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    Mack Bolan is immediately wounded in a gunfight with Mafia assassins upon arrival in NYC and is rescued by three hippie type chicks who nurse him back to health, unfortunately putting themselves into deep danger Typical action book heroics ensue with Bolan making a series of assaults on the five mob families of NYC The scene with Sam the Bomber and his wife was a nice touch, showing some of Bolan s humanity and compassion The final assault with Bolan infiltrating then destroying the mob compound on Long Island was a satisfying climax In general a good entry in the series.

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    Absolutely terrific adventure story Mack Bolan just returned from London and, before he can take a breath, the Mafia is after him As with all the books in the Executioner series, this one is an action packed fight fest, this time back in New York where Bolan singlehandedly takes on the Five Families Here, he meets his version of Charlie s Angels, three new age barely clothed knockouts who decide that the way to heal Bolan from his wounds is with body warmth therapy However, as Bolan has found before, emotional entanglements are risky when he is in the middle of a war with the most ruthless of foes Some of the best scenes are where Bolan uses deception to trick his way into the Mob s money rooms and security arrangements by pretending to be one of them Some of the most shocking scenes are found here as well as the most fearsome and brutal vengeance A fun action filled story that unfortunately is only a few hours of entertainmen

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    My favourite so far reading first 39 in chronological order gritty and graphic

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    The Executioner series is mindless, but oh so satisfying fun, and this one is no exception, though it is far brutal than the six before it.Pendleton s Executioner, who is the inspiration for Marvel s Punisher, has long declared a one man war on organized crime He finds them and he kills them until now As his identity crisis continues, Mack Bolan the Executioner is trying to determine whether or not he has gone too far in his war, and when he attempts to reconnect with his humanity he sometimes regrets it though not always, as shown in one very surprising scene That adds a twist that has only been hinted at before, but now becomes far developed here in book seven of the series The story, which finds Bolan in New York and on the run after a botched assassination attempt on him at the airport, ends on a very appropriate note as Bolan makes several organized crime families and Senators pay Even compelling is the hint of what s to come for the man Nightmare in New York is a turning point in the series, and it is a welcome one, too.

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    Mac Bolan is on a flight that lands in New York, a return flight from England He is greeted at the gate of his flight by a party of four professional hitman, all determined to make sure he does not enter the city He is shot in two places and is losing a lot of blood He escapes to a nearby office complex and is aided by three women working in an office on the lower floor of the building The women nurse him to health, and he is back on the road to complete his mission Then he discovers that the women have been kidnapped Buy a powerful and demented mafia boss, and he decides to rescue them despite the bounty on his head.

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    The first of the Bolan s I ve read that almost got itself two stars, because of the weird first portion where Bolan is rescued by three women and the philosophy and talking thats done therein However, Pendleton, manages to get over that hum and bring about one of the most ruthless and action packed campaigns the Executioner has pulled off yet So three stars, could have been 2, could easily have been 4.

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    Revenge at its best Striking out at evil Mack Bolan slowly becomes the worst nightmare of the mob A one man army declares war on those who prey on the innocent.

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    Still working through this series in between larger reads Do not expect to have a deep and meaningful experience but they are lightly entertaining

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    Definitely one of the better entries in Don Pendleton s original 37 Executioner books he didn t write 16 , this one has Mack cleaning house in the Big Apple As usual, this one has plenty of action, with an unexpected bit of mercy for one of the main mob bosses There s also a subplot about a political assassination plot, but it really doesn t factor into the story other than an excuse to get a lot of high ranking mobsters together in one place Highly recommended if you like the overall series.Incidentally, this book marks Book 400 that I ve posted to Goodreads since I first started using this website in 2013 That s a lot of books in less than 3 years Makes me wonder what my lifetime total is.

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    An excellent men s adventure series from the 60s, 70 s and 80 s The first 38 books are outstanding but then the series is taken over by a bunch of new writers, writing under the name of the original creator and they take the series into a new direction I did not care for The first 38 books are very recommended

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