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    This is easily my favorite in this series Laughing out loud moments as well as feeling the deep love not only between the couple, but the family as well I absolutely love how AJ makes many of his stories about the family children, parents, etc in addition to couples It makes them so much real ok, I know having a magic hubby is not realistic, but you know what I mean.Looking forward to continuing the series

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    This series just keeps getting better for me I keep thinking I m going to get bored with Kimo and Lopaka s story but the sex keeps getting hotter and the island history facinating I love their family that continues to grow, bringing facets to their relationship.

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    This book is about a teen had a very difficult life and economics problem he killed a old man in the apartment and hide his body underground he thought that no one will knows but eventually someone finds out.This book also talks about love and how love can leads to many other issue.

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Summer Love (Phantom Lover, #4) download Summer Love (Phantom Lover, #4), read online Summer Love (Phantom Lover, #4), kindle ebook Summer Love (Phantom Lover, #4), Summer Love (Phantom Lover, #4) 65f404bfcd2f Hawaiian Kahuna And Keeper Of Secrets, Kimo Wilder, And His Husband Lopaka Are Expecting Twins Their Joy At Pending Parenthood Is Shadowed, However, By Kimo S Fears That Somebody Will Try And Stop These Children From Being Born Already, Other Kahuna Know That These Twins Will Be The Most Powerful Kahuna The Islands Have Ever Seen Lopaka S Twin Sister Maluhia, The Surrogate For The Couple, Must Be Protected At All CostsKimo Takes His Burgeoning Family On A Vacation To Secret, Power Vortexes All Over The Islands, Enlisting The Aid Of The Ancient Gods And Goddesses Maluhia Also Has One Request Not Only Does She Want Kimo To Conjure Up A Lover For Her, But Her Romantic Choice Is The Ancient Shark God Kamohoali I, Brother Of The Volcano Goddess PeleThere S Nothing Like Summer Love, And For Kimo And Lopaka, It S Gonna Be Long And Sexy NOTE This Book Was Previously Published Under The ISBN This Reissued Version Of The Book Has Been Reedited