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    3.5 stars It s a cozy mystery, it s fun if you like that sort of thing, and I do But it does have all of the failings of the typical cozy too Chef Charlotte keeps saying that she knows that the situation is problematic and that she probably should walk away, but she doesn t because she doesn t let anyone lie to her and that she can handle any situation Miss Attitude, even though she does keep referencing that she did almost die the last time she played Nancy Drew, she barely considers that she might be in danger in this time or that she might get in over her head Even though again she s involved with witches, warlocks and mind controlling vampires who have reason to dislike her And all she has is a spray bottle of garlic infused holy water and her wits I know chefs are arrogant, but come on If she was concerned with the money that she needs to keep her restaurant open or the fact that her getting the job was already in the press and that backing out would be a PR disaster, then it would have made sense than just curiosity and ballsiness But it s typical cozy behavior and you do just have to accept that kind of thing when you read the genre.The mystery was generally good, but it got overly complicated by the end, too messy And there was some way too convenient plotting Like when Charlotte s friend Minnie was introduced just in time to get a job at Oscar s restaurant and then was able to pass Charlotte the key to his office Plus what was a regular cook doing with keys to the dead owner s office after one day on the job And now that I think about it, we never did find out why someone picked Charlotte for the job Did I miss it Deanna said she liked the restaurant, but Charlotte didn t think that was it, she thought there was a deeper, suspicious reason Huh The romance was pretty typical too Charlotte likes Boy 1, Brendan, the handsome warlock, but they re both super busy with their jobs and she s afraid to commit or get at all serious And she also likes Boy 2, Anatole, the charming vampire, but he s a restaurant critic and an association with him would make his good review of her restaurant look suspicious, But she keeps stringing him along too Both relationships are very mild, it s not a hot, sexy romance novel It s really much about the mystery than the romance, but publishers love that love triangle, so, check As for the paranormal aspects, for a book with so many vampires, witches and warlocks in it, not much paranormal behavior happens Don t expect any huge magical battles or wild vampire orgies Paranormals have been integrated into this society, they re mostly just people like everyone else, or at least that s the tone Figuring out what the witches or vampires might do, or what threat they might present, is part of the story, but it s mostly pretty civilized I m not expressing it very well But if you re reading the book just because you love paranormals then you might be disappointed, the book is really about the chef trying to solve a mystery involving the paranormals. On the other hand, if you like cozy mysteries about chefs and normally don t read paranormal romances, give this a try, I bet you find it a fun crossover There, that s what I m trying to say, it should appeal to both crowds because it s not crazy wild paranormal, just full of interesting characters with understandable motivations, a few of whom might have a few different abilities is all The depiction of the restaurant business continues to be very interesting and detailed without feeling cumbersome The author definitely works the business and cooking aspects into the story in a lot of nice ways to both move the tale along and flesh out certain scenes to make them feel comfortable and real The writing overall is very vivid and readable, it s a very enjoyable read I just keep hoping for from this author because I know she s capable of it A cute little formula checklist cozy mystery is nice, but she could do better Annoyed little note would a guy like Brendan text l8tr Seriously, he can t be bothered with one letter to write a real word He s kind of a formal guy Especially the second time when he was home and not in a rush p260 It s not important to the story, obviously, just one of those things that annoys me in general and also didn t feel genuine to the character I get when he was in a rush or maybe in danger and did the whole wish u wr here thing, but l8tr from an educated guy in an otherwise complete sentence irritated me.

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    3.8If Clare Cosi was a Chef and a bit of a hardass, then she would be Charlotte Caine.Charlotte is a chef at her own restaurant which caters to humans and vampires She is a rising star and a fairly hard woman She has to be though She s working and succeeding in a man s world with the additional stress of having her little brother and former business partner as a vampire and a slightly irresponsible one at that.Also did I mention that she is a chef Anyone who has ever known a chef, seen or chef or hell, even worked known anyone in the restaurant business, you know that they are varying levels of bad ass, jaded, insane and crude.Sometimes you just need a break from all the goody goodies in the cozy world and if you want someone with a bit a backbone and a propensity for doing something stupid but absolutely knowing that she is, this is the series for you.There is a love triangle that has been set up since book one and I find that I m leaning toward one side and what I like about Charlotte is that she isn t the type to play games She admits to herself that she needs to know what she wants and who she wants before making any big decisions about either guy Neither is she really stringing them along One she is sort of dating and the other is or less popping up uninivited.My qualm with this book is the lack of backbone she showed in the kitchen when she checked up on Zoe view spoiler I understand that the NYT popping in a for a review is a great thing but her people were handling her She should have added that keeping secrets like that from her is completely unnacceptable hide spoiler

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    .5 StarsWowI hope this author can keep this level of writing up and I certainly hope she gains a following because her books really deserve the kudos This is book 2 in the Vampire Chef series and if you are wondering if you need to read book one firstwell you don t have to since the author really gives us just enough back story to explain things but not enough to bore fans I personally would suggest you do read book one first, since there is wellonly one book to catch up on and it really does explain a lot Plus it was just a darn good book and I think mystery lovers would really like it.Charlotte s restaurant has been chosen to cater the wedding for an unlikely couple a witch and a vampire Of course her restaurant was second choice since the origination choice has stepped away from the job This job will put Charlotte in the black and give her some breathing room She knows this is a horrible idea but the cashwell you can t walk away from that can you Now Oscar is dead, part of the grooms family has disappeared and the brides family is acting truly peculiar.the characters are even fleshed out than in the first book, which gives me hope that they will all grow throughout the series The love triangle is a little less important highlighted in this book even though Brendon and Anatole have an equal parts in helping Charlotte solve the murder crimes The descriptions of New York City are vivid and will make anyone who lives there quite happy and anyone who doesn t live there want to visit.Again as with book one, I have the same complaintthe food descriptions sounds so delicious that I want some recipes Alas there are none in the booksso far If you are a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse Vampire novels by Charlaine Harris but with a food slant like Diane Mott Davidson s sere is, then I think you will enjoy this new series.

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    An improvement, plot and character wise, over the first book Still, I can kind of see why further books in this series never materialized There are so many genre concepts jammed in here that the series isn t quite sure what it wants to be There s the Unmasqued World trope, witches and vampires having revealed themselves 25 years ago and the subsequent adjustments to society There s the cozy mystery element someone s been murdered, but they were jerks, and so the mystery is being solved not really for Great Justice, but because the protagonist for some reason needs wants to know There s a burgeoning love triangle between Chef Caine, a wizard, and a vampire And there s the inherent drama of life as a professional chef, with all the craziness that entails Any one heck, any two of these elements would have made a good story, but all four are fighting with each other for space in a 300 page book, so the plot careers wildly from kitchen hijinks to searching the murder victim s office to taking a call from the vampire while the jealous wizard listens We get a fair amount of characterization for our heroine Charlotte, and some details about her wizard semi boyfriend Brendan, but everyone else is a collection of personality quirks, eye color, and clothes, and occasionally fangs If the series had just been about a professional chef catering to living and dead clientele, or a cute little mystery series with a supernatural love triangle, I think everything would be smoother and I d be inclined to care about the characters.Fun reads, but I don t feel deprived of a new favorite series or anything.

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    Second book in the Vampire Chef Mystery Series has Charlotte Chef Caine agreeing, against her better judgment after another well known chef backs out, to take on the catering of a huge wedding between a very wealthy family and a vampire There s a lot of money involved which would greatly help her restaurant She doesn t discover until after she accepts that the family is part of the Maddox family, known vampire slayers before that became illegal the family that her possible boyfriend, Brendan, belongs to It doesn t help matters that the original chef is found dead of poison the next day.As with the first book, the main focus of the story is on the running of a restaurant and now a catering operation while Charlotte tries to find out what s going on because things just don t add up And as usual, there s danger She s got help from both Brendan, and vampire food critic, Anatole, both who would do anything for her And of course, she s attracted to both.There s plenty of humor and action along with the mystery and the story is an easy read even though the mystery of the who done it and why is nicely complicated and not something most would figure out.An enjoyable paranormal cozy.

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    Wonderful wonderful

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    Let Them Eat Stake had such a fun premise a woman is catering a vampire witch wedding after the last chef quit under mysterious circumstances Unfortunately, this book didn t lean into its silly premise and took itself way too seriously.Everything about the story was completely flat There were too many characters, the characters we did have were uninteresting, the love triangle didn t have anyone you wanted to root for, the dialogue was outdated and robotic, the mystery wasn t engaging and was way too complicated, and I had to re read several sentences throughout the book because I was so bored that I was reading without taking in much information This is a very forgettable book and if you ask me for any details after today, I won t be able to tell you anything because I m already forgetting things as I write this review.There were vampires, witches, and mentions of werewolves in this book but they might as well have been human They barely showed any of their powers and posed very little threat to our main character What is the point of having witches and vampires if they never show off their abilities I guess I have to look elsewhere for a fun paranormal mystery book.

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    3.5 stars Primarily a mystery, with romance a part of the storyline I liked the world that Sarah Zettel has constructed it s one that accomodates several definitions of what a paranormal existence might be like, depending on what facet you are examining In terms of the politics, pacts, allegiances and feuds are myriad Socializing as a paranormal with the Muggles, however, seems to be merely a matter of finding a place that will cater to your graduate level food preferences Instead of Paleo this, and Gluten Free that, an order of the Extra Sanguinated smoothie, hold the carbs As a non food industry person, the amount of detail about issues in professional kitchens and dealing with star crossed wedding receptions seemed believable to me, but your mileage may vary It s not clear if this is the last book in the series although some parts resolve ie, the love triangle , it feels open ended If there was a third book, I d pick it up.

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    Enjoyed this better than the first book There were twists and turns and the ending was definitely not what I expected.

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    Chicklit meets paranormal cozy mystery

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