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Kitto (Tyack & Frayne, #4) summary Kitto (Tyack & Frayne, #4) , series Kitto (Tyack & Frayne, #4) , book Kitto (Tyack & Frayne, #4) , pdf Kitto (Tyack & Frayne, #4) , Kitto (Tyack & Frayne, #4) d06ddf7a41 Now Lee Is Free From The Malevolent Ghost Of Morris Hawke, His Clairvoyant Gifts Are Expanding Fast Too Fast For Comfort, And He And Gideon Find Themselves Wrestling With His Unsettling Capacity To See The Future In Some Ways This New Power Is Wonderful, And Lee Finds Himself A Local Hero After Predicting A FloodBut There S One Aspect He Can T Bear, And That S The Blind Spot He Sees When He Thinks About The Wedding Plans He And Gideon Have Started To Make It S As If This Event, Which He Wants Than Life, Simply Isn T Going To Happen He S Troubled And Stressed Out, And Gideon Decides To Intervene, Whisking Him Off To An Isolated Creek Side Cabin In The Mysterious Cornish Ria Country All Is Peaceful There, And The Clamour In Lee S Head Subsides It S Time For Companionship, Peace, Good Food And Plenty Of SexThen A Young Man Wanders Out Of The Woods And Turns Their Blissed Out Retreat Into Chaos Kitto Is Harmless A Charming Drifter, Very Handsome To Gideon He S Just A Kid, Flesh And Blood And A Bit Of A Nuisance But Lee Reacts With Horror Since When Can Gideon Lee S Rock, His Connection To The Real World And Sanity See Ghosts Mysterious Midsummer Is Rising In The Deep Green Cornish Countryside, And As The Village Gears Up For The Eerie Golowan Festival, Lee And Gideon Face Their Toughest Case Yet A Battle Between The Real And Spirit Worlds That Threatens To Tear Their Own Apart

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    holy shitballs this is excellent.not just clever plotting and crafty pacing and authentic feeling and acting gay male characters with sensible motivations, but seriously effective heartstring tugging.maybe even a little too much with the tugging probably with the denouement, and with kitto, and then with the other denouement, with the sister, and the everythingfuck.at least two things in this probably need some kind of trigger warning, but w.e., it s still the best written of the four books to this point in the series hollow eyed look oh, yeah definitely i ve been harper foxed directly in the feelz also the groin, bcuz crazy hot sex.but let s stay with the feelz __________previously you know when your girl scout cookie order arrives and you re like, no, this time i m not going to eat all the samoas in one sitting because every year you eat them all too quickly and then you re all, fuck where is that shady little bitch, i need to order , what if i call her mom because showing up at her school to shout at her through the schoolyard fence at recess didn t work out so great last time and then you eat them all anyway yeah, well.that me.harper fox.right now.__________my review of book three review of book five

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    Reread April 2019Even though I know what s going to happen in this series, it still creeps me out But I love every minute of it even on reread.Originally read August 2018OMG these books This is one of the best damn series I ve read I am absolutely in love with Lee and Gideon and their families.I spent this whole book going back and forth about Kittonot giving anything away about him but up until the reveal, I absolutely had no clue which way it would go Harper Fox truly wove a thread of doubt only to throw it another way that left me wondering how it would play out This one wasn t as creepy as the others in my opinion, but it was no less a mystery and I still had shivers at times trying to figure out the truth It was just bloody amazing Lee and Gideon are definitely one of my all time favorite couples I ve said before, they have ups and downs but they talk and work it out I can t wait to see what these two get into next Seems like they may have a new addition to the family.

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    Review written February 18, 20164.3 Stars Woot, these are just better and better My love Book 4 Continued our winter series buddyread with Sofia Once again a interesting part maybe the best so far by this talanted Harper Fox She truly creates magic Love, love, love these boys Cornwall, south England, UKThe Tyack Frayne series is so far six shorter 75 150 pages novella episodes in the M M mystery genre with a new mysterious case in every part In essence, however much focus on the development of the romance between these men Characters, my reviews view spoiler The local police, the copper Gideon Frayne had a Halloween case with a missing child when he first met Lee Tyack Lee is a clairvoyant with a lot of strange abilities There were strong feelings and a deep attraction at once Insta love but nevertheless believable for me Intense, raw and truly sexy without too much explicit words Intriguing romance stuff from start 1 Once Upon A Haunted Moor 4 stars 2 Tinsel Fish 3.5 stars 3 Don t Let Go 4 stars hide spoiler

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    This one is quite the paradox.It is both the most disturbing and the most optimistic, almost as if Fox decided there needed to be equilibrium for the readers Gideon and Lee are plowing forward with their lives, sucking the marrow from the bones when an unexpected event twists their lives around The fear, the discord, and the horror surrounding the pageantry of Midsummer adds a very dark theatricality to the peace Gideon and Lee have sought An enticing end pulls me along in its eddy, off to book 5.

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    I m still quite enjoying this series In this Gideon and Lee are trying to have a relaxing holiday before their wedding But of course it s not quite as relaxing as they thought it would be when Lee sees the ghost of a young man But what s even weirder is that Gideon can see him too Of course Gideon is convinced the young man is no ghost.Lee is mad at Gideon for not believing him, and Gideon can t figure out why Lee is so determined to prove the boy is dead when Gideon is sure he is alive.So Gideon just has to investigate to prove Lee wrong.These two are still wonderful together They had their first fight in this, but only grew closer because of it I liked the mystery of the missing boy, Kitto, and was very curious to see what happened to him.So far this is still a very intriguing paranormal series with lots of creepy moments not so creepy in this instalment though And I just love Gideon and Lee.

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    This series keeps getting better I love Harper Fox in all her styles, but if you are one of the readers who didn t like her most wonderfully lyrical books like Scrap Metal or Brothers of the Wild North Sea for their slower pace, this is the series for you Lee is a psychic, who has been good enough to earn a living at it but who has also tangled with some dark spirits and situations He was recently freed from his link with a malevolent ghost of the past, and since then his gifts have been expanding Gideon is a policeman who became entangled in Lee s cases and fell in love with him These two men have a sweet, solid partnership, but one of the pleasures of this book is that they didn t always agree and have perfect harmony If anything, they felt real for the occasional argument or doubt These books each contain a paranormal tinged mystery In this case, Lee and Gideon head off on holiday to a remote and supposedly electromagnetically blank area to see if the peace and quiet might give Lee some relief from his rapidly expanding powers But early on, they encounter a happy, tanned young man near their cabin, who may or may not be solid flesh and blood And the question of whether Gideon might be starting to see ghosts himself bothers each of them, in different ways.The mysteries in this series do have a common thread, which benefits a trigger warning view spoiler A frequent theme of child abuse, as part of the malevolent spirits that Lee sees, appears in several of the cases hide spoiler

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    4 StarsWhen last we saw these two gents, Lee was finally able to get rid of a spiritual albatross that had hung around his neck for years, freeing up a latent capacity to actually see than just impressions or connections Such a power can be thrilling but very scary as well, especially when his sight is not reliable or predictable.In an effort to lessen his stress, Gideon whisks Lee away to a remote area for some much needed RR While there, both encounter a spirit that not only reinforces the changes Lee is undergoing but possibly means that Lee is slowly affecting Gideon as well With conflicting opinions and interpretations about the spirit s validity, it s the very first for these two to have such a heated disagreement.Thankfully, passion is never short, nor is their love ever lacking Even in anger and frustration, both Lee and Gideon fret and worry, always putting the other first Again the paranormal aspect is always a bit nebulous to me, but what is always crystal clear is how much these two will do for the other, and how deep their feelings run This time around the heat level went up a notch, as the sensuality and intimacy were oh so nice Of course this ends with both Gideon and Lee further solidifying their devotion to each other with a bit of a game changer thrust upon them I eagerly look forward to seeing what s next in store for this lovely duo

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    Both the story lines were good view spoiler I was so afraid for Kitto and so happy that he was not lost hide spoiler

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    4 starsNeeding a much deserved break from the mystery and madness of the last eight months, Gideon takes Lee away for a short reprieve from all things preternatural At least, this is the plan until an enigmatic young man, named Kitto, shows up at their holiday cabin asking for their help The conflict and mystery here lies in the fact that Lee and Gideon are at odds as to the status of their young guest Where Lee is adamant that Kitto is a ghost, Gideon is unconvinced, after all, he can see Kitto himself, clear as day, and only Lee is meant to have any sort of gift of sight into the spirit world This discrepancy of opinion definitely throws a spanner in the works of their relationship, which mind blowingly until now has never been tested by any sort of lovers quarrel or disagreement So, on top of working through their personal issues, Gideon and Lee feel compelled to solve the mystery of who Kitto is, and if he is, in fact, living or dead I really enjoyed this installment, especially in terms of the mystery surrounding Kitto I liked his character, however brief his scenes were, and I was chomping at the bit to get to the end so I could find out if he was actually dead or alive I also liked the fact that Lee and Gideon finally face some challenges in their relationship, because as they themselves state, until this point everything between them has been smooth ridiculously loved up and happy sailing My favourite aspect of this series is how atmospheric these stories are I ve never been to Cornwell, but man do I feel like I have simply from the vivid picture painted herein The dialogue is also embracive I may not understand half of what is being said, but that doesn t stop me from loving how authentic it feels as a result.Overall, this was another solid chapter in this delightfully spooky and romantic little series P.S I could have done without the abrupt ending view spoiler and actually had a follow through with Lee and Gideon s on page wedding hide spoiler

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