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Heart of Gold txt Heart of Gold, text ebook Heart of Gold, adobe reader Heart of Gold, chapter 2 Heart of Gold, Heart of Gold a1b264 The Proper Miss Lavinia Greene Believes Nothing Will Upset Her Carefully Ordered Existence Although She Rather Wishes It Would But When She Receives A Letter From Her Uncle, The Eccentric Inventor Malcolm Greene, She Finds Herself Drawn Into Mayhem And Murder As Foreign Agents Attempt To Seize His Latest Invention Whether In The Wilds Of Romania Or The Elegant Ballrooms Of A London Just Slightly Different From Our Own, Lavinia Must Find Her Way Through A Shifting Web Of Loyalties And Deceit, Where Nothing Is Quite As It Seems And Danger And Love Hides Where She Least Expects It

About the Author: Christine Pope

A native of Southern California, Christine Pope has been writing stories ever since she commandeered her family s Smith Corona typewriter back in the sixth grade Many reams of dead trees later, she s happy to announce that her debut novel, Fringe Benefits,was published by Pink Petal Books on April 8, 2010 Her short fiction has appeared in Astonishing Adventures, Luna Station Quarterly, and the n

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    If adventure has a name, it s Lavinia Greene This book was so much fun It reminded me of those classic books we all read by Victoria Holt plucky women doing daring things and finding love in the process With airships

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    Romantic suspense based in England in the 1880s Lots of action, hints of s of the time, and a big twist ending Addicting I had to keep reading.

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    Light and fun escape

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    Actual rating 3.75 stars.Before I get started, I ll admit that I m not all that versed in all things steampunk My knowledge is rudimentary at best, so I might not have any idea what I m talking about here In my opinion, the steampunk elements of this book were handled quite nicely There were airships and other things I won t mention due to them being spoilers, but they were very worked very seamlessly into the plot, and didn t feel like they were only inserted in order to label the book steampunk Unlike the only other book I read that was labeled steampunk I liked the fact that despite this being an alternate universe Victorian London, the social s of the time were still observed.Characterization was fine, the action was tight, and the explanations of the technical aspects of the book were easy to understand.My one problem was that then ending was a bit too abrupt and things were resolved a bit too quickly That s what kept the book from being a full four stars for me But other than that, I thought it was a great story, thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

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    This wasn t a bad book really The characters were relatively engaging and the societal setting was done fairly well The problem lies mostly with the ending It felt rushed, predictable and anti climactic It left too many questions unanswered and read like the author felt everything had been adequately explained It s a shame because so much time was dedicated to outlying details and descriptions The ending seemed like an afterthought.The book could have benefitted from another editing pass for sure If length was an issue, I would rather lose some of the introspective or shopping scenes or the stuff at the races and had a thorough ending Since I got this for free I suppose I shouldn t complain too much, but still The book has potential to be really good, but the anticlimactic ending killed it A lot attention should have been paid to the spin on the Frankenstein aspect Oh well On to the next.

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    I think I probably would have given this 5 stars if it wasn t for one plot device, which I m hiding behind a spoiler, and believe me, it s a pretty big spoiler view spoiler I don t understand why Joshua Jones had to be what A robot An animatronic assistant It s never fully explained Why couldn t he have been just been a person I feel like the technology that creates airships and allows for steam powered engines is vastly different than the technology needed to create a fully functioning person, who doesn t die by gunshot And on the first try Within 3 years of conceiving the idea Just seems totally far fetched and took me right out of the story hide spoiler

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    Too much dancing too little plot development.The regency style filler was a tedious detour from the unfulfilled plot possibilities Too little development of Joshua and the technology and fantasy elements.

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    I wasn t impressed The story started out fine, but I found it becoming predictable and a bit boring And very much like a gothic novel It s ok I don t plan to read it again, but I did finish it.

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