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    As is usual with many short story collections, there were some stories I thoroughly enjoyed, and there were some I didn t like in the slightest It s took a little longer than I d hoped to get around to reading this, but I m happy I finally have It is a classic read, but there were some stories I could relate to than others There were some I remember being read to me as a child To be honest though, these versions of the fairy tales are somewhat dark, and one could even go as far as calling them chilling.All of these stories contain some sort of message and a purpose, and I thought that it was a good deal of fun to figure those out.

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    Taken from the East European oral tradition, and first published in 1812, these stories were originally collated and published in Germany by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.Although softened to appease Christian sensibilities of the day, this compilation still became a sort of cult horror anthology for children Indeed, returning to these gruesome little tales as an adult, I can see that they are indeed grim , and make curious bedtime reading.Even allowing for the Grimm brothers sanitisation of the stories, they remain far removed from Disney s cinematic versions of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and all the other fluffy, uplifting animations so popular with modern movie goers Here, incest, cruelty, starvation, torture and violent death vie for space with the happily ever afters Decapitated gee gee anyone Thankfully my seven year old self was far less squeamish, and I dwelt not at all on the many sadistic happenings, but simply enjoyed reading about talking bears, heroic giant slayers and sharp witted wolves in red bonnets In short, I was a typical child reader.NB I don t wish to appear a pedant, but surely the title, Grimm s Fairy Stories, is grammatically incorrect Shouldn t it be Grimms Fairy Stories I m sure someone will correct me if I m wrong.

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    Note I am reading a kindle version of the 1922 publication of this collection titled Grimm s Fairy Stories It is equal to 144 pages long and has 28 of the Grim Brother s tales The Kindle version does not have the illustrations so obviously I can not comment on them.This is the first time I ve actually read Grimm s fairy tales I know a lot of them, as does everyone else, but only through the watered down Disney version, various children TV shows Does anyone remember Shirley Temple Theater and children story books that bowdlerized many of the endings So I thought it would be nice to check out the originals This 1922 book which is in the public domain and available free on for the Kindle seems to be a nice place to start having 28 of the known stories There is also a Kindle version titled Grimm s Fairy Tales that has 60 tales for those who want to dig deeper.The first thing you hear is that Grimm s stories are much darker than what we are used to Some of them are quite dark but others read like farces, like Catherine and Frederick or Tom Thumb I can t help thinking they may have had some kind of sociopolitical ribbing in them that has mellowed through the ages Others are dark any way you look at them I seem to have missed out on some of the fun as a child For instance, why did Disney leave out that delightful scene in Cinderella where the evil step sisters cut off their toes so the slipper would fit Or what about all those burnings and dismemberments In Little Red Cap aka Little Red Riding Hood , the wolf wins and has a very nice meal Other tales are simpler and too easy Example In Briar Rose aka Sleeping Beauty , the prince just walks in and revives the unconscious damsel No fighting dragons or witches as in the modern versions Here is a tip to all you princes When rescuing a damsel, simply wait the seven or so years until the curse is over then be the first in line It will save you a lot of trouble But I did find these stories much interesting than I suspected As I ve said, always go to the source Of the lesser known tales, I especially enjoyed Bearskin The Six Swans and Faithful John This is a nice little sample of the Grimm Brothers 200 plus tales.

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    Video review with any short story collection, there were some I really enjoyed in here and others I wasn t so bothered about I felt glad to have finally read this collection because it is a classic and it was interesting to see the traditional fairy stories and compare them with my previous knowledge of newer versions The originals are a lot gruesome and at times chilling I m glad I listened to this on audiobook because it made the stories accessible and fun I can highly recommend you try the audiobook version if you have tried to read these stories in the past and found them difficult to read.

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    Loved the narration, liked some of the stories too, though some of them weren t familiar.

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    So I imagine that everyone comments on this, but first off it s worth saying that this collection of tales is a real eye opener when set beside the Disney canon I was aware of the major differences in some of the stories, like Cinderella with the fur slipper instead of glass and the sisters doing some fairly terrible things to themselves but I never imagined for example that Disney deleted Snow White s sister from the story altogether In terms of writing style, most of these tales are short and sharp, very little, if any space is generally given over to expanding the backgrounds of the myriad worlds that the Grimm brothers have offered fleeting insight into There are no explanations for the existence or workings of magic, because these tales come from an age less sceptical than our own where magic worked because the author said so and no further reason was needed, and the notion of character development is seldom paid than lip service unless an Aesop is involved about someone mending their wicked ways and benefiting from it That said these tales are timeless and well known throughout the Western world They also offer the source, or at least the most prominent examples, of some of the most well known story motifs out there in the fiction world It is difficult to comment on the characterisations or the settings because there are so many presented here, but suffice it to say that very little effort is wasted on them, they are unfolded exactly as far as they need to be to allow the story to work, and no further The Grimm brothers were also clearly not afraid of simply ending a piece in mid air, the words and they lived happily ever after or some variation thereof finish a goodly portion of these stories, unless there is some anecdote about the fate of the villains of the piece All in all therefore, this is a very spartan read, but still very interesting The backgrounds and characters may not be as rich as a modern novel, but there is still something compelling about the terse and to the point narratives of these stories Moreover it is worth the time to get to know the real story behind some of the most well known children s stories out there.

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    Fun read Lots of short fairy stories to enjoy Some classics which I was brought up with Moral of the stories always be kind, always share your food, wealth and home with those in need and maybe a handsome Prince or King will whisk you away and you will live happily ever after

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    Not bad for a free audiobook

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    In summary kings and princes are awesome Maids are envious and evil If you put up with enough abuse, your troubles will solve themselves magically, and you will marry a king.

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    Good book.Loved reading these stories to my son I love reading old fairy tales Good read and I would recommended it to everyone.