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To Have and to Hold chapter 1 To Have and to Hold, meaning To Have and to Hold, genre To Have and to Hold, book cover To Have and to Hold, flies To Have and to Hold, To Have and to Hold e1523ddd37792 The Blaine Brothers Learned How To Survive At A Young Age The Hard Way But After A Life Of Working Odd Jobs, Colby Thinks He Might Just Be Ready To Settle Down Until His Fianc Jilts Him For A Man With Money Naomi Kessling Is Already Plagued By Nightmares And A Violent Past When Her Wagon Train Is Attacked Colby Saves Her Life, But Naomi Is Convinced He S Been Sent By The Army To Arrest Her For A Crime She Can T Remember Colby Will Help Her Face Her Nightmares, But Will Her Love Be Enough To Break Down The Wall He S Built Around His Heart

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Colby, one of the three blaine brothers that were separated when they were children when their parents died Left his family at fifteen, being tired of being abused both physically and emotionally He knows the territory like the back of his hand, has worked odd jobs over the years but nothing would prepare him for the challenge of Naomi Kessling and the small band of wagons that get attacked by Indians Without a though, he rushes in to aid them from getting slaughtered by the Cherokees Naomi, along side with her father and her two brothers are heading to Santa Fe when the worst happened in their town and they were forced to leave Naomi knows everyone is keeping something from her, but she doesn t know exactly what She knows it is horrible when her nightmares are about blood and death When she meets Colby, she is intrigued and fascinated Even though she doesn t trust him at all she senses something honorable and loyal about him When Colby and Naomi are tested, their love blossoms despite the dangers of traveling west.a fierce passion forms wild and untamed as the land they travel Plot and Story Line To Have and To Hold is the first of the Cactus Creek Cowboy Series So far there are three books, and after listening to this one I wouldn t mind this author doing books I was able to grab this through audiobook and I loved every moment There was so much in this story that kept me highly entertained and active in the listening of it I love westerns, I have a weakness for those cowboys but its not very often to see a historical that is western of recent release so I snatched this one up Leigh Greenwood is a fabulous author and is a male romance writer I know ladies not very commonbut he is dang good at what he does He writes a solid romance in the way I wish every historical romance could be written With historic accuracy, vivid details and a romance that makes you yearn for I only had one issue with this book which is why it isn t a five star rating Its the heroine in the beginning of the story Now overall Naomi isn t a bad heroine, she has many fabulous qualities that I came to really admire about her But she is a bit self righteous at first especially when it comes to Colby She thinks he is suspicious, doesn t trust him and isn t private about her dislike She softens toward him once he sets her straight GO COLBY But honestly she drove me nuts at first But I warmed up to her, and it isn t until her past is revealed that you see that she just doesn t trust anyone she doesn t know but she also isn t timid about it Her character is in no way timid or shy She is bold and daring and likes to take control of situations I felt a kinship to her in a way because she is the oldest and so am i.and I see how she had to be like that.any one that was born being the oldest knows what it is like to have hardly any childhood and to be an adult pretty quickly I love how willing she is to take care of her family but at the same time she isn t afraid to state her opinions Colby was a fabulous hero, he has been dealt some harshness in his life but he also has taken control of his life and does what is right So Colby and Naomi are very much alike.probably why they butted heads so much But once they started the kisses.watch out folks The romance once it got going was strong yet sweet It was quite fun seeing their relationship blossom into something than just passing friends,they overcome trials together and in so doing embrace what they have This was a very heartwarming and inspiring romance that kept me laughing all the way through Narration This narrator was someone I hadn t listened to before and I LOVED her workshe did so well and instantly she drew me slowly into the story until I couldn t put it down Loved every delicious moment listening to her and I am eager for The Cover I love this cover, because of how well if portrays out hero Colby It shows him being a bit of a loner and independentonly him and his horse I love the gorgeous backdrop with the sunrise Overall View To Have And To Hold is a sexy and beautifully woven love story in the wild west.with enough desire, thrilling danger, and in depth characters to keep you satisfied for days foogallery id 17767

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    5 Stars is not enough to convey my true feelings for this book The depth of the characters, the well crafted plot, the emotion evoked by every perfect word, rarely do I find a book that I never want to end To Have And To Hold is one of those books I am ecstatic that this seems to be the first in a series the only sad part is I want to read all the other books NOW.If you like historical westerns with a perfectly crafted romance very low on the steamy scale go preorder this book I will post a full review closer to the November 5th release date I will also review on The Book Queen Blog close to the review.I received this book from the Publisher via NetGalley for my honest review

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    Well I finished it It was a struggle And for an audiobook to be a struggle for me is pretty bad Just so boring

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    This was truly a western They were on the trail west and all the dangers that that meant.Naomi and her family is heading west but are the entire town running from something insert music of almost doom First we have weather that does what it wants and not what the travelers want Dangerous rivers, killer snakes and do not forget Indians The whole caravan is also very tense cos of something that must have happened for them to leave it all behind Which was a bit extreme but hey their choice.In comes Colby, all around nice guy who knows about the land and agrees to help these poor lost travelers Like I said he was a good guy, but he has some issues from his past that makes a romance not in the cards.Romance Of course there is romance Just cos the heroine do not trust Colby and Colby is all arghh issues from my past, does not mean there will not be romance I liked that it happened slow They became friends and sparks slowly started to form But they had some things to work through first.All in all a nice western romance that shows the hard life and how everyone had to work together to survive.

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    Leigh Greenwood is one of my favorite writers and he didn t let me down in To Have and To Hold Am looking forward to the next Cactus Creek story.

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    If you re looking for a western, romance, historical, cowboy book, you ll love story about Colby and Naomi It has couple of twists, too, which makes it even juicier I picked this book off library s shelve, without checking reviews I liked the cover and i was drawn by the book, so I was actually surprised how much I loved it.

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    Cute book.

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    Loved the book

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    This was one of the nicest clean romances I have read in a while, soooo good

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    Fantastic book