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    4 A nice addition to the main books in the series Jane is playing mediator between a family of Witches and Vampires There is shooting, there is stabbing and there is a Romeo and Juliet like couple who is set on their love against the world Fun and short

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    This was a pretty good story that got Jane to show her negotiator skills Or rather let her show she has such skills at all XD I liked that she caught up on the real situation so quickly but was disappointed when Bruiser didn t show up and that Beast had so little part in the story The biggest difficulty for me was the Cajun dialect, there were times when I truly struggled with what the characters were saying Otherwise it was a good way to spend some time with Jane away from all the bustle of NO.

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    3.5 stars

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    I read this as party of the anthology

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    Interesting story reflecting Leo s negligence that came back to bite him in the butt If witches continue to double cross Jane which, who didn t see that coming , she may not like them any except for Molly and her family The end was cute, but is Bitsa okay

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    3.5 starsThis one is a Hatfeilds and McCoys played by vampires and witches in the bayou Jane gets tricked into helping moderate a dispute, and by tricked I mean clocked with a heavy object.Pretty standard as far as these types of things go, BUT most of the involved parties have fantastic Cajun accents, and I do love me a good Cajun accent.

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    Cajun With Fangs is an audio short story from the Jane Yellowrock series written by Faith Hunter and read by Khristine Hvam It takes after the events in the fourth novel, Raven Cursed, and centers on Jane Yellowrock flexing a muscle that she rarely uses diplomacy It was first written and collected in Have Stake, Will Travel anthology Cajun With Fangs centers on Jane Yellowrock as she plays unexpected mediator between a coven of Witches and non aligned vampires, after having motorcycling trouble in the Bayou It is a rather fun and interesting read having Jane Yellowrock in a situation where she has to use her skills as an mediator, as it is an underused skill in the core series It has a little bit of everything, a shooting, stabbing, and an unlikely romance in the center of it all Cajun With Fangs is written rather well It is a story about feuding tribes of witches and non align vampires that stretches many years perhaps generations It is a quaint and lovely short story featuring one of Jane Yellowrock rarely used talents diplomacy.All in all, Cajun With Fangs is a well written, but importantly, well portrayed short story about the greater world in the Jane Yellowrock universe.

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    When bitza puts Jane down in a small Cajun town things go from weird to one flew over the cuckoo s nest Stuck between a witch and a vampire cues that puts the Hatfield s and McCoy s to shame Jane has no choice but to step up, take charge and try to come out of his in one piece or as close to it as she can In the end, with Leo s backing and her guys at her back she steps in and wrangles the chaos only vamps and witches can cause.

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    When Janes bike Bitsa dies on the way to NOLA, she ends up in a small town with big problems In this short story her mediating skills get a workout solving an ancient feud between cajun witches and vampires I highly recommend the Jane Yellowrock series.I love the narrator of the story She is excellent at doing accents and has a wonderful reading voice.

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    Superfun Jane adventure

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Cajun With Fangs (Jane Yellowrock, #4.1) download Cajun With Fangs (Jane Yellowrock, #4.1) , read online Cajun With Fangs (Jane Yellowrock, #4.1) , kindle ebook Cajun With Fangs (Jane Yellowrock, #4.1) , Cajun With Fangs (Jane Yellowrock, #4.1) 79aa79c55254 In The Compilation Have Stakes Will Travel Jane Yellowrock Has Motorcycle Trouble And Pulls Into Bayou Oiseau, Hoping For Help From A Local Motorcycle Shop Instead, She Is Drawn Into A War Between The Local Witches And The Local, Non Aligned Vampires