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Dont Let Go (Tyack & Frayne, #3) summary Dont Let Go (Tyack & Frayne, #3) , series Dont Let Go (Tyack & Frayne, #3) , book Dont Let Go (Tyack & Frayne, #3) , pdf Dont Let Go (Tyack & Frayne, #3) , Dont Let Go (Tyack & Frayne, #3) a76fa230d0 What S Haunting Lee Tyack He S Moved In With Gideon Frayne, And They Re Both Loving Their New Lives But The Shadow Is Still There A Voice From Hell That Torments Clairvoyant Lee, And Which Even The Pragmatic Copper Gideon Can Hear Gideon S Determined To Protect His Lover But After A Serious Injury On Duty, Gideon Finds Out The Hard Way That He Needs Protection Too His Job S On The Line And He S Scared Worst Of All, He Thinks He Knows Who That Voice Belongs To And He Can T Stop Lee From Heading Off To Confront This Most Terrifying Ghost From His Past When The Full Spring Moon Rises Over Cornwall S Rugged Coast, And The Veil Between The Worlds Grows Thin, Tyack And Frayne Must Join Forces To Solve A Decades Old Mystery That Still Has The Power To Tear Their World Apart

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    y knowat least once during every read of this series so far i ve set the ipad down wishing the story didn t feel so aimless and overly focused on the minutia of what is, underneath all the monster of the week escandalo, a shockingly normal exploration of homosexual domesticity.and then someone gets possessed by a malignant revenant haunting a chimney and i m compelled to shut the fuck up.further, i am given cause to reflect that examples of perfectly ordinary gay couples are so vanishingly rare in MM that i really should be five starring the fuck out of this series left and right simply for existing that the glorious indifference the men of this pairing display towards who s on top or who s cuddling whom or who gets what body part desecrated by whom whilst tied to an iron bed frame that it has nothing to do with who is bigger or butcher or anything stupid like that well, that s just really satisfying, is all MM is all about reductive appropriation some of it is necessary, because of the tropey needs of storytelling, and some of it is just plain barmy and insulting, and don t ask me about the difference because i will perch here like some dour faggot preacher and motherfucking tell you, at length, until it s hockey o clock or someone gorgeous makes me lose my train of thought like i m fifteen, whichever comes first.and speaking of grim people shouting at you for your own good, lemme tell you something about ezekiel.i love ezekiel.i love ezekiel with gideon.i love ezekiel with gideon and lee.i love ezekiel with gideon and lee and isolde and holy shit does he remind me of the way alan rickman played professor snape in the harry potter films or what anyway i have feelings and thoughts but i think i m pretty much done sharing them with you for now.would much rather read the next novella in the series, tbh f gouddaboudit.__________my review of book two review of book four

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    Reread April 2019Still loving this series so hard.Originally read August 2018I really think this series is getting better and better I am loving these two as a couple They have their ups and downs but they work it out Gideon has to come to terms with himself and work and Lee continues to be haunted But, Gideon always has Lee s back Gideon s brother, Zeke, really did shine for me in this one I am coming to love the grumpy Methodist preacher He s rethinking what he s always believed and he wants to be part of Gideon s life I also love Gideon s mom and how she is trying to accept who Gideon is even though it goes against everything she s been pushed to believe as well.These books are so creepy and will give you chills if you think too long or too hard about it But they are good and I don t think the romance takes a back seat to the mystery suspense It s just the right balance.

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    Review written February 7, 20164 Stars Maximized, beautiful and romantic add slightly scary and foggy supernaturalBook 3 Cornwall, south England, UKThe Tyack Frayne series is so far six shorter 75 150 pages novella episodes in the M M mystery genre with a new mysterious case in every part In essence, however much focus on the development of the romance between these men.The local police, the copper Gideon Frayne had a Halloween case with a missing child when he first met Lee Tyack Lee is a clairvoyant with a lot of strange abilities There were strong feelings and a deep attraction at once Insta love but nevertheless believable for me Intense, raw and truly sexy without too much explicit words Intriguing romance stuff from start 1 Once Upon A Haunted Moor 4 stars 2 Tinsel Fish 3.5 stars In this third Don t Let Go are we back on the Bodmin Moor It is February soon to be Valentine Day and Gideon and Lee are now living together in a ground flat in the Dark village with Isobel cutie dog They are struggling with everyday stuff family, relatives, work, a promotion to police sergeant , new wallpapers and of course their hot and lovely, but still quite new, relationship Gideon wouldn t want to resist He would just want to lie here, while his jade eyed captor did with him whatever he wished The ribbons were a reason, a delicious excuse Life is truly good but then happens an accident at work and Gideon is badly injured Add some mysterious voices from the past A dreamlike detachment settled over him He was able to admire the sight of Lee and his brother on the hunt, both of them fine men in their very different ways The idea that he d ever see them in the same room together had never occurred to him, let alone that they would ever dash shoulder to shoulder into the fray He took deep breaths of the salt rich air, trying not to laugh As always happens unexplained paranormal ghostly things I have resigned myself, suited me to this book world and believe in what I believe in I feel the heat, the angst, deep emotions and this beautiful Cornwall landscape Want to be there with them Looking forward to 4 Kitto I LIKE to visit this place and these men A Tyack Frayne series BR with my GR buddy Sofia We started January 29 and will do them book by book A great reading mission.

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    This seriesall the feels Lee and Gid keep me sighing by how devoted they are to one another The supernatural is alive and well in this series and it s damn creepy In between sighing and feeling creeped out, there were also some teary eyed and laugh out loud moments On to the next

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    4 Really Lovely StarsI m not gonna lie It s not the paranormal mystery that keeps me coming back I now read this series strictly for Lee and Gideon It definitely melts my cynical heart that Gideon is protective, he actually listens and is open to Lee s unconventional talents and believes in them, when his very upbringing and profession would deem him a skeptic This man is proud but not so much so that he lets it get in the way of expressing his feelings or admitting when he s wrong Here, he s doubly vulnerable, having had a serious injury making his future uncertain However, Gideon loves Lee and will do anything for him, despite his own discomfort and pain.Lee is no less a great man Caring and sensitive but with his own quiet, subtle strength that surprises and often delights Gideon as well as me He s vulnerable because his heart is so open, and he still goes forward, determined to help all and grateful for when Gideon is by his side lending support, both figuratively and literally.There s just something about the dynamic between these two that is deeply romantic yearning, appreciative, sweet, and hot all without being overly explicit, but still so sensual and full of sexy, heady emotions Thankfully these two don t miscommunicate on purpose, they don t hide their feelings or hedge their intents I appreciate that they wear their hearts on their sleeves, that they care so deeply and grab onto the small moments, as well as the big, and just love each other.So that was just one long exposition on why I love these two and nothing at all to do with the plot I admit, the mysterious, supernatural aspects are probably the weakest thing about this series not because they re silly or stupid, but oft convoluted, murky, and confusing due to the dubious nature that is inherent with such phenomena What s important ultimately, is that everything is righted Gideon and Lee come out the stronger, and I m left feeling wholly warm and satisfied and confident in the strength that is their love sigh

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    Which whisperings do you listen to The story gets personal and death stalks the West Country The darkness is so close in this one, nearly suffocating and we see the man behind the label We witness Lee and Gideon faced off against adversaries, rally with allies and acknowledge graciously the blessing they ve been given Quite emotional, dramatic and the mystery is in depth and the resolution is superbly paced Again, Fox s sense of place is exquisite There s nothing like reversing a thousand feet bracketed close on either side by the stonewalls until you find a half car dip so an opposing car can shimmy past, then roaring on past the endless green Wonderful memories evoked with the descriptions Gorgeous.

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    Holy cow, this was creepy I loved it.In this Gideon gets injured and can t play the big bad copper like he wants to He therefore accompanies Lee on one of his ghost hunts in some underground tunnels near Lee s childhood home.But a killer from Lee s past might not be ready to let go of the mortal world I loved the scary parts in this I m totally into paranormal ghost stories these days and this series is turning out to be a real winner.On to the next

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    In this third installment of Tyack Frayne series, Gideon gets himself stabbed and ends up with serious injury Gideon can t go on active duty until he is completely healed with physio treatment and surgery But when he finds out that Lee is distracted by events from the past, while doing his job covering a Celtic Festival at a Fogou near his home, Gideon can t stop himself to go after Lee Lee and Gideon have slowly and steadily become an established couple whose stories I love to read Their relationship is so, SO lovely Their intimacy is tender and quiet and soothing I love their personalities and reading about them together, even if they quarrel, somehow calms me Gideon is a protector through and through and I love how he marches on, to be on Lee s side, to ensure that nothing harms his lover.The mystery supernatural element in this story is related to Lee s past and a secret that his father has kept from him It also relates to the monster that keeps attacking Lee s mind you need to read book 1 and 2 to get what I mean by it I admit that this part feels rather choppy, it confuses me a bit, especially with the dream that Gideon has but I DO like the resolution that comes out of it I feel like I get to know about Lee s family, and that is always welcome.Oh, and another thing that I truly LOVE here The relationship between Gideon and his brother, Ezekiel I already said in my review for book 2, how I appreciate that Ezekiel is than meets the eye It s a different take on a character with strong faith on Christianity and happens to have a gay little brother I would love to read of Gideon and Ezekiel too.All in all, despite my struggling a bit with the mystery supernatural element, it s another satisfying story of Tyack Frayne Hope there is to them in the future

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    In book three of what I now think of as her Cornwall series, Ms Fox has yet again given her devoted readers what they want Gideon Frayne, big gentle hearted copper from the village of Dark, and Lee Tayack, his psychic lover, are living together in a cozy old flat and exploring life as an established couple Gideon s once estranged family is back in his life, and in book three we are introduced to Lee s family.Well, that sounds dull, doesn t it But, the joy of Harper Fox is that it isn t, not remotely A lot happens in this book, both in Gideon s life as a small town policeman and in Lee s career as someone who can see beyond this world and into the next The central focus throughout remains this relationship, the evolving love of these two men for each other, and that sense of wide eyed wonder they have at the idea of their love Fox explores that relationship in the way she does best, by posing constant challenges to it and forcing her protagonists to deal with consequences of their own and other s actions, past and present Gideon has to deal with criminals Lee has to deal with ghosts Sometimes the two overlap Fox s beautiful writing always perfectly edited draws the reader into the world of Cornwall the physical landscape, the weather, the seasonal shifts, and the sense of the people and the community She not only brings it alive, but makes the reader part of it, so that one is always hovering on the edge of the action and silently participating in the conversations Fox creates characters so palpably real, with all their human flaws and fragility, that they become friends folks we want to spend time with and get to know better One of the many little joys of this volume is Gideon s decade older brother Ezekiel, a hawk faced reminder of their father, the late pastor Frayne With a gentle touch, Fox strips away stereotypes and the brothers own emotional defenses, unearthing a deep yearning for fraternal love long buried in the debris of two emotionally stunted childhoods.And we learn, at last, Lee s back story, the small town saga of the Tayacks Along with Gideon, we gradually understand who Lee is and, importantly, why he is The beginning of understanding comes, strangely enough, in a dream in which Gideon and Lee meet as little boys, hiding under a bed from a monster In that dream Lee takes Gideon s hand and tells him, Don t let go In that simple moment, taken as the title of the book, the magic of a gifted author is loosed in all its touching, intimate splendor.Harper Fox is always thanking Josh Lanyon as her guide and mentor Here is one case, I think, of the student catching up with the teacher This book would be a perfectly fine way to end the Tayack and Frayne series Whether Fox chooses to take them further or leave them here makes no difference They have been realized in full, and all of us can be grateful.

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    Overall book rating 4Audio Book N ABook Cover 4 Another good instalment I really enjoy these two together.

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