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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Couplehood
  • Paul Reiser
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9780553573138

10 thoughts on “Couplehood

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    A quick, funny read No plot, but like a bunch of stand up routines strung together I enjoy this type of humor, so I liked the book Some laugh out loud moments, alot of chuckles, and a few that were only ok Good for an enjoyable few hours of reading.

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    This book was in the bathroom of Eric s parents house and I read it each night when I brushed my teeth, over the three weeks that I stayed with them Ug Paul Reiser is so unfunny and nineties And then, when he did make me laugh, I felt very nineties, and sort of like I had a yuppie sense of humor A terrible experience all around I will say that it did sound very much like him I even sort of heard his voice in my head while I read it which I guess is an accomplishment of some sort Hence, the two stars.

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    I reread this over the weekend after running across it in a used bookstore recently I just like Paul Reiser There are no great insights, particularly, just his quirky brand of humor, but the thing that stands out for me, the thing that meant that I almost bought the book for the second time after all this time, is how straightforward it all is for him How grateful he is and how lucky he feels to have met his wife and to have ended up with her I think that s what I ve been looking for all this time, is someone who said really You re picking me Awesome not because they re insecure or self deprecating but because they see something unique and wonderful in me I like that spirit about Paul Reiser s humor yes, it s funny the things that make you fight or the tiny annoyances in the everyday, but the important thing in your relationship is that you still see that something amazing in your partner and think how did I get this lucky.

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    This is the sort of book I would want to read slowly, savoring every bit of humor in it As the title suggests, Childhood basically deals with the daily happenings of a couple s life together I think I chose a perfect time to read the book Now that I am married, I can read a part and chuckle to myself because of the resemblance with my life with my partner It is so very interesting how the writer has managed to observe such small details of life and put it in the paper.As the read the e book, I have passages after passages marked in yellow highlighter because those were the parts I wanted to read with my partner One thing to mention here, the novel does not have a plot, which is great in a sense that you will not feel burdened to finish it in one sitting This is a book meant to be read for a long time, during coffee breaks or whike waiting for your lazy partner This is a book meant for couples and single alike because who does not want a humorous version of the couplehood

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    Very charming Reiser is a favorite if only because his role in my favorite movie I never got into his comedy My loss This was written in 1994 I was curious if Reiser was still married To my delight, he is Easier than ever to admire him.

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    I read this book in TWO DAYS I just honestly couldn t put it down It was almost impossible I loved every second of it He keeps you on your toes laughing I have NEVER laughed out loud at a book so many times I m pretty sure I laughed on every page It is just a beautiful piece.

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    He s pretty much a stand up comedian in a book He talks about the ups and downs you get in a relationship, particularly marriage Almost all the reviews said this book would be laugh out loud funny Sure it was funny, but it didn t live up to the hype for me He definitely has the kind of humor most stand up comedians have, where they have to embellish their story with obviously unbelievable points just for the sake of being funny I find that kind of humor to be tiring and somewhat desperate There s no real story to the book it s just a series of mini stories just like in stand up comedy Which is fine, but it doesn t keep me coming back for I can drop the book whenever I want, and if I feel like a chuckle or two, I ll pick it up again All in all, I did feel the need to analyze my own relationship in the end, and so I guess the book did have some impact on me.

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    GUFFAW out loud hilarious A few times I couldn t catch my breath might have been the asthma Paul Reiser is a master at seeing the quirks in relationships..how things REALLY areand seeing the funny in them This is a very quick read especially because the book starts out on page 145 Don t be alarmed, this is not a mistake Don t try to get your money back You didn t miss anything It s just that I know when I m reading, I love being smack in the middle of the book Pages behind me, pages ahead of me It s too overwhelming to know there s so much left and you re only on page 8 This way, you can read the book for two minutes, and if anybody asks you how far along you are you can say, I m on 151 and it s really flying It just sails, baby

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    Have you ever thought you d like to go back to the early 1990s and hear Paul Reiser do edgeless stand up, but you can t be bothered to invent a time machine or even, really, to get out of your sweatpants and go out at night Pick this up at any library sale or used book store Literally Any of them and snuggle up with it on your couch Oh, Paul Reiser It s so true that men don t know how to fix things any And how poignantly that anecdote has captured the mutual unintelligibility of the genders I also think my spouse is charming but mysterious Don t we all Time for some ice cream Or a nap.

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    This is one of my favorite books ever I have read this book 3 times which is rediculous but it is over a period of 12 or so years so I forget some parts and then when I read it I honestly laugh so hard, I cry One time I read it on a plane going to Mexico and I had tears running down my face from laughing and the stewardess came to check if I was alright You will relate to almost everything in this book if you are married or have children This would also be a great book for a wedding gift.

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