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The Other Side of the Game chapter 1 The Other Side of the Game , meaning The Other Side of the Game , genre The Other Side of the Game , book cover The Other Side of the Game , flies The Other Side of the Game , The Other Side of the Game ae41fd416448e Take A Look Inside The Life Of Lydia Johnson, A Round The Way Girl From Cleveland Who Dances For A Living To Make Ends Meet Addicted To The Fast Cash, She S Than Willing To Tolerate The Drama And BS That Comes With The Territory But Will This Lifestyle Eventually Prove To Be Than What She Bargained For

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    Short but was a good read.hope there will be a part two.

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    A Day In Life Review by Shawnda A Day In Life is a great story it makes you feel emotions that you never knew you could feel while reading a book This book grab me from page one and did not let me go it just took me on a emotionally ride with a lot of twist and turns on the way The main character Lydia I Felt her pain, and her struggle, and her desire to want for herself, and her life I felt her pain to have her family turn their backs on her, and she had nobody to count on but herself This Story shows the real meaning of everything that glitters ain t gold, and all money ain t good money Author Jade Jones left me wanting I am truly hoping there is a sequel because i definitely want of Lydia.This was the first time I read anything by Author Jade Jones, and I am a fan for life now.

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    This was an excellent short story It was based on true events I enjoy books like that because it feels like the author writes from the heart , as if he she experienced it firsthand This story was long enough to get you hooked on the story but short enough to keep the story from getting boring or drawn out.

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    Good short read

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    This Day Was OkWriting about strippers seems to be the norm for Jade Jones In almost all of her books there seems to be one and I reckon that s ok I mean they do say write what you know Also, I can tell this is one of Jade s earlier writings because the description wasn t there It seemed to be lacking in that area as well as a good turn out The ending was predictable and I wish we would ve gotten a name but I m ok with that In real life, some people never know.

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    it was a good short story TO tell you the truth, it came very close to becoming a bio or an autobiography It was very real the problem is with this story, i know it was a short story, but she could ve added information, especially to the characters Jade was very vague when describing the characters, she could ve been descriptive with the way the characters looked.

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    This was a good read Jade gives readers an inside view of a day in the life of a stripper name Lydia Lydia is all about her paper and is very good at using her body to get a lot of it At the end of a day filled with stripping, lap dancing and paper chasing she finds herself asking the question, Is it all worth it

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    This was a good story, but it was just TOO short The story is good, and will leave you wanting , however, it you blink it will be over Jade s stories are all good, and as soon as I finished this one, I headed over to to 1 click the sequel.

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    It was okThis was an ok short story Not one o the best books I ve read by this author but not one of the worse It almost put me in the mind of Players Club I would read the next part of this if there is one.

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    Very good read Some people would do what ever it takes to get fast cash It was a quick read hopefully this story will continue.