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A Whisper of Roses chapter 1 A Whisper of Roses, meaning A Whisper of Roses, genre A Whisper of Roses, book cover A Whisper of Roses, flies A Whisper of Roses, A Whisper of Roses ffe21c53fdea5 As She Peered Over The Edge Of The Gallery, Sabrina Cameron Trembled At The Sight Of The Sun Bronzed Giant Striding Into View But She Never Recognized The Strangernot Until The Moment She Found Herself Surrounded By Arms Of Warm Steel And Drowning In Smoldering Green Eyes That Had Once Held Cool Disdain But Now Shimmered With Passion Morgan MacDonnell, The Boy, Had Been Her Tormentor Now It Looked As If Morgan, The Man, Would Prove Infinitely Dangerous Though Hatred Divided Their Clans, Morgan MacDonnell Had Come To Cameron Glen Hoping For A Truceonly To Find That By Evening S End The Only Way To Avert Bloodshed Between The Two Families Was For Him To Marry His Enemy S Daughter But Even As Morgan Spirited Sabrina Away To His Rugged Fortress, His Battle Would Not Be Won For This Delicate Rose Of A Girl Would Put Up A Bold Fightand The Spoils Of Victory Would Be Nothing Less Than A Heathen MacDonell S Heart

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    That last 30% Wtf was that Was it even necessary Totally ruined the book for me.

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    This book was a very frustrated read This was one of those books were if the hero and heroine had had one honest conversation, there would have been no story to tell Oh we love each other, great, let s live happily ever after Instead you get 400 pages of constant misunderstandings and a refusal from both H and H to admit their real feelings I like when their bumps in the road in a romance but when you are screaming at both characters throughout the book to stop lying to each other and themselves, I throw my hands in the air and give up.

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    You may break, you may shatter the vase, if you will, But the scent of the roses will hang round it still Sir Thomas MooreWhy oh why, akhir2 ini nemu novel yg bisa jd favorit numero uno fufufuGw dah yakin bakalan suka banget ama ni novel waktu baca prologue nya.Sabrina Cameron, 6taon yg imut,n chubby pertama kali ketemu ma Morgan MacDonnell, 14taon..Kutip pembicaraan pertma mrka bdua yg lucu n bikin gemes Hello, boy My name is not Boy I am Morgan Thayer MacDonnell, Sabrina intoned solemnly, son of Angus MacDonnell and heir to the chieftainship You serve only MacDonnell and hate all Camerons And I am Sabrina, the daughter of Dougal Cameron There s no denyin that Morgan s voice was choked with bitterness You re the devil s own image Sabrina frowned, searching her mind for some common ground where they might meet Do you like worms LOL No Beetles, perhaps LOL Warriors have no time for such nonsense Uniknya novel2 TM trdiri atas 3 Part Part 1 lucu, ngegemesin, n twist nya udah mantappph bgtCeritanya klan Cameron MacDonnell gak pernah akur, ketika Angus MacDonnell dan Dougal Cameron sama2 jatuh cinta ma seorang lady dan Dougal Cameron yg berhasil ngedapetin hati sang lady dr Inggris, makin gak akur d 2 klan ini.Kalo hidup The Camerons dan penduduknya selalu penuh dgn canda tawa, The MacDonnells sebaliknya, mrka barbar n suka berantem..Supaya teteup damai, bapak Sabrina ngundang Morgan tiap summer tinggal di Cameron..Sabrina diam2 memuja Morgan tapi selalu mnjadi sasaran keusilan Morgan dan kakak laki2 nya sendiri..Waktu brumur 6 taon Sabrina pernah bersumpah Morgan gak bakalan bikin dia nangis, jd biar udah di kerjain abis2an dia tetap tegar..Morgan sndiri sama sprti bapaknya sangat mengagumi Elizabeth, ibu Sabrina Dia slalu kangen ma aroma mawar, bunga favorit lady Elizabeth.Setelah 5 taon Morgan gak menghabiskan summer di Cameron, karna masalah2 kecil antar klan yg mulai memanas lagi membuat Morgan tambah kangen ma aroma mawar dan gadis kecil nya The Camerons.Akhirnya supaya damai Dougal mengundang Angus dan Morgan ke Cameron.Pas lagi smntara dinner githu, ada yg ngebunuh Angus.The MacDonnells tentu saja menuduh Dougal yg mnjadi dalang pembunuhan trsebut..Kali ini bukan masalah kecil, tapi maslah besar yg pasti bisa jadi perang antar klan..So menurut hukum Gaelic, Sabrina mesti married ma Morgan supaya gak perang Married d mrka bdua,Lucu bgt pas malam pertama mrka, Sabrina ogah bo2 ma Morgan, Morgan jg yg nsh brduka gak mau menjalankan tugasnya sbg suami Jadi, biar gak ketauan belom nge golin, mrka pura2 bikin suara2 aneh githu, LOLPart 2 sweet, love is in the air udah mulai nyesek ni piling _Apa sih yg bikin kita demen bgt ma hero di nvl romance Kalo gw suka yg sinis, suka ngegodain heroine nya, charming, cool apalgi y pintar n seksi so pasti..Kalo Morgan, secara fisik dia gede bgt 6 3 cakeeep dan tipe gw bgt Flawless nya dia gak belom bisa baca, tapi bukan brarti dia bodoh y No, BIG NOGw trharu bgt pas dia blg ke istri nya kalo Sabrina mesti ngajarin dia baca, ngajarin dia maen catur dll.Sebagai MacDonnel yg harga diri nya segede dunia, kata2 yg keluar dr mulut Morgan itu sukses bikin gw mewek..Malam pertama mrka yg resmi jg soooooo sweet, Morgan romantis sangatttt Oke, sementara hepi2 nya mrka bdua ada aja yg bikin masalah Nah mulai dr sini aer mata gw gak bisa brhenti kluar, gw jd inget ma HR nya Judith McNaught yg jg sukses bikin gw mewek guling2..Part 3 power of love, faith, the payoff, the triumphGak tau mesti nulis apa ttg part 3 tanpa nyepoi bagian pentingnya..Seruuuu bgt soalnya,,,Pokoknya sepanjang part 3 ini gw gak bisa brhenti mewek..Bukan brarti ni novel cengeng, saluuut gw ma TM yg bisa nulis novel seindah n se amazing ini sigh Keknya gw nemu couple hero heroine favorit lagi ni.Gw slesei baca ni novel jam 3.30 pagi, dulu cuma SEP n JM yg bisa bikin gw kaya gini, baca ampe subuh _Extremely love this novel v

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    Once again I loved another book by Teresa Medeiros Again, some of the reviews made me hesitate, but I pressed on.I m SO glad I did view spoiler Some said that they didn t feel like the Sabrina in the Third Part of the story was the same one from the first two.I disagree SHE thought she was doing the best thing for HIM.HE thought he was doing the best thing for HER.Yes, they should have talked, but then where would the book have gone LOLthat s the POINT of books, putting our poor characters through their paces.I would like to have known what that bag of money was for that S saw her father give Morgan before she ran Maybe just his allowance I d also like to know what Morgan did with Eveis she in the dungeon Locked in Bedlam She certainly wasn t safe to have around LOVED that Enid got her HEA hide spoiler

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    Reminded me of Beauty and the Beast with his rough exterior and he learns to be civilized.What I dont understand is that he has lived off and on with her family for years, he should of learned those skills then.It was fine up until her accident, nothing quite made sense after that They never did sit down and work out their issues.

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    A wonderfully romantic book Sabrina and Morgan fought hard to be together against many difficult odds stacked against them Although Morgan was portrayed as the damaged hero, it turned out Sabrina had much further to go in learning how to give her heart over her pride I didn t want to stop turning the pages to watch them on their journey.

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    Morgan n patavats zl klar na a k olacaks n z Ben kitab ok g lerek kimi zaman i im s zlayarak okudum o unluklada g ld m Benim sko lara zaaf m vard r kitab yle yada b yle okurum ama bunu ook be endim K z m za son zamanlarda ok uyuz oldum Yolas m geldiysede bar t lar ya derin bir oh ektik Keyifli bir a k n hikayesini okumak istiyorsan z tam size g re bir kitap Kitap Morgan n iki klan aras bar n temsil etmek amac yla Sabrina n n klan nda her yaz kalmas yla ba l yor Y llar sonra bu iki bacaks z b y m olarak kar kar ya gelirler Bu ziyafette Morgan n babas ld r l r ve su u k z n babas na at lm t r do al olarak Morgan o tepkiyle Sabrinay rehin al r ama k z n annesi Elizabeth k z n kurtar r Morgan h creye at l r ve daha sonra k z m z n babas hatas n d zeltmek i in Morgan a k z n verir Bizim prenses gibi yeti mi , el st nde tutulmu , g l kibi k r lgan k z m z bir da l yla evlenmi ve bu hayata mahkum edilmi tir Ama Morgan n Da l duygular yla tutku i inde yanacaklard r

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    Teresa Medeiros u G llerin F s lt s ile tan d m..Harika duygusal bir romand Yazar miz n kalem cok kuvvetl ,d l ak c ve sade Jud th Mcnaught,Jul e Garwood ayar nda b r yazar Guller n F s lt s Sabr na n n alt yas ndak hal ye basl yor B rb rler ne nefretler ,evlenmeler ,nefretler n n aska donusmes cok cok g zel canland r lm s Hele Sabr na n n Morgan terketme sahnes nde gozyaslar m tutamad m Abone olacag m b r yazar buldugum i in mutluyum.Ne diyelim Ho geldin Teresa.seninle tan t ma ok ok memnun oldum.Ho geldin Teresa

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    My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book This one s got 5 parts A 4.5 stars read from Teresa Medeiros and one of her most fav But, it was a bumpy ride for sure Hihihi, so far I m enjoying it so much, not a moment annoyed me Really I love Sabrina, she is what I want a heroine to be The blurb said she s spoiled but I m yet to see anything spoiled about her, trust me.Morgan, well I always love men in kilts and Morgan isn t any different He s a sexy boy I can imagine well from the description, ahemm I felt so sad knowing what happened to him when he was a kid, it just makes you wanna cuddle and kiss him There were many funny scenes, one was banters between him and his father Almost fell of the bed, I was laughing so hard, my god Morgan is sexy, naughty and hmm, love him pNow, I love their chemistry I m onto chp 8 now, after many twists and turns, they ve already married I ll leave it to that for now I don t know about part 2 It s becoming annoying, embarrassing Poor Sabrina Her naivete is so ah, it s like everyone knows what s going on around her, except her of course After coming to Morgan the lout s explanation will follow shortly castle, she is experiencing the embarrassments of her lifetime I even winced and blushed for her, these includes on the first night there, coming f2f with her husband s one of many whores, in all her glory no less trust me the way she handled the problem later, I didn t quite agree I felt for her, wouldn t wanna be in her shoes Then, her sweet, innocent cousin s lurid revelations Yah people, when she heard noises coming from the cousin s room, Sabrina thought someone was killing her, maybe raping those MacDonnells , which of course, ahem, wasn t the case Lord, I was so blushing in mortification my delicate sensibilities and all that since I had a guess and ah, that poor girl Now, to her lout of a husband When he asked her to share his bed after he kicked the whore outta his room, I was speechless Really Morgan Poor Sabrina had to point out that she won t share his bed where his whore has been a few mins ago Lord And there are many other things about Morgan is just killing me He is insensitive, lousy mostly, not how I expected him to act, not the way I envisioned it at all I would ve kicked his bon bon off doesn t matter he s a 6ft giant, hard muscled and sexy just for that And also because I like Sabrina, she does care about that lout Plz girl, take care Lastly, the MacDonnell clan Crudest, rudest, disgusting entertainment to them means ale and fondling women in front of the others, I don t even wanna explain They stink inside and out Women are as foul as men, they ve already started taunting Sabrina the whore included Every time the men opened their mouth, I was folding myself into a cocoon and clamping my body shut I felt so violated ewww I applaud TM for creating such specimens clap clap BTW Did I mention they haven t consummated the marriage yet there is a funny scene there, don t know how to put it otherwise The lout thinks he s going to court her and Sabrina being sweet and naive is already letting him Grrr PS They made me become a drama queen again note my review of Heather and Velvet , had no choice Then, I had to change my views on Morgan I know wrote long, long comments but this time I m in a fix I m not even sure what to say, such drama unfolding in the end of part 2 and beginning of part 3 Many things happened including they finally did it Sabrina showed a type of kindness I m not sure I d do myself which includes befriending the whore My god She is good I must say Now I just don t know what she s doing She told him she loved him he s yet to confess that , there were many nice scenes, amazing love scenes then this betrayal by someone in the clan, the accident where Sabrina gets hurt and now she s leaving him.Yah, I don t know what to say Morgan is such a lovesick puppy and I love a big, burly man acting lovesick There is a misunderstanding between them again I know why she s doing this but girl, between all his faults, didn t he love you his best sigh I m really hooked, have to see how this one goes Ok, drama I should hate Sabrina for acting like a shrew and making everyone suffer but I can t I think I kinda understand her desperation now, which sort of engulfed her after the accident I feel sad but yet I can t understand her abandoning Morgan I know I m acting as Morgan the lovesick puppy s champion because he really loves her, it s all over the novel Sabrina does too but she s just confused about all these negative changes in her life.Now, Morgan is in London and trying to bring her back to life I love his efforts, they re very genuine, some scenes were funny as well as heartwarming Maybe they re on their way to resolve their differencesI d like to talk about Sabrina s cousin Enid and Morgan s cousin Ranald Would ve loved to see about them, some scenes They re a crazier lot than Morgan Sabrina Lolz Finished it last night Loved it till the end Still there were things bothered me, like the ending which was kinda abrupt, some questions left unanswered Maybe TM wanted us to find our own answers, who knows Morgan and Sabrina are meant for each other, with their faults and all There were drama and twists in the end Well, loved it 4.5 for me.

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    This is the essence of Teresa Medeiros I cried till the last page sobs.I first read this when I was in my my university days, it was in 1999 2000, I can t remember Thus rereading this again is like reading the book with a pair of fresh eyes.The MacDonnells and the Camerons are sworn enemies for generation Thus, by a twist of fate, much crueler than fate itself, Sabrina Cameron is to wed Morgan MacDonnell, as a redemption for Morgan s dad s murder.This story is so enchanting that I cried every time I read a new chapter I realised why I feel in love with Morgan and Sabrina s love story I realised that I have to treasure this book.There are 3 parts of the novel, that each part is dedicated with an event The climax is not one, but two or three times thus it is worthy to read the book, to understand the flow between part 1, 2 and 3 Part 1 is when Sabrina was offered to be the bride for Morgan Part 2 is when Sabrina and Morgan find happiness Sabrina wooing her groom, with her tender heart and soul, and finding alliance in the most unexpected foes , ..They were stunning, like liquid diamonds trembling on her lashes, slipping down her pale cheeks She d finally broken her oath This beautiful girl was crying for him For Morgan MacDonnell, the no good, overgrown son of a ruthless scoundrel.And Part 3 is where Sabrina and Morgan pick up pieces of their love and mend it together Sabrina turning cripple I cried the hardest when I read Part 3, it seems Teresa Medeiros save the best part for last The climax is wonderful, unexpected, beautiful and haunting.The introduction of every part is wonderful, with Part 3 starting with these quotes You may break, you may shatter the vase, if you will,But the scent of the roses will hang round it still Sir Thomas MooreBut ne er the rose without the thorn Robert HerrickFlowers of all hue, and without thorn the rose John MiltonI kind of fell in love with the cover, since it does not give away the story at all I would not expect this book to be a Highland Scottish romance, and there is no generic illustrations on the hero and heroine Thus, my imagination gripped me with Ms Medeiros writings on the setting of MacDonnell s castle.Morgan MacDonnell Remember the MacDonnell motto You ve got to shed a little blood in any fight worth winning