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Floaters chapter 1 Floaters, meaning Floaters, genre Floaters, book cover Floaters, flies Floaters, Floaters 66779be789958 Who Else But Joseph Wambaugh Could Write A Joy, A Hoot, A Riot Of A Book That Is Also Acclaimed As One Of This Season S Best Crime Novels That S How The New York Times Book Review And Time, Respectively, Described His Last Novel, Finnegan S Week Nobody Writes A Faster, Funnier, Satisfying Tale Of Cops And Criminals, The High Life And Lowlifes Than Wambaugh And Floaters Is His Sharpest YetMick Fortney And His Partner Leeds Manage To Cruise Above The Standard Police Stress Pools Of Coffee And Pepto Bismol They Re Water Cops In The Club Harbor Unit, Manning A Patrol Boat On San Diego S Mission Bay A Typically Rough Day S Detail Consists Of Scoping Out Body Sculpted Beauties On Pleasure Craft, Rescuing Boating Bozos Who Ve Run Aground, Jeering At Lifeguards, And Hauling In The Occasional Floater Who Comes To The SurfaceBut Now Their Days Are Anything But Typical, Because The America S Cup International Sailing Regattas Have Come To Town And Suddenly San Diego Is Swarming With Yacht Crazies Of Every Nationality, The Cuppies Who Want To Love Them, And The Looky Look Tourists, Racing Spies, Scam Artists, And Hookers Who All Want Their Piece Of The Action It S The Outstanding Body And Jaunty Smile Full Of Mischief, Full Of Hell Of One Cuppie, A Particularly Fiery Redhead Named Blaze, That Gets Leeds And Fortney S Attention First Leeds Drowns In Frustratingly Unrequited Boozy Love From Afar Then, With Her Increasingly Odd Behavior, Blaze Tweaks Every One Of Their Cop Instincts, Alerting Them That Something S Not Quite Right On The WaterfrontIndeed, Blaze Will Soon Lead Detective Anne Zorn And Mick Fortney Along A Bizarre Criminal Trail That Would Be Hilarious If It Didn T Wind Up Just As Nasty As It Gets, With A Pair Of Murders Right On The Eve Of The Biggest Sailing Race Of AllFilled With All Of Joseph Wambaugh S Trademark Skills Laugh Out Loud Writing, Crackling Dialogue, Outrageous Excitement, And, Of Course, Plenty Of Raunchyveteran Cops Who Leap Off The Page Floaters Is Wambaugh At The Very To Of His FormCover Artist Tom Hallman

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    Fortney and Leeds are two harbor patrol cops in San Diego Blaze is a hooker enlisted by Ambrose, the Keeper of the Cup, to engage in a scheme to thwart the New Zealanders likely win of the America Cup It s a complicated plan involving making one crane operator sick so another can arrange for the boat with it s slick design to fall as it s being lifted into the water Dawn is another hooker who happens to know Blaze and arranges to leave town before she can be murdered by her pimp Then there are a couple of really smart cops, Letch you can guess how he got his nickname Boggs, and Annie Zorn formerly Bartlett and Sullivan, a homicide detective.All of these characters come together.Lots of humorous and cynical dialogue and scenes I love the one where Fortney and Leeds see what is apparently a man walking on water it was Easter Sunday so it might be allowed only to discover it was a man walking on the top of his motor home at the boat ramp, screaming, You fucking bitch I told you to put it in gear Leeds is a practical joker Two years earlier he d gone to the trouble of capturing a ground squirrel and putting it in the bottom drawer of the sergeant s desk Recapturing it after it scared the crap out of the guy had nearly destroyed the entire officeThese days Leeds was preoccupied with politics rather than practical jokes A hobnailed Republican, he d dedicated himself to purging the nation of President Clinton, whom he called the dude with the world s worst taste in babes Anything could bring on a political diatribe When they cruised past the Youth Camp area on Fiesta Island and a boozy bunch of teenagers playing volleyball on the beach flipped them off, Leeds said, I wanna retire to a place where everyone waves at cops with all their fingers Humorous scenes abound with lots of biting social commentary and ridicule of the America s Cup culture Lots of fun I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Wambaugh and will now work hardly work my way through of his books.

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    A readable but completely forgettable novel As a person who remembers well that America s cup being a kiwi it was interesting reading a novel set in San Diego at that time Unfortunately it all felt a bit meaningless in the end the crime just fizzled out The characters were somewhat memorable and relatable IE Fortney and Zorn but not ones I particularly cared about Then there was the character of Boggs who was memorable but such a range of clich s In essence I wanted to like this book a lot than I did.

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    Not one of the best books by this author Moved very slow and was somewhat uninteresting in many parts I hoped it would get better in the end, but no redemption.

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    Some novels are interesting when they re first released because they deal with a contemporary event that s fresh in the reader s mind Unfortunately, these novels do NOT age well as reader s forget the significance of the event or never heard of the event Such is the case with Floaters.I remembered all the hoopla, intrigue, spying, etc surrounding Dennis Conner and the America s Cup The news coverage was intense It s against this background that Joseph Wambaugh based his novel Floaters If you don t remember, don t know, or don t care about sailing and the America s Cup, Floaters will probably be of no interest to you even though it s a cop novel The first 10 11 chapters or 2 3 of the novel is a bit slow The last 1 3 is interesting Floaters is NOT one of the best novels by Joseph Wambaugh, but you might find it appealing if you have any interest in sailing and or the America s Cup.

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    San Diego has the reputation of being America s Finest City, and it lives up to that reputation in m.any ways sparkling bodies of water, wide beaches, abundant vegetation but there is a seamier side to the city, as there is to most cities today Behind the warm weather and glitter of new buildings lies a world of prostitutes and pimps, sailing fanatics and those with money to burn on the sport, and a not always sterling police force This seamy side is the focus of this novel Although I was drawn to the book by nostalgia for my years in San Diego, I closed the book with my impressions of the city definitely tainted.Wambaugh does not spare in depth description of the topics he covers The story focuses on the intense rivalry between nations competing for the America Cup and the lengths some will go to win it.More than that, it is a trip to the dark side of a city, with many interesting, unusual characters, most of whom this reader was not able to become engaged with A relatively well told story depicted against a well described city, but all in all there are better uses for your time.

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    Witty commentary on former days of Americas Cup racing and SoCal culture Through earthy character, the author zings a culture where when you dig deep, you find shallow Not to be taken seriously, this world revolves around sex and alcohol A reader is almost certain to hear several new, colorful, and imaginitive expressions for masturbation.Two murders anchor this balloon, and keep one in suspense until a satisfying resolution along with the social commentary, the quality of dialog is another reason to read this book.

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    I gave up halfway on this grungy and demeaning story full of boring, unfunny cliches I got tired of reading about cops make insulting remarks about the general public they were protecting, and the sordid details of prostitutes massaging their white male clients prostate glands and the cop who happily commits adultery at the drop of a hat Boring Boring No one, except the female detective introduced late in the game, is likable Save your money.

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    I enjoyed the book, but I felt that the ending wasn t as satisfying as I would have liked it to be For me, that s the difference between 4 and 5 stars I don t want to use spoilers, so I won t say anything than that about the story itself The writing was good, the characters were believable, and the story line moved along well Even though I didn t like the ending, you should read this for yourself and make up your own mind.

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    Unless you are deeply interested in sailing, in particular in America Cup sailing, this novel will likely be than you ever wanted to know about these topics, dressed up as a police procedural The plot does have a nice twist at the end, but it wasn t worth the trouble of getting there, at least for me And I do know a bit about both sailing and the America Cup Ho hum.

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    SPOILER It was a four star book until that ending The real criminal of the second murder got away even though he committed suicide at the end and the mean mean criminal pimp gets blamed for for both he dies too of an overdose and thanks to a one sided cop named Leech or whatever who like garlic with everything including maybe he he had his way The overdose was maybe helped by the one sided cop getting justice over a poor girl named Dawn.