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The 32nd of December summary The 32nd of December , series The 32nd of December , book The 32nd of December , pdf The 32nd of December , The 32nd of December 845260a288 On New Year S Eve, Ex FBI Agent Marc Beck Returns To The Site Of A Fatal Air Crash Atop A West Virginia Mountain To Mourn His Dead Wife When He Loses Control Of His Car In A Snowstorm, His Memory Is Cleansed Of Anna, But Also Of Why The Operative Of A Powerful US Politician Is Shadowing Him His Pursuer, A Man Known Only As Anders, At First Comes To Beck S Aid, But Then Puts A Gun To His Head Beck Escapes When A Samaritan Couple Shows At The Scene And Anders Kills Them, A Murder For Which Beck Will Become A Suspect As The Story Unfolds, Beck Stays Just Steps Ahead Of Anders And Authorities, Heading East To Washington And The Chesapeake He Ll Rely On An Alluring Dutch Journalist And His Own Tortured Mental Faculties, To Probe A Cover Up Involving The President Elect In The Tradition Of The Hitchcockian Wrong Man, Beck Has Two Weeks To Clear His Name And Find The Truth Two Weeks Before The Clock Runs Out And Gates Sidwell Is Inaugurated, Giving Himself Full Pardon Powers Over His Complicity In A Repulsive CrimeAbout The Author James Bradberry Is An Award Winning Architect And Author Of Three Novels A Former Fulbright Fellow And Lusk Scholar, He Studied Architecture And Architectural History At Auburn, Penn, And Cambridge, And Later Taught At A Half Dozen Architecture Schools In The US And Canada His Mystery Novels, The Seventh Sacrament, Ruins Of Civility, And Eakins Mistress, Were Published In US By St Martin S Press, And All Received Critical Acclaim, Including Starred Reviews In Publishers Weekly The Books Are Still In Print In Europe, Under The Aegis Of Polillo Editore And Hachette Livre In Addition To His Novels, Mr Bradberry Has Written Fiction, Reviews, And Articles For The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Architect, The American Library Association Journal, The Darwinian, And Domus Bradberry Lives In Philadelphia

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    This is my review of James Bradberry s The 32nd of December , it s set to be released February 25th, 2014 Thanks to my friends at NetGalley.com I was able to get a preview copy.Essentially the main story is the crash of Liberty Air Flight 1558 and why it crashed That plane crash happened a year before the events kick off in this book President Elect Sidwell, Marc Beck and Angelien Ris are the three main characters in this novel The premise is that this civilian jet was brought down because there was a witness on board that was going to testify against Sidwell That would have sidetracked Sidwell s Presidency before it started Beck and Ris are looking to try and find out the exact truth and Sidwell is trying to stop them It s pretty typical for a thriller until about the last 10% of the book.Bradberry would probably say that the story is about specifically about Beck and Ris That s ex FBI agent Mark Beck, who lost his wife in the crash of Flight 1558 He s also suffering severe and very convenient amnesia He had to google his name to find out about himself His amnesia serves as a major impediment throughout the book A lesser character is Anna, Beck s wife, who Beck remembers as the love of his life Although is she really.The other major character is crusading reporter Angelien Ris, Ris rhymes with geese She s a reporter for news magazine The New Observer She s been working in Washington D.C for about 10 years and about 5 years at The New Observer Beck and Ris were having a relationship before Beck suffered amnesia Their romantic relationship is slowed by the amnesia.Ris and Beck met at the six month anniversary of Flight 1558 s crash They think the crash is suspicious and want to get to the truth Ris is working with Elbert Hawes, a former NTSB employee Hawes creates a computer flight simulation of what they believe is the true cause of the crash If their story is published that will directly implicate Sidwell Trying to stop the President Elect has put a bullseye on their back How complicit is Sidwell in the actual bombing though Sidwell will stop at nothing to become President and he s pulled out all stops to stop Ris and Beck from discovering and reporting the full truth But other than extreme ambition, what else is Sidwell truly guilty of He s working with Eva Granholt, his sometime lover, who runs one of the major divisions of the FBI.Beck and Ris have to escape the many men on their trail, find out the exact truth before being killed and clear their names Will they be able to do this in time Well duh it s not like this book is breaking a lot of new ground, this story has been told at least tens of thousands times before There s only so many ways you can cook a thriller For this book to really stand out, it has to be really successful in having something fantastic in the telling of the story Although you can see the author really trying to not fall in the typical traps, I wouldn t say he s fully successful at that Other than a slight bit of intrigue about the true nature of some of the characters, this novel doesn t have a stand out quality.When I finished reading the book all I could say about the end is what the hell This is one of the most convoluted endings ever, it s a M Night Shyamalan twist nightmare There are so many twists and turns going on that it s hard to tell what exactly has happened and is happening Who exactly are the good guys and who are the bad guys It seems clear that someone set off a bomb, but who and why What exactly is Beck s role in this whole mess Is he both the criminal and the hero This book was okay, honestly Ris and Beck aren t the sharpest people in the world Beck s battle with amnesia in this book wasn t an effective story telling technique It reminds me of dealing with teenagers, the answer to questions too much of the time is I don t know A lot of unknowns isn t a method that builds excitement in a novel, especially a novel that allegedly is a thriller Ris and Beck make a whole bunch of mistakes throughout the book For one they have Anders, one of the henchmen, phone and they can t figure out how the men can track them Really It took two supposedly smart people way to long to figure out how they were being tracked They have multiple people on their tail and they stop and eat Didn t Ris just get shot in the stomach Those are just a few of the huh moments.Also the men chasing them couldn t hit Ris and Beck than once, although they took dozens of shots Other than one shot that grazed Ris they couldn t hit the fleeing pair Sidwell s henchmen miss the pair so many times that it borders on being ridiculous They literally could be the worst shots ever in a work of fiction It seems the only way they d hit their intended target is by accident.I d give this book a 4 on the scale of 1 10 This is the second book I ve read via NetGalley.com and I haven t been overwhelmed by either However Barry Eisler s Graveyard of Memories is considerably better novel than Bradberry s novel It s highly likely I ll read another Eisler novel, especially since John Rain is a compelling anti hero However it s doubtful that I d read another Bradberry novel unless he improves his writing skills considerably The next book I m reading via NetGalley.com is Tawni O Dell s One of Us I ve read about the first 10% of this book and it seems this will be the best of the three I would love to write a glowing review.

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    I really enjoyed reading this book It was compelling to see the views of the various characters and how they were responding I enjoyed learning about the geography around DC, and it felt very well researched The story is about a former FBI agent who was let go after losing part of his hearing He has an accident on New Year s Eve and also loses his memory How the memory loss affects the progress of the story is really well done.I found some of the story to be a bit unbelievable, but that s a characteristic of this genre This story was no unbelievable than any others like it Docked one star because I had a hard time believing that Ris experience in Maryland would not have had a greater effect on her The responses directly afterward seem too rational for a reporter in that situation.However, very much worth reading.

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    I stumbled onto this work, having read and liked the author s earlier books awhile back This is a departure for him Whereas the earlier books were classic mysteries, this is a fast paced thriller, somewhere on the continuum between suspense and political There is hardly a spare word here, though the writing is rich and evocative The characters of Beck and Ris are likable, and the secondary characters well drawn The plot and pacing are relentless, culminating is a series of twists and turns that this reader didn t see coming I can wholeheartedly recommend.

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    I really enjoyed this murder mystery novel It was the type of book that made you want to keep reading just to see what happened next Not so much as the excitement but the anticipation of wondering how it all comes together and who is responsible This is a book about power, corruption and some blackmail James Bradberry did a wonderful job.

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    Not a moment to breathe nor a relaxation of tension in this unrelenting paced new thriller, in which friends in high places gathers new and fatal meaning.

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