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A Marked Man chapter 1 A Marked Man, meaning A Marked Man, genre A Marked Man, book cover A Marked Man, flies A Marked Man, A Marked Man e5ed38512dadd Mateo Esposito Loves His Job Hired Assassin For The US Government, He Takes Lives And He Kicks Ass With No MercyWhen A Job Lands In His Lap That S Just Not Quite Right, Mateo Finds Himself Questioning For The First Time In His Career Who Would Have Known He D Be Undone By A Purple HippoRiley Flynn Is CEO Of Flynn Electronics Deep In His Closet, Riley Wonders What It Would Feel Like To Be With A Man When His Path Crosses With Mateo S, Their Lives Will Never Be The SameBecause Riley Is Mateo S Next TargetBe AwareHot Guys Making Love, Satan On TV And Anal Beads Are Just A Few Of The Things Guaranteed To Make You Spit Your Liquid On Your Monitor Enjoy

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    I ve enjoyed this author s Men of Manhattan series and can say with conviction that her writing has come a long way A Marked Man is Gasq Dion s second published novel released January 2012 , and the writing is atrocious flat, full of editing errors, with nary a complex sentence in sight See NancyOgg s review for examples There is no character development The insta love is ridiculous Mateo falls in love with Riley because Riley gives great blow jobs And Riley, who successfully runs a multi million dollar company at the age of 24, acts like a scared child, not a grown man The plot I can t even It s so full of plot holes and impossible coincidences, I was laughing and groaning Of course, Mateo only kills the bad guys Cause the U.S government has such high ethics and morals This was a painful read You know it s bad when I start skimming through the sex scenes This one s dirty, but even the sex was boring Perhaps some of the newer books in this series are better, but I m not sure I ll be testing that hypothesis.

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    Riley looked into those hazel eyes and almost sighed An assassin sure, but a caring one nonetheless. Mateo Esposito, a skilled assassin, who never kisses, never hangs around, and avoids even the tiniest commitment, now falls in love with his newest target, Riley Flynn No wonder, as Riley is the most beautiful, innocent, open, cheerful, and irresistible man he has ever met Mateo picked Riley s hand up gently, and kissed his fingertip Riley moaned softly and nestled into Mateo s side Crap, cuddling Warmth from Riley settled into Mateo s bones and he closed his eyes. When a story provides high quality erotica, great plot, characterization and writing style, that s the best imaginable Well, A Marked Man excels in erotica, is mediocre in plot and in character delineation, and unrefined in writing style Its deficiencies are forgivable, as the erotica completely captures your attention It is exactly like it should be steamy, dirty, and affectionate I loved it As Mateo and Riley never got tired of each other, I never got tired of reading about them He looked at Riley s lips, slightly parted, waiting to be licked and played with Groaning, Mateo took Riley s mouth again God, he d never wanted to kiss anyone, and now he couldn t stop. I hope the writing style improves in the following installments, and the erotica remains the same high standard A Marked Man is a very promising start of the series.Oh, and I really enjoyed the secondary characters Josh sighed and leaned back on his elbows God, I hope you know what you re doing Mat When you find love, you have to hold onto it and never let go Mateo arched a brow Titanic Fuck you Josh smacked Mateo My Mom said that I like her Mateo sat back on the dirt She always makes me cookies Originally posted on my blog on April 13, 2014.

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    4.5 A FUCKING MAZING STARS This was his job.He was a hired assassin Oh for fuck s sake The first words to come out of Mateo s beautiful mouth, had me hooked and glued all the way OMG what a thrilling ride From awesome, funny characters, to heart racing missionsthis book blew me away You had me the minute you kissed me Sweet, innocent, yet so so sexyMateo and Riley are adorable together The perfect fit Mateo an assassin, hired to kill Riley, never expected to hesitate on the job But there s something about Riley, that makes him question the target his been given Shhh Mateo kissed him and bit his lips softly Relax and let me in Mateo has only ever needed a quick fuck on the run and never asked for But things change when he spends time with the inexperienced and sweet Riley and begins to care for him His always fought to never let anyone too close to him, not wanting to chance being hurt again I have everything I could ever possibly want Riley has known he was gay since he was nine years old But unfortunately has forced himself to hide his feelings and true nature from his homophobic father As the CEO of Flynn Electronics, Riley is always scrutinized at every angel Especially who he s dating So the only way to explore who he truly is, is through view spoiler the curtain room The curtain room If you didn t want the hassle of a relationship, the curtain room was for you If you wanted a quick fuck or blow, the curtain room was for you Basically, the curtain room was for Mateo Esposito. hide spoiler

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    Another author on my long list of authors I need to get to finally crossed off For my first Sandrine Gasq Dion, it was okay.Truthfully this premise is nothing new, I read stronger written stories with this same theme before It s sort of like a tepid Zero at the Bone mixed in with easily solvable plots and a lot of declarations of fuck the shit out of insert whatever body part or name you want.There s an assassin who tried to get stuck with the good guy schtick Listen, the job title is ASSASSIN and last time I checked, there wasn t a special category for assassins that only killed bad guys or whoever they deem bad The job requirement for an assassin is to kill, so no matter how you try to pretty it up, you re still doing wrong Just own it Don t sugar coat it to make it palatable for me I have an affinity for bad motherfucking heroes flirty waves at a few of them Hi boys so Mateo was just okay I ve read better assassins.Riley was okay A butt virgin who kind of sluts it up when he finds his man, could be a result of penis sorcery.The story was somewhere in the 2 3 star range Simple, fluffy with a heavy amount of sex thrown in Oh and I have to note that penis sorcerers made a visit a time or two In case you don t know what a penis sorcerer is, it s a main character who can come five times in an hour with cum to spare, a main character with a magical penis that can be erect for long periods of time and ready for action afterthey ve acted and fucked enough times to make a porn site crash.I d read from the author because I d like to see how the writing has progressed since this first book If it s still like this now, then I probably won t read I ll round up to 3 Stars S alright shrugs

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    This is how I feel after reading this book I really thought there would be shifters in this book This series is called Assassin Shifter right So I thought there would beI don t knowassassin shifters in this one Nope, no shifterslet s carry on.This is about Mateo, who is an assassin not a shifter One day he get s a text about his next targetRiley He goes to investigate Riley, not able to find anything wrong with the guy You see, these are good assassins, who only kill the bad guys They are a team the no A team , who work for the government On the day Mateo is supposed to take Riley out, somebody else tries to take a shot at Rileyand him He protects Riley and they flee together They find out there has been a leak somewere, and Riley is not really a target for the no A team What was once an assasination job, now turns into a babysitting job Mateo is very attracted to Riley and vice versa Difference is, Mateo is out and proud, Riley is deep in the closet The only sexual experience he has, is sucking a guy of in the backroom of a dark gay club Now here comes the banger.the guy he sucked off, was indeed Mateo.Anywaysthey start a sexual relationship, fall in love and all the while Riley is in danger.This book wasn t great It lacked character development, the writing was rushed, the editing was bad and the plot wasn t really that interesting either Still I enjoyed reading itI m funny or crazy that way The steam was pretty good and I actually liked Mateo Riley was oke, but he didn t really do it for me personally.I am however quite curious about the rest of the books in this series, so I will definitely give them a try I hope there will be shifters I m so confused.2,5 3 stars from me.Still pissed about the shifters

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    This book was just no It so obviously wasn t edited Even I, with a serious lack in using the English language, could grasp that changing from 3rd to 1st person perspective in the middle of a paragraph is baaad The book also could have been a lot shorter if the writer didn t insist on saying the same thing in two different ways every few pages In the same paragraph His mind drifted back to the guy in the curtain room, and he felt his dick twitching in his pants Riley was daydreaming about meeting the mystery man in the curtain room again Mateo let loose as his own orgasm ripped through him and into Riley Exploding at maximum speed, Mateo let out a loud groan and collapsed across RileyExploding at maximum speed Really I would like to say that the plot redeemed the bad writing, but it didn t It was porn with just enough plot so it isn t PWP And it was insta love And you d think the assassin would know all kinds of cool assassiny things, like not to go camping hiking when you know someone s trying to find you and kill you I m just gonna stop here and say that this book was, in my honest opinion, a waste of time and money Too bad I ve bought the second book when I was buying the first.

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    I am a first timer where it comes to Sandrine Gasq Dion, but I am determined to become a die harder where her books are concerned I loved it Why only 4 stars then Well, there were a couple of holes in the storyline that didn t ring quite true I know it s fiction but I still require facts mentioned to be accurate and then their s the question of the title of the series Assassin Shifter I got the assassin bit, but the shifter not in this book, maybe the next one in the series Don t know, but I am going to find out Off to read book 2 now Overall, a great start to this series, yes, I am aware that there are over 20 books so far, but it s new for me and I intend to read everyone of them If you like your m m books with a good original storyline, hot, hot sex and interesting sub characters, then you found it If you are looking to buy ONLY ONE series of books in 2014, invest your money in this series, you won t be disappointed

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    This was a fabulous quick read I can t wait to read Thank you Mish for the Br and helping me finish my snowman

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    Not overly impressed by anything in his book Expected because of the high reviews but to be honest I found it to be mediocre at best There is no sign of any shifters, so I was left wondering why as this seems to be the first of a series with shifter in the title and I also thought that the sex which ok was quite sexy and hot but soon became repetative and longwinded overtook the story and took away the excitement of the assassin falling for his mark and the aftermath caused by it That part of the story was rushed at every point it was introduced in favour of the instalove between the two main characters that resulted in the book losing most of its excitement for me What could have been a dark and gritty story became just another formulaic same sex romance that is being churned out at the moment Don t get me wrong I love m m romance and appreciate that the sex and chemistry between its MC s, plays a large part in the enjoyment of this genre, but I have found some great books out there, that as well as being sexy as hell still manage to tell a brilliant story without the love scenes being the main focus For a really wonderful example of this assassin mark trope try Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville and see the difference Overall not the worst book I ve read but it hasn t made me want to check out any in the series yet three people gave it 5 s and absolutely loved it Go figure Passable but not my scene.

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    3 Stars Lots of sex, not much substance It s the first book in the series, so we ll see how the next one goes I liked the 2 main characters well enough and how they went from killer and target, to lovers, but once they hooked up, it was all about the sex A little suspense at the end, but I was hoping for What the heck is up with the Shifter reference in the series title Unless I missed a bunch a pages, no one transformed into anything other than a sex maniac and last I knew that wasn t a type of shifter Let s see what happens