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Set In Stone summary Set In Stone , series Set In Stone , book Set In Stone , pdf Set In Stone , Set In Stone 55142d7b4f Lou Samuels Is Going Home For The First Time In Twenty Years To The Mother She Can Never Forgive, The Boy She Can Never Forget, And A Rural Town That Needs A SaviourLouise Samuels Hasn T Been Home To Stone Mountain Since Graduation Night, Twenty Years Ago And She Never, Ever Thinks About All She Lost That Night So When Her Best Friend Convinces Her To Go Back To Their Drought Stricken Home For Their School Reunion They Strike A Deal One Hour Get In, Shake Your Booty, Get OutLou Knows All About Deals She Manages Acquisitions And Mergers At The Biggest Law Firm In Sydney But The Deal Gets Shelved When The Boy Least Likely To Succeed, Gage Westin, Brings Up Long Buried Memories, And Her Estranged Mother Calls With An SOS Things Get Even Complicated When Lou Agrees To Help The Local Council But Ends Up Working With The Coal Seam Gas Company Gage Is Fighting For Control Of His Property When Lou Discovers Her Mother Is Dying, She Starts To Wonder If It S Time To Face The Ghosts Of Her Past And Make Peace With Her Home But Then Things Heat Up With Gage, The Gas Company And The Council, And Lou Is Forced To Make A Deal With The Devil To Save Them AllShe S Just Not Sure If Gage Westin, And Stone Mountain, Will Ever Forgive Her For It

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    Lou was being brought home, finally, to face the music Louise Samuels swore she would never to return to Stone Mountain, but twenty years later she s tossing back Tequila, dancing to Acca Dacca, and kissing the one man she hoped to avoid, Gage Westin, at her high school reunion And despite her plan to return to the city with her best friend Sharni within twenty four hours, Lou is nursing a hangover when she learns her estranged mother is in the midst of a crisis and she feels compelled to stay Ros Baxter s newest novel, Set in Stone combines romance with a touch of suspense in a rural setting.The suspense is derived from two plotlines The first involves a mining company which seems determined to exploit Stone Mountain vulnerable because of drought, perhaps by any means It s a topical issue of interest in regional areas that Baxter integrates well The second is the painful secret that has haunted Louise for twenty years, which continues to affect her relationship with her mother, Skye, and Gage The eventual reveal is a surprise, but explains Lou s wariness with both of them well.Louise s romance with Gage has been simmering for twenty years and their reunion is passionate, but complicated in a believable way Baxter develops their relationship nicely and I enjoyed the tension between them Because it was the kind of kiss that you get lost in not just lost in time and place, but lost in another person It was a kiss that took all the pieces of your identity and common sense, and scattered them like petals on the breeze, right at the same time that it anchored you in the brutal, beautiful moment The writing is accomplished, with genuine dialogue and good pacing I loved that Baxter headed each chapter with a song title, though I was stuck with the resulting earworms for a while I really enjoyed Set in Stone, the characterisation is genuine, the plot, and subplots, well thought out and the distinctly Australian setting is appealing A great read, recommended for fans of contemporary and rural romance.

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    You wanted to know what I thought, Ros I loved this book LOVED LOVED LOVED IT.Full review soon.ARC from publisher via NetGalley

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    Book 28 for AWW2015I have read quite a bit of Ros Baxter over the last few years and this is the first Rural Romance, she writes over a range of genres and I have enjoyed all of them I went into Set In Stone anticipating enjoyment but also trying to stay away from expectations, than anything I was curious how Baxter would tackle a novel set so firmly in the here and now no fantasy, no science fiction It s safe to say she hooked me quick and reeled me right in, I haven t wanted to put the book down as I desperately wait for answers.The entire story hinges on an event twenty years in the past, one night that changed everything, and I was itching to find out what it was Of course, Baxter kept me guessing until well past the halfway mark and though I came up with a few theories not one of them came close I got a serious case of one chapteritis and an amazing set of blinkers that rendered the state of my house invisible so I could claim oblivion to get to the bottom of the disastrous event, luckily this did not hide the box of tissues from me.Louise Samuels is a successful lawyer in Sydney, far away from her home town of Stone Mountain Louise has allowed her best friend Sharni to convince her to return for their school reunion but first they struck a deal A deal that was supposed to be watertight and was put in place to protect them both One hour get in, shake your booty, get out Of course that didn t quite happen The ground rules set at the door before they entered the reunion were no drinking, no meat, no fighting and no men they didn t last very long either and before you know it the two were at the Welcome Inn washing down pills that would help them sleep off the hangover so they could fly out that evening.Sharni is still very much in love with their home town and being back has freed her to return to her country girl roots and inspired her to pick up her paintbrush, she only left because her high school sweetheart transplanted her to Sydney after they finished school Theirs is a story closely tied into the main storyline.There is so much running through Set In Stone that I really loved but it is all tied into that one event and we all know I don t like to write a review with spoilers, so yet again I m stuck.The remainder of my review will be live at Beauty and Lace.

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    Set in Stone by Ros Baxter was another story using the theme of girl goes back to hometown to face ghosts of past The author painted the mother is such a crude and horrible way I hated it every time she appeared on the page The daughter s relationship with a local farmer was so predictable keep away from me even though I am wildly attracted to you The story only got interesting when a coal gas company wanted to start fracking on properties, so some good comment on this controversial topic.

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    Ros Baxter has made a great contribution to the ever growing Australian rural romance genre in her latest release, Set in Stone Baxter is an author who is new to me, but one that I will be putting on my watchlist, after devouring Set in Stone Baxter s heroine is Lou Samuels, who is facing the internal struggle of returning to her home town after being away for twenty years Lou, in town to celebrate her high school reunion with best friend, decides she must make the trip home has brief as possible However, she does not take into account a family health crisis, a former love interest who needs her and a town council requesting that she fight for them, all of which are drawing her back home Lately I have been enjoying rural romance books that go that one step further by introducing a suspense element Set in Stone is a novel that does just that and gets it right I really did enjoy reading Set in Stone, the writing was personable and the characters relatable Lou, is a great choice of leading lady I found myself sympathising with her completely and understanding the lure of the hometown versus her life in the city as a lawyer The secondary set of characters compliment Lou and the novel to a tea The plot was nicely paced, offering moments of suspense, mixed with laughter, heartbreak, friendship and love Gage is perfectly cast as the love interest, the romance was set at the perfect temperature for this reader What drew me the most into this story was the small town themes such as finances, drought, mining opportunities and land ownership battles Baxter does an excellent job of bringing the readers attention to these all important issues that are a reality for many small towns similar to Baxter s fictional Stone Mountain.I have no hesitation in recommending Set in Stone, a book that combines a superb Australian small town setting with real issues faced by these communities today.

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    Haven t read the author before but believe my fuddled report writing brain can handle quick and easy, slip away into the depths of Stone Mountain.Leaves you wondering what those people I went to school with actually rated me Sadness crept in a points with the evolving characters, wanted to strangle Matt and shout at Sharni to get a grip and stop going back to the idiot Piper shows maturity beyond her years and Gage is just always going to be the go to guy for Lou no matter what.Appreciated escapism.

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    A great Australian tale, with too much going on for it to be classified as just a romance novel At first it felt like there were too many Australianisms, but once the book got flowing, that stopped being an issue It s great to read a book like this that is set in Australia, and it definitely should have international appeal as well A strong story, good twists and secrets, and satisfying conclusions.I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads This has not affected my review.

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    Not sure if I want to go to any school reunions after reading this book Lou certainly gets than she was bargaining on after returning home for one night didn t quite work out that way Found the storyline both interesting and entertaining Some characters were very likeable and others not quite so much, but each one of them had their rightful place in the story Watching out for by this author.

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    Looking at the cover of this book, it would be easy to dismiss this as a rural romance novel However, this book is so much than a romance, an unforgotten love that still burns after twenty yearsit also a tense thriller, with the topic of coal seam gas a very current and topical issue that Australians are facing a strong thread in this story.I adored this book and could not put it down Five stars for this fabulous book by Ros Baxter.

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    goodness, mills and boon in the country..I was looking forward to a great aussie read, but, alas, noI am half way through and seariously struggling.I will perservere, as your reviews give me hope.also americanisms creep in along the way flip flops reallyfinished skipped soooo many pages

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