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Falling for Leigh (A Brookhollow Story, #3) summary Falling for Leigh (A Brookhollow Story, #3) , series Falling for Leigh (A Brookhollow Story, #3) , book Falling for Leigh (A Brookhollow Story, #3) , pdf Falling for Leigh (A Brookhollow Story, #3) , Falling for Leigh (A Brookhollow Story, #3) a7e6a7512e Can She Be His Cure For Writer S Block For New York Novelist Logan Walters, Falling For The Girl Next Door Was Than A Clich It Was A Calamity If Leigh Norris Hadn T Been So Attractive, And Hadn T Been Hammering Relentlessly While He Was Trying To Write, Logan Would Never Have Ascended Her Rickety Ladder In A Misguided Mix Of Gallantry And Frustration And He Wouldn T Have A Broken Wrist Or A Guilty New Assistant Who Can T Type Clearly, His Escape To The Brookhollow B And B Was Not Going To Be The Quiet, Idyllic Retreat He Needed To Finish His Overdue Manuscript But It Was Fast Becoming Much Interesting Than Expected

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    Falling for Leigh is book 3 in the series, A Brookhollow Story, by Jennifer Snow Nothing has gone according to plan for Leigh Norris By now she had thought she d still be married and have a bunch of kids But that just hasn t worked out Her husband divorced her four years ago because she can t have children But she loves kids so she runs her own successful daycare out of her home It s on the day she finally decides to hang up her daycare sign that she gets to meet a guest of the Bed and Breakfast that is next door, Logan Walters Logan is a famous mystery author The first four books of his six book series were highly successful The fifth book is written and now he is trying to write the sixth and final book in the series The problem is he has a huge case of writer s block So he is escaping the noisy streets of New York for the peace and quiet of Brookhollow to try to find inspiration Well, it would be peace and quiet if the neighbor would stop pounding on her house So he storms over there and finds Leigh on a rickety old ladder, barely holding on, trying to hang her sign He figures the only way to quiet her down so he can get some work done is to do it himself So up the ladder he goes, and down he falls and breaks his wrist Now how is he going to write and meet his deadline that is fast closing in Leigh agrees to be his typist in the evenings after her daycare children leave What starts as a working relationship soon develops into friendship as they continue to spend time together and maybe even This is definitely not something that could ever go any further, though Leigh s place is here in Brookhollow Her Grandmother, her friends, her business and her plans for her future are all here Logan has his own reasons for needing to finish this book and go home His own future happiness is hanging in the balance Could he ever expect Leigh to give everything up to come with him The longer he is in Brookhollow, though, the he falls in love with the beautiful little town He gets to know the residents, helps them even Is it this town or is it the beautiful daycare worker that makes this place feel so much like it could be home As Logan and Leigh work through the book, Logan comes up against his block He just can t seem to get the ending right So together they work through it They spend time together outside of writing to try to ease the strain on Logan And Leigh might just have some ideas of her own about the way Logan is bringing the series to its conclusion This was such a wonderful story about two people whose childhoods were completely different, one very unhappy, and one very unconventional They both yearned for the same thing, though, family, stability, children and love Could it be possible that they might find these things together Or are their lives just too different I have so enjoyed this entire series Jennifer s characters are so easy to fall in love with This book will most definitely leave you with a smile on your face and a warm heart.

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    Falling For Leigh was the first book that I had the pleasure of encountering from the Brookhollow Series I had the pleasure of receiving a copy from Jennifer with some kickbutt swag Romance books are not usually my go to for picking a book up and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this one The great thing about it, is that it worked as a standalone, there wasn t any feeling of missing out on part of the story having not read Books 1 or 2 However I definitely will be checking of this series that Jennifer Snow has created.I was thoroughly sucked into the Brookhollow Setting and loved the realistic characters from Snow Leigh was a wonderful real woman character that dealt with a lot of realistic issues that can be seen in the world around us At first Logan seemed a bit pompish, but he really came to live as a genuine person and I found myself rooting for things to work out between them Definitely worth the read

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    Get ready to fall in love with that small town quirkiness, warmth and caring that exudes from Brookhollow s very heart while you fall in love with two lonely people who need a shoulder and a Happy Ever After Falling for Leigh by Jennifer Snow is than a contemporary romance, it s that read you need on a cold winter night, in front of a roaring fire, although taking it to the pool isn t a bad idea, either Best Selling novelist Logan Walters has hit a very dry spell Deadlines are looming and his heart isn t in his writing, as his life is in a chaotic emotional mess and just maybe going to where he began his career in a quiet, secluded small town will give him that magical spark he needs Did I say, quiet and secluded Apparently, he was unaware of the day care center being run next door to his BB or of the beautiful yet, sad owner who isn t too handy with a nail, or was it the rickety ladder that had him falling for Leigh Too bad it cost him a broken wrist His ingenious plan to allow her to atone for her mistake by typing up his thoughts only had a couple of flaws, one, Leigh can t type and two, the town thinks they know all and tongues are wagging a mile a minute Face it Who doesn t like some juicy, romantic gossip and when one of their won is finally getting a chance at happiness, the town does everything but send out wedding announcements But life has a way of pulling two people apart, can they find their way back to each other or will they become a fond memory on a cold night Jennifer Snow can pluck every heart string with the precision of Cupid s arrow as she combines small town charm, some drama and a few chuckles and turn a romantic tale into a sonata of words.I received this copy as part of Jennifer Snow s Falling for Leigh Tour Giveaway, stopping at Tome Tender.Series BrookhollowPublication Date September 1, 2014Publisher Harlequin HeartwarmingGenre Adult Contemporary RomancePrint Length 172 pagesAvailable from

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    You ve heard the saying you had me at hello Well, Jennifer Snow is a fabulous writer who touched my heart last Christmas when I read The Trouble with Mistletoe I was upset I hadn t heart of Snow sooner her storyline could easily be made into a Hallmark Channel Movie and her books are well written, well edited, and they definitely warm the heart When I read the book description for Falling for Leigh a Brookhollow Story I realized Snow had done it again New York novelist Logan Walters falls for the girl next door to the Brookhollow B and B, he has a new assistant who can t type, and his manuscript is overdue I didn t need to hear another word, I was hooked and had to get my hands on Falling for Leigh a Brookhollow Story Before I tell you too much, I have to say a sincere thank you to Jennifer Snow for sharing her time and talents with yet another heartwarming tale Brookhollow is the most ideal setting for a romance A small town with interesting characters so well written by Snow you feel you ve lived in Brookhollow yourself or at least spent the summer there Snow adds just enough detail to help you fall in love with the setting as well as the characters There s a heated gazebo, family owned bakery, noisy daycares, antique furniture filled bed and breakfasts, and of course a rickety ladder for Logan Walters to fall from The characters in Falling for Leigh a Brookhollow Story are completely believable As you read about a divorcee who struggled with fertility who feels alone and unlovable you can likely replace that character with someone in your own life There s a busy mom just trying to enjoy her children while keeping them safe again insert any number of your friends into that character description as well I truly appreciate the reality and honesty Snow uses in her stories It makes the story come alive for me I would definitely recommend any of Snow s books and I certainly hope the Hallmark Movie Channel catches on someday soon and turns one of these sensational romances into a movie I ll be the first one on the couch with a glass of wine and bowl of popcorn

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    Originally published on Tales to Tide You OverFalling for Leigh is a lovely story about two people old enough to have complications in their lives from past relationships and thwarted hopes Neither comes from a traditional upbringing and both want a family, but their plans are very different.Leigh intends to adopt after she s proved incapable of carrying a child to term, the heartbreak of that discovery having broken up her marriage to her childhood sweetheart Logan had an unexpected child with a girlfriend and has been her primary parent, but all of a sudden he s facing losing custody of his daughter because his now ex girlfriend wants to move across the country.Neither path is straightforward The steps required for each plan may make any new relationship impossible, especially with Leigh firmly tied to her home town and Logan ready to hop a plane to California if that s what it takes to stay in his daughter s life.It s an odd story because, while they fall in love on the page, there is not much denial of their state either to themselves or to each other They face the fact that outside forces mean their attraction, no matter how strong, is impossible and attempt to maintain their distances to minimize the inevitable heartbreak They have no delusions, no willingness to pretend the outside world doesn t exist, but at the same time, they hold out hope for the rare chance that they might possibly work This offers a poignant tension because I wasn t able to root for them with a clean conscience since other lives hung in the balance.Another important aspect is the leading man s profession Logan is a writer who comes to the small town for distraction free writing It doesn t quite work out that way as the title takes a literal turn in the very beginning I am a writer myself, so I m nervous about portrayals as they often don t ring true Logan seemed a bit stereotypical at first but when we learn what is driving him and see him interact with the world, the obvious answers no longer match He turns out less of a stereotype than a writer desperate to complete his book for all sorts of very solid reasons.Falling for Leigh offers many poignant moments, some chuckles, and a rich story with interesting characters some only on the page for a moment but that s all they need I enjoyed this one a lot, especially once I connected with Logan and let my doubts about his profession fade away.This was my first Harlequin Heartwarming story a sweet rather than sensual romance and I ll be keeping an eye out for titles in the imprint.P.S I received this title from the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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    All Logan Walters wants to do is finish his book Is that too much to ask He finds a nice bed and breakfast in the quiet town of Brookhollow to do just that But he can t think straight with the noisy children running up and down the hall and that incessant pounding coming from next door Not being able to take the distraction, he marches over to ask the offender to cease her hammering After a brief conversation with the beautiful woman next door, he saves her from falling off her rickety ladder, then leaves with a broken wrist for his trouble.Leigh Norris loves kids So much so that she operates her own daycare Having tried and failed to have children of her own, she gives love to the children she cares for When the grumpy author from the B B next door breaks his wrist while saving her from a fall, she offers to help Logan by typing the rest of his book.These two have a rocky start Logan is resentful that he needs help and Leigh has her own tender feelings with an ex husband and his very pregnant wife While Logan and Leigh work together, they start becoming in sync They both have the same goals a family, but in order to achieve them, their lives would take them in different directions.Logan s needs to gain custody of his daughter or move out to California to live closer to her Leigh wants nothing than to adopt a baby and raise him or her in Brookhollow What I liked best about this story is that Logan and Leigh had to work for their relationship It was complicated and sometimes messy with life s problems They had to make some tough decisions and the happily ever after did not come without some tears.The infertility story line was especially touching I really felt for Leigh and her struggle to come to terms with the fact she would not be able to carry a pregnancy to full term Logan started as a self absorbed writer but ended up as a swoon worthy hero.I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a strong romance with lots of heart

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    This review and on So BookaliciousI ve read What A Girl Wants in the Brookhollow series and I immensely enjoyed it And again Jennifer Snow managed to write a wonderful story All the people that live in Brookhollow are so easily to love, I would want to befriend all of them The first time we get to meet Logan Walters, he doesn t seem like a guy anybody would like He s grumpy and annoyed by the smallest things But when you get to know his situation and his background you can t do anything else than feel sympathy for him After he is forced to ask help from Leigh in order to finish his book we finally get to know the real him And I can say that I liked what I saw Leigh is a divorced woman with a big wish for a child She owns a daycare out of her house, to the annoyance of Logan, since his room is located next to it Leigh is a great woman, she s strong, independent and she goes after what she wants She has had a hard couple of years and even when I don t know how it must feel Jennifer made the story so real that you could feel her pain The encounters between Logan and Leigh were perfect They were spread throughout the story And I kept eagerly turning the pages to find out what there next encounter would be It was lovely to see how their feelings for each other changed and evolved.I really like the small town feeling of the book Everyone might know everything about everyone and nothing can be kept a secret but at the same time it feels like you have one big family So I can completely understand why Logan felt so at home in Brookhollow.I can t wait to meet people of Brookhollow And hopefully I will catch a glimpse of Logan and Leigh in the following books.

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    4.5 stars I ve read the previous titles in the Brookhollow series, but this one is by far my favorite After Logan struggles to write and put out the next book in his bestselling series, he travels to Brookhollow for some quiet writing time to help cure his writers block Suffice to say, it doesn t happen The quiet he seeks is shattered by a woman making a bit of noise and Logan falls for her umm, quite literally Leigh feels terrible about what happened and she suddenly becomes his new typist.Logan doesn t want to fall for anyone He just wants his book done and to hopefully make his comeback But somehow, Leigh gets under his skin She helps him type his book out, but she also inspired new scenes and things in the story he d never thought of before Logan also makes a big impression on the people of this town without realizing it.Leigh is a sweetheart She s dealing with her feelings from a recent divorce and of course it s a small town so she runs into her ex and his new happy family all the time Leigh is hoping to make a big change in her life, something that she s been yearning for.There s a few times in the story I shed some tears because of the emotions and things Leigh went through I love the way she and Logan fell in love It s a slow and steady process, but the way she helps with his book and draws feelings out of him that neither of them expected put a smile on my face The ending is perfect and works out well for the both of them which made me cheer out loud Jennifer Snow weaves another sweet and funny small town romance I love Brookhollow, it s one of my favorite small towns to revisit over and over again Can t wait for the next story

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    3.5 Fiery Hearts I received an ARC of this book free from NetGalley on behalf of Harlequin Heartwarming in exchange for an honest review Leigh hasn t always had the happiest life Her ex husband left her after ten years of marriage because she was unable to give him the family he wanted and now his new wife wants her to watch their kids Either that woman was completely clueless or she had some major nerve Talk about pouring salt into a wound I don t care if Leigh has the only daycare in town, that woman was crazy to even think about asking her.Logan was on the verge of losing everything He d already lost his girlfriend, now he might be losing his daughter, and there was absolutely no way he d make the deadline on his book if he couldn t get past the writer s block that was plaguing him He left the city to get a little piece and quite, but his moodiness was wearing on everyone around him, and ultimately led to his unfortunate accident.Logan was forced to ask for help Leigh was guilted into helping Neither could have foreseen what would develop between them as their time together increased.Falling for Leigh is a sweet romance with moments that pull on your heartstrings and leave tears in your eyes.The only issue I had was that every time I would get pulled into the story it would jump forward, leaving me wondering what happened I felt like I kept getting dropped It was utterly frustrating.My Favorite Moments Every time Logan wanted to hit Neil, it brought a smile to my face I loved how he always defended her even in the smallest of gestures.

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    Book provided in exchange for honest review.When I read the synopsis, i thought this was going to be a romantic comedy story, but instead this is a book about finding love when and where you least expect it, and what would you be willing to sacrifice in order to be with the person you ve fallen in love with What I liked about this story is that the main characters aren t twentysomethings, they re both in their late 30s, and they ve each got their own personal issues to deal that you d find in everyday society, so that made the story a bit interesting and realistic.What didn t work for me was the fact that we didn t get the chance to really experience the developing feelings Leigh and Logan have for each other they basically go from Leigh helping Logan after his injury to them sharing confidences with each other that no one else really knows about, but we don t get to see them falling in love Another thing that bothered me was how quickly Logan wanting Leigh to just pick up and move out to L.A if his legal issue didn t work in his favor even though they d only known each other for about 2.5 weeks Who can make that type of decision after knowing someone less that month.The story could have been predictable if everything worked out in both Leigh s and Logan s favor, but I liked the way the author decided to handle it, and I found it easy to feel the pain one of them suffered after learning the decision that had been made but you ll have to read the book to find out who and what I m referring to.

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