twist late in the book when Daniel goes from hunting criminals to plotting some major criminal projects Shit I ve also got to work in the stuff about Leibniz and Daniel trying to build a logic mill for Peter the Great in Russia Can I work the gold into that Make it so that everyone is trying to get their hands on it Some random things I want to include also include a duel between two men fought with cannons instead of pistols, clockwork phosphorus bombs, an assault on the Tower of London and a coach chase through the streets I also got to give the readers some idea of the fate of the approximately 1137 supporting characters I ve introduced in this.Damn, I ve got my work cut out for me Fortunately, I m a genius so it shouldn t be a problem But I ll give my fans a break after this No big giant books with multiple plot lines Something short and simple Although I do have this idea for a new language

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    Whew About 2,700 pages later, and thank heavens it wraps up beautifully, making the long trek well worth the effort Now that I ve reached the end, I realize fully how enjoyable the journey itself was.People often asked me what these books are about Er It s a story of alchemy human than chemical , economics, word origins, English history, history of science, philosophy, bravado, character and a little love Like all of Stephenson s work thus far, it is large and contains multitudes complicated relationships between a vast number of people, massive ideas affecting the whole of humanity, and remarkably compelling characters Big stuff, deep brain stuff, delayed enlightenment kind stuff You sit with the book for a while, its ideas wind up fermenting in the bottom of your brain, and much later, while you re in the shower or on the train to work, it hits you aha One thing I love about Stephenson s approach to this particular storytelling his commoner perspective We never got chapters on the royalty simply because they existed in this storyline he skipped the coronation entirely No, we just got how things looked on the street, in the dungeons, in the libraries, in the salons It s the Howard Zinn approach to narrative a people s fiction.

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    It has been my view for some years that a new System of the World is being created around us I used to suppose that it would drive out and annihilate any older Systems But things I have seen recently, in the subterranean places beneath the Bank, have convinced me that new Systems never replace old ones, but only surround and encapsulate them, even as, under a microscope, we may see that living within our bodies are animalcules, smaller and simpler than us, and yet thriving even as we thrive Neal Stephenson, The System of the WorldSolomon s Gold The Baroque Cycle, Vol 3, Book 1 On the contrary, my lordthere is nothing quite so civilized as to be recognized in public places as the author of books no one has read Neal Stephenson, The Baroque Cycle, Vol 3, Book 1I can feel the end of this series closing in The sixth book of this series, nested, like a Russian doll inside of Volume 3 The System of the World centers primarily on Daniel Waterhouse Daniel has been summoned back to England to act as a middle man or a narrative bridge between Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz concerning the invention of Calculus Someone tries to kill him with an infernal device mechanical bomb The book ends with Jack Shaftoe aka Jack the Coiner attempting a heist of the Tower of London where Netwon is the Warden and later Master of the Royal Mint Newton has been using this role at the Royal Mint to standardize the guinea, but also to to search for Solomon s lost gold The book tends to bend easily between swashbuckling adventure and nerdy historical light scifi fiction It is dense in parts, but it is hard to not respect Stephenson s ability to weave the real with the almost supernatural and the outrageous I m constantly entertained by The Baroque Cycle but the charm is starting to tarnish a bit and I m ready for this almost literary adventure ride to end.Currency The Baroque Cycle, Vol 3, Book 2 For most of the day and night, time oppresses me It is only when I am at work on the innards of a clock or a lock that time stops Neal Stephenson, The CurrencyStephenson continues the last volume The System of the World of his Baroque trilogy with Book 7 Currency Like in Book 6, Solomon s Gold, Currency is primarily focused on Daniel Waterhouse trying to track down Jack Shaftoe or Jack the Counterfeiter who is making England s money financially dubious by messing with the Pyx and hence putting ALL of England s currency at risk Isaac Newton is helping Daniel Waterhouse track down Jack, both because as the Master of the Mint his reputation and head are at risk But he is also motivated because as an alchemist he suspects that Jack Shaftoe has some of Solomon s gold While all of this is going on Eliza is trying to help Princess Caroline survive the inevitable succession issues that will develop including assassination attempts once Queen Anne dies.This has probably been the least exciting of the novels, but like any long work eventually, the Baroque Cycle will clock in at about 2650 pages there are bound to be parts of a work that float down the narrative current rather than quant down Still, I did enjoy it.The System of the World The Baroque Cycle, Vol 3, Book 3 We are all up to something Neal Stephenson, The Baroque Cycle, Vol 3, Book 3This is the end Beautiful end Assayed The end The eighth and final book of this series, which also shares the same name as the final volume of this series The System of the World This final book in an eight book series is driven largely by two large and parallel events the corronation of King George is a mere distraction First, the hanging of Jack Shaftoe Second, the Trial of the Pyx and by proxy, a trial of Sir Isaac Newton There are other events the spiriting away of Solomon s gold, the escape of Jack s sons and Dappa the First mate of the Minerva who ends up caught in a funky antislavery campaign against Charles White one of the many villians of the book , the death of Roger Comstock and other deaths ane ressurrections.Anyway, I enjoyed how Stephenson wrapped this up It is weird thinking that these three volumes 1 Quicksilver2 The Confusion3 The System of the Worldare all essentially prequels to Cryptonomicon I enjoyed the dance It might have been one volume too much Reading Stephenson, some days, does feel a bit like Peine forte et dure How about just one volume That said, I did read all of the diaries of Samuel Pepys, so I am a glutton for the English Restoration period I found this a fantastic often literally FANTASTIC way of examining the period and systems of science and religion and politics during this period Obviously, much of the specifics are fiction, but many of the things floating like mouches volantes are grounded in facts Sometimes, the best way to learn history is not to read it, but to play with it a bit bend it and examine it under unusual lights and in different heats.

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    I am doing this as a review for the Baroque cycle altogether, so don t bother reading the reviews for the other two if you are reading this one.The Baroque cycle is a massive, epic, depressingly wide reaching body of creative work which, I believe, has made several well respected fantasy sci fi novelists give up and go home If it hasn t, it definitely should It s just so big And while there are a lot of authors who have written large things the Lord of the Rings, the Wheel of Time, a Song of Fire and Ice, etc., etc., etc most of them at some point get a little bogged down, lose their way, can t keep track of what everyone s doing, or just get so damn large in scope that they write a thousand pages and nothing happens The Baroque cycle never runs into any of those things Really it reads kind of like a single 4,000 page novel And it s so damn clever Definitely don t read it before reading Cryptonomicon, despite the fact that the story comes first chronologically There is a damn good reason Stephenson wrote the books in the order he did For on this, see the Narnia books It will take you a long time to read, there will be moments when you just can t believe you read parts of it right, but if you stick with it you will not be disappointed Personally gauranteed.

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    Sve to je zapo eto dvije ili pet knjiga unazad, ovdje je zaokru eno i privedeno kraju malo je vi e filozofije i metafizike, malo je ograni enija geografija, pa zato dajem etvorku Ali cijeli ciklus mi je petica, toliko detalja, toliko likova, toliko udubljivanja u duh vremenafantasti no

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    Well, I m now officially depressed I finished reading the Baroque Cycle To say that I enjoyed reading the series would be to stretch the word enjoyed to the breaking point It would be rolling the word enjoyed off to the juicing room It would be hanging the word enjoyed until half dead, and then drawing and quartering the word enjoyed by four sturdy teams of horses, in the hopes that somewhere in the process enjoyed would choose to reveal the location of its ringleader, a much powerful verb, thoroughly capable of conveying the intricacies of the action One might imagine a brutal member of the Spanish inquisition leaning over the word enjoyed , asking it Who taught you these heresies Was it relished Savored Perhaps it was adored Here the inquisitor looks down at his documents, My friend Thesaurus suggests that you work for cherished Is it cherished Lest I belabor the point a bit too long, I ll suffice to say that the series kept me absolutely enthralled, this last book somehow doing this with greater fervor than its predecessors, and move to the reasons that this was so 1 What I like to affectionately label Holy Shit Moments The definition of such a moment is simple When the moment comes, the audience in this case, the reader , is likely to exclaim Holy shit or some similar outburst System of the World is full of them, and they are a diverse lot 2 This book has something for everyone While perhaps less so than in The Confusion, there were buckles to be swashed There was much political intrigue This is true in the pure sense of some truly epic politicking between the Tories and the Whigs, but also in colloquial Survivor secret alliance senses as well The general trend of scientific and philosophical endeavors continued in this book as well There s romance, action, mystery, very much in abundance.3 Rewarding payoffs You look for these towards the end of a series Lots of loose ends to be tied up nicely, lots of characters who need their minor inconsequential arcs tied up Jerks that need to get killed you hope This book ties up the series pretty darn flawlessly, with positive resolutions and negative resolutions distributed amongst the various plotlines in generally pleasing ways, albeit at times in predictable ones, if you are familiar with the historical period 4 Neal Stephenson is very observant, and has a way of utilizing these observations to great effect A common praise giving to stand up comedians is that he s saying what we re all thinking , due to their ability to point out the oddities of society so well Stephenson s ability to do so not always for humorous purposes is phenomenal I ve already got one person to add the Baroque cycle to their to read list, and I ve got a non good reads user started as well with two in the wings I think this series is right up there with The Game of Thrones and Bridge of Birds now as my go to recommendation It s that good Read it Read it now starting with these quotes Mr Threader was a meat tabula rasa, like the exposed cliff of a roast beef left by the carver s knife p 18 If you can think of a better way to describe someone as nondescript, I d like to hear it How many sheep in England And not just in January 1714, but in all the millennia before Why had the island not sunk into the sea under the weight of sheep bones and sheep teeth Possibly because their wool was exported mostly to Holland which was in fact sinking into the sea Q.E.D p 20 1 All salvaged, not because they had innate value, but because they d been given to the Royal Society by important people They d been kept here just as a young couple keeps the ugly wedding present from the rich aunt p 64 Its badness is proof of my sincerity, Roger said modestly If I wrote her an excellent love poem, it might be said of me, that I had done it only to flaunt my wit p 71 2 Then he got a look on his face as if he were thinking Daniel had learned, in his almost seventy years, not to expect much of people who got such looks, because thinking really was something one ought to do all the time p 168 Which only went to show that Englishmen could live anywhere Condemn an Englishman to hell, and he d plant a bed of petunias and roll out a nice bowling green on the brimstone p 200 If Daniel and Pie were close together both in position and velocity, then pie eating became a practical, and tempting, possibility If Pie were far asunder from Daniel or moving at a large relative velocity e.g being hurled at his face then its pie ness was somehow impaired, at least from the Daniel frame of reference p 457 Myself, I am comfortable with the notion that we are Machines made of Meat, and there s no free will in us than there is in a cuckoo clock, and that the spirit, soul, or whatever you want to call it, is a faery tale p 679 But that was one of those errands that, if not achieved in the first twelve hours, would remain undone centuries later And, as all of this was shewing, the fetching out of these three items had long since ossified into a ceremony p 830 The Old Testament reading is a length of black grosgrain ribbon that takes him into the type of passage whose sole purpose, in a Christian service, is to demonstrate just how much trouble we would all be in, if we were still Jews p 833 To be hanged bu the neck until dead is one thing but to be forced to listen to a reading from the Old Testament twice, why, that is not only Unusual but Cruel p 834.

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    Despu s de 6 a os, termin de leer esta trilog a complej sima e inclasificable donde hay personajes y sucesos de toda laya Por momentos se fue por las ramas, y no entend mucho hacia donde apuntaban todas esas tramas y subtramas Finalmente, despu s de lo que me parece una vida, lleg la conclusi n, m s que satisfactoria, de la saga Este ltimo tramo me pareci el mejor de los tres vol menes La lectura se me hizo lenta porque la verdad no es una obra que se pueda leer de un tir n Requiri de mi parte mucha atenci n y en algunos momentos tuve que volver atr s para clarificar aspectos de la historia que me resultaban confusos sobre todo de la primera parte, que tengo menos fresca en la memoria por haberla le do en 2011 2012 Leer a Stephenson es un ejercicio de paciencia y disciplina, pero la recompensa lo vale.Me sorprende c mo este hombre puede escribir una historia tan complicada y que luego el final junte todo para que termine de esta forma tan redonda Me saco el sombrero.Gracias, se or Stephenson.

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    finished the reread of System of the World and I won t add too much beyond what i wrote in 2008 when i first read the series less flamboyant and mostly following a 67 68 year old Daniel back in England for the momentous year 1714, but with lots of twists and turns and great appearances from Jack and Eliza review on first read 2008 Superb ending in all senses of the word to the Baroque trilogy and a must for people who love historical fiction a la Dumas or D Dunnett The light sf nal elements of the trilogy disappointed purists, but so what the modern world which Mr Stephenson accurately in my opinion claims that started with Newton and Leibniz is as sf nal and improbable as any sf novel, so this extraordinary description in 3000 pages of that beginning is a masterpiece And of course we get to say farewell to Jack, Eliza, and all the characters in a true historical romance fashion

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    I don t even know how to begin to review this trilogy It s really all one novel, and so it might then be the longest novel I ve read.It has everything An around the world sea voyage The Barbary corsairs Love triumphing over death Women trimuphing over men The beginnings of the Enlightenment Battles The formation of the monetary system A duel with unconventional firearms Blackbeard Peter the Great And a gaggle of mathematicians.Extensively researched historical fiction, I ve been hard pressed to find anything that isn t accurate when I read about these people and these times I have no idea how Stephenson kept that all in his head.But thank goodness he did.

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    Man, when he shall have completed a Ta k, be it one which he has a signed to Him elf, or an Impo ition from ome external Party, may experience a certain Euphoria I write here of two such Ta ks which have been completed, videlicet, primo, the Exertions of Master STEPHENSON in writing the Series of Romances, commencing with Cryptonomicon and continued in Quick ilver, The Confu ion, and the Volume here under Con ideration and secundo, my own Expenditure of Time, Money, Energy and Lo t Sleep in reading them.It has oft been ob erved that I am a Swift Reader It is my Wont or Habit to complete the Peru al of a Volume, who e Pages may number Ten Score or thereabouts, in two Nights of Reading in my Bed or if it be Saturday or the Lord s Day, to read two or three uch over the Week End Even The Brothers Karamazov, that Renowned Tale penned by the Ru sian Savant DOSTOIEFFSKY, detained me only a Week, though its Pages number than a Thou and Completing my Study of The Sy tem of the World has required near a Fort night yet it is than an Hundred Pages horter than the Ru sian Work I confe s, I would fain have left the Book untouched upon my Book Shelf ome months longer, but was Stirred to read it by my Compari on of the unread Volumes in my Library with tho e marked as unread by the Clients of Master SPALDING s Electronick Catalog.Even the ympathetic Reader of Master STEPHENSON s works mu t urely wi h that ome body in the Publi hing Hou e, respon ible for the Preparation of his Novels, might have urged him to di til the Text to a concentrated Quality The Story is an Engaging Tale the Culmination of the Journeys through Life of the three chief Per on of previous Volumes, videlicet, Dr DANIEL WATERHOUSE, the Rogue JACK SHAFTOE, and the Duche s ELIZA of ARCACHON QWLGHM The Situation of the e three, and many Others, is in the Year of Grace 1714, and encompa ses the Pa sing of Her Late Maje ty, Queen ANNE, and the Acce sion to the Throne of Great Britain and Ireland of the Electoral Prince GEORGE of Hanover The Chief Strand of the Narrative concerns the Integrity of the Currency of England, as admini tered by the Ma ter of the Royal Mint, Sir ISAAC NEWTON we see much of him, and of other Per onalities, including Baron VON LEIBNITZ, with whom NEWTON engages in lengthy and unexciting Philo ophick Debate, and briefly the Musician Mr HANDEL, who a sists in the Slaughter of a Rogue, by U e of a Violon Cello as Fatal In trument, in a Thrilling Pa sage The Atmo phere of London, Hanover, and other Locations of the Era is conveyed to the Reader with Conviction But I wi hed it had not been o long.It is no doubt the Ca e, that this Book will be bought indeed, has already been bought by tho e Readers who e Habit it is, to peru e Works of that Genre known to ome as Scientifick Phanta y Yet aving one Per onality, barely mentioned in this Volume, who may be an Immortal, though mo t unlike the Struldbrugs encountered by GULLIVER in Dr SWIFT s Tale of his Voyage from Laputa to Japan there is naught here that is Phantastickal, or reliant on counter factual Advances in the Technologickal Arts My own Belief is that the late Mr KNIGHT hit the Nail upon the Head, when he urmi d, that the Scientifick Phanta y Genre is what we point to, when we ay it I point to this Book, and its two Fellows in the Baroque Trilogy, and Cryptonomicon which though written earlier is et two and a half Centuries later, and I ay that I include them in that Genre Does any body di agree

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The System of the World download The System of the World, read online The System of the World, kindle ebook The System of the World, The System of the World d2f8b1f030b0 The System Of The World, The Third And Concluding Volume Of Neal Stephenson S Shelf Bending Baroque Cycle Quicksilver And The Confusion , Brings The Epic Historical Saga To Its Thrilling And Truly Awe Inspiring ConclusionSet In The Early Th Century And Featuring A Diverse Cast Of Characters That Includes Alchemists, Philosophers, Mathematicians, Spies, Thieves, Pirates, And Royalty, The System Of The World Follows Daniel Waterhouse, An Unassuming Philosopher And Confidant To Some Of The Most Brilliant Minds Of The Age, As He Returns To England To Try And Repair The Rift Between Geniuses Sir Isaac Newton And Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz After Reluctantly Leaving His Family In Boston, Waterhouse Arrives In England And Is Almost Killed By A Mysterious Infernal Device Having Been Away From The War Decimated Country For Two Decades, Waterhouse Quickly Learns That Although Many Things Have Changed, There Is Still Violent Revolution Simmering Just Beneath The Surface Of Seemingly Civilized Society With Queen Anne Deathly Ill And Tories And Whigs Jostling For Political Supremacy, Waterhouse And Newton Vow To Figure Out Who Is Trying To Kill Certain Scientists And Decipher The Riddle Behind The Legend Of King Solomon S Gold, A Mythical Hoard Of Precious Metal With Miraculous PropertiesArguably One Of The Most Ambitious And Most Researched Stories Ever Written, Stephenson S Baroque Cycle Is Set In One Of The Most Turbulent And Exciting Times In Human History Filled With Wild Adventure, Political Intrigue, Social Upheaval, Civilization Changing Discoveries, Cabalistic Mysticism, And Even A Little Romance, This Massive Saga Is Worth Its Weight In Solomon S Gold Paul Goat Allen