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Gamble in Gold chapter 1 Gamble in Gold, meaning Gamble in Gold, genre Gamble in Gold, book cover Gamble in Gold, flies Gamble in Gold, Gamble in Gold b4ba24dd751a5 Seven Years Have Passed Since Shy Lexie Peterson Had Her Heart Trampled By Her Teenage Crush And Luke Marchetti Walks Into His Flat To Find Lexie In A Negligee, All He Can Think Of Is Having A Little Flirt And Fling But Lexie S Determination To Keep Him At A Distance Makes Him Realize She Deserves Than He Can Offer Is One Kiss Enough To Entice The Two To Take A Gamble On Love

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    I ve read one other novella by Natalie Anderson, and it really worked for me Melt Gamble in Gold, sadly, did not Even though it featured one of my favorite tropes, it was too short and too predictable to keep me engaged in the story Worse yet, a day after reading it, most of the plot has escaped my memory, so it s also fairly forgettable Mango the dog, though he played only a small role, was the most memorable character for me.Lexie is crashing at Luke Marchetti s flat while he s out of town He s supposed to be gone for a month, so color Lexie very surprised, and also embarrassed, when he walks into his home and finds her in the kitchen In a gold negligee At the sight of him, Lexie is overcome with many emotions She s had a monster crush on him since she was a foreign exchange student staying with his family in high school, and to her dismay, she hasn t gotten over it Mix in the hurt from his cool dismissal of her after sharing her first kiss and she s instantly on edge and angry He s probably still a man whore, lacking any ability to have a real, caring relationship When she discovers that he s hurt his leg in a training accident, though, her heart thaws, just a little Maybe he s not so bad Unknown to Lexie, Luke has been attracted to her since she was a shy guest in his parents home When they re caught kissing, his father tells him in no uncertain terms to keep his hands to himself With Lexie off limits, Luke turns to serial dating to forget her All he does is frustrate himself and break her heart With so many misunderstandings between them, can he convince her to give him a second chance I think my favorite part of Gamble in Gold was Luke s realization that Lexie is the one for him, and that he s finally ready to settle down with one woman When she coolly brushes off their night together as nothing than a one night stand, it s his turn to be hurt Lexie is beating herself up for succumbing to Luke s charm, knowing that it will only result in heartache, so she wants to cut to the chase and make him think that he means nothing to her before he can do it to her Luke must plead his case, and he has to face some of his fears about a lasting relationship as he does so.I was also disappointed with the length of GiG Based on the file size, I thought it would be longer, but the included preview took up a big chunk of the end.Grade C C

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    Review Originally Posted at Book FreakSeven years ago, Lexie had been the shy, na ve exchange student from New Zealand She had spent six months with the Marchetti family and fell in love with the son Only that, after he kissed her on that ferris wheel ride, he walked away and never looked back.Seven years later, Luke found her on his flat in nothing but a negligee All he wanted to do was for her to stay in his house, and finally make his move Contrary to her belief, he so wanted her But seven years ago she was a guest in their house, an exchange student under his family s protection and he had been warned hundreds of times, with threats to stay away from her They are grownups now, she was her in his house, all he can think about is having a little flirt and probably a little fling.Lexie, however, knows what she wants and she s not going to settle for anything less He might have been a very good kisser and can sweep her off her feet But after what she has been through for a couple of months she knew she deserves better than a roll in the hay.This one was a short when I say short, it s really short SWEET read It s something you can insert between reads that can make you swoon even in its little pages I like the characters, especially Lexie on how she outgrown her shyness and being na ve, I like that she won t settle for anything less and was brave enough to tell him what she wants Gamble in Gold was my breather in some heavy novels I have been reading and I have enjoyed every single pages of it ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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    I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review.This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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    Full review posted on my blog, Becky on Books.Gamble in Gold is the third novella in a series set in London during the recent summer Olympics there I actually read this novella for the first time when the series was originally published as an anthology last year I enjoyed all three stories quite a bit, though of the three felt that this one especially could have benefited from being written as a longer piece I really liked both of the main characters, especially Lexie, who it is very easy to identify with for much of the novella I love the idea of their earlier non relationship relationship, and the fact that both were secretly pining after each other back then I d like to have seen development of their actual relationship now, though, because the HEA ends up feeling pretty rushed, especially after Lexie makes a rather questionable morning after choice.That said, though, the ending itself is absolutely adorable And Luke totally had me at Mannie because he s right, no male dog should have to answer to Mango Even if he is an uber midget hound His relationship with that dog is nothing short of adorable, and the reason why he still has him as a pet can cover a multitude of sins in my book.In a nutshell Cute characters in a sweet and steamy love story that I d love to see longer and fully developed C I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Posted on What I m ReadingSo, today was another novella day Todays novella is Gamble in Gold by Natalie Anderson This quick read is pretty cute Let s get started.Lexie Peterson is down on her luck and decides to make a change in life and scenery What better place to go to, but London After all her good friend is there and it s a perfect place to make a fresh start Anyway, she believes her friend s brother isn t in town so she crashes at his place Change of plans and Luke Marchetti ends up home Luke pretty much throws Lexie off her game and she doesn t know what to do While Luke is trying to figure out how to get into her pants and not hurt her However, Lexie is a bit leery of Luke, because he kind of had a man whore thing going on when they were younger The time he spends with Lexie, Luke isn t sure what he wants any I must say the story is a cute read The story mainly starts out these two characters rekindling a friendship However, over a course of a day their relationship changes quickly and Lexie believes Luke is only after one thing She would have been right the day before, sometimes the heart has other plans So, if you are looking for a quick read with friends that could be , you can give Gamble in Gold a try Copy provided by Publisher

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    Gamble in Gold was a fast and overly satisfying read I really enjoy novellas, but most I ve read have been part of a bigger series This one, however, stands alone I was amazed at how Luke and Lexie s story seemed complete to me in such a short period of time I definitely wouldn t mind if there were a sequel to their story, but it isn t needed, just wanted Luke and Lexie knew each other from high school Back then she was just the shy, foreign exchange student that lived with Luke and his family They had shared one kiss together, but it had been short lived Luke didn t even look at her after that incident In fact, he started dating other girls A lot of other girls Years later she finds herself out of a job and in London where her best friend, and Luke s sister, lives She is determined to start a new life in London Dani, Luke s sister, suggests that Lexie stay in Luke s apartment while he is away so she can have her privacy What she didn t expect was for Luke to come home early and find her sleeping in his bed Upon first sight, Luke falls and falls hard The out of bounds because she lives with him girl is now a grown woman, and fair game Can he make her realize that she is all he wants Can Lexie forgive him for breaking his heart

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    From the moment I read the synopsis I knew that I was going to love this one and I was right I really loved it, but I was a bit disappointed of the length When I finally reached the good part, it ended Maybe good is not the right word since it was all good, bu the story became interesting and then it ended.I would have loved for it to be a bit longer.Despite its length, this story is very captivating and very easy to read The author is talented without having to force her words.The plot is very interesting, but not very complex because the size of the book I recommend reading it on your way to work or right before falling asleep on a hectic day.I loved both characters Lexie was very stubborn, but also very independent Sadly, she was a bit too kind and selfless for her own good People should be a little bit selfish every once in a while She is very determined when she wants to be which is admirable She tries to resits Luke despite having a crush on him since she was younger.Luke is without a doubt a player, but very good and kind at heart He does something not many would do and he actually enjoys it I felt sorry for him because I know how it is like to be in his situation and it is horrible.You should definitely try reading this story

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    Gamble In Gold starts out with Lexie losing her job, money, and place to live So now she s in London staying at her best friend s brother s house He s suppose to be gone for a whole month, so she decided to stay until she could get a job It s a good thing for Lexie he s gone, because he was the first guy to break her heart.Well it s all good until he walks in to see her in her nightie about to go to bed Things instantly become tense when that old longer starts again for Lexie But it s different this time because she sees desire in his eyes as well, but she is determined not to be another notch on his bed post.Luke never thought he would see Lexie again, especially not in his apartment half naked But he does, and now he can t stop thinking about wanting her Now she s also playing a new game with him They both want with each other, but are afraid to admit it.I have to say this book was very interesting I really enjoyed reading it, even though it was a short story It was wonderful to see these two get together And I was amazed about how much I learned about the characters, and how they felt even thought the book was short Kudos to the author for doing an awesome job writing this one.

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    It was a good read It had wit and charm and you really liked Lexie, even though she was a bit down on her luck at the time When you first meet her she s staying at her best friend s brother s apartment looking after his pint sized dog after his sister calls her and asks if she could look after him and stay in Luke s apartment for the time being, and she could start the process of looking for work and a permanent place to stay once her financial situation becomes stable Luke, for his part is supposed to be playing some match, somewhere so she s a bit surprised when he shows up in his apartment unexpectedly To say he was surprised would have been an understatement He hadn t seen her in seven years and even though he was the one who got away and broke her heart, little did she know that she was the one for him and she was totally off limits at the time Anyway, they had great chemistry once they got back together Lots of comedic moments worthy of an Emmy and even his dog got to steal the show for a bit Definitely an Olympic worthy read You ll definitely enjoy it.

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    I ve always loved reunion romances and this is a sweet but sizzling little story that was very enjoyable Lexie and Luke had a moment back when she was a seventeen year old exchange student staying at his families home in Boston.Now they are in London and all grown up and all the memories are still there Luke is a real sweet guy and hot, having been training to be a guide for a Paralympic marathon runner An injury puts him out of the contest and he comes home early to find Lexie dog sitting.Lexie never quite got over Luke, the memory of what a player he was stayed with her and she has no reason to think he has changed But she has learned the hard way about players who see her as a challenge over the years.This is a good set up for a relatively short story The past history makes it easy to believe the connection that springs up quickly and the sizzling smexy.I received this arc for review but I have purchased the other two in the series to read.