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    2.5 Wishing for romance Stars

    This is my first book by this author, and although I did enjoy the small town aspect about this book, I must say the romance was way too light for me

    There was 2 kissing scenes and each time the hero pushed the heroine away, and the hero only manned up at 90%, which was way too late for me Their romance felt too rushed at the end, and lacked depth

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    Riverbend Road by RaeAnne Thayne is a 2016 HQN publication RaeAnne Thayne is one of my favorite contemporary fiction women s fiction authors Her stories are filled with warmth and genuine emotion, with well drawn, mature characters, I can relate to This fourth installment in the Haven Point series, centers around Wyn Bailey, a police officer working for Cade Emmett, her brother s best friend, and the man her father mentored, who also happens to be the man she is in love with It is an unrequited love, since Cade has never thought of Wyn in that way or has he A risky, but heroic judgment call by Wyn gets her suspended, when she frightens Cade to death, because he thought she might be dead He refuses to budge on the week long disciplinary action, but finds the incident brought some long buried emotions to the surface, some he may not have even realized he had, and has him fighting his attraction to Wyn, tooth and nail In the meantime, Wyn makes a new friend in Haven Point and discovers she has a dark secret and is running from a troubled past, while Cade finally comes to terms with the events that lead to the death of Wyn s beloved father, and his role in it Although this book is absorbing and deals with some very emotional issues, such as sexual assault and stalking, it isn t strongest addition to the series, but is still a compelling read I liked Wyn, and I thought she set an example for others to follow, with her friendliness, her love for helping people, and her ability to be honest with herself She knows she is not totally satisfied with her life and has the courage to shake things up, which is not always easy to do, when sticking with what is comfortable is so much easier Although, at times Wyn is perhaps just a tiny bit too perfect, overall, she s the type of person you would want as a friend and I admired her tenacity Cade well, not sure, even now I understood his reservations, but he was a bit too stiff, too burdened with guilt, and seemed too squeamish about risk taking, not just on the job, but in his personal life as well He finally comes around, making a few romantic gestures that prove to Wyn that he no longer holds any reservations about starting a romantic relationship with her, and that he is all in, for better or worse, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt For me, the side story involving the new neighbors in Haven Point, which centered around a woman named Andrea, and her two children, was the best part of the story, and was pretty tense The revelations regarding the death of Wyn s father, is a very sad and emotional, which explains some of Cade s reticence and why he carries so much guilt The romance is clean with only a few passionate kisses exchanged, and only a very brief hint of sexual innuendo This is not a deal breaker for me, and I have come to expect stories with emotional depth, and less sensuality, from this author, and that s fine I actually like having a couple work through their issues before they take such an important step, but the author decided not allow the reader inside the bedroom when that day finally came The quality of the story made up for the lack of graphic sensuality and as always, I closed the book with a smile on my face, which is what it s all about, in the end Although I can t say this was my favorite or the best in this series thus far, it is still an enjoyable read, and it is always a pleasure to check in with the residents of Haven Point I always enjoy this author s style of writing, so I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to spend another heartwarming Christmas at Haven Point, finding out what Santa might bring for Andrea and her kids 3.5 rounded to 4

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    I like the characters and town of Haven Point that Ms Thayne has created I also appreciate her writing style and voice.The MC of this book is Wyn who is a police officer on the Haven Point department She is in love with her brother s best friend who is also her boss which she has been able to hide for the last few years, but this is the book that brings her feelings to the surface In addition to relationship issues, she feels that something is going on with the new neighbor next door Her neighbor has relocated to avoid her dead husband s partner who has developed obsessive feelings about her.The plot of this book is interesting however, is takes way too long to get to The last 1 3 of the book was really good, the first 2 3 was slow and slightly boring We get way too much day to day lifestyle that doesn t really add to the plot or the story The relationship between Cade and Wyn really only shows up at the end of the book We hardly see them together.As I really like this small town setting and the characters, I ll definitely continue to read this series, but I hope there s a little plot in the next one.

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    3.5Living in a small town mean there s no traffic but it s wildlife that can create problem pPolice officer Wynona Bailey doesn t date because for her, there s only one man who makes her heart beat faster Too bad it s her boss, the chief of police and that he still see her as his friend s little sister But the day Wyn answer a call about a possible tresspasser and find a barn in fire instead and two children trapped by the flames, it s the beginning of several changes to come for her and Cade But despite his attraction for Wyn, Cade still have reservations Could he be hiding something And what about her wary new neighbor I like that there was no power play with the boss employee thing They were friends and like coworkers While I enjoyed this book, I must say I expected from it The characters were lovable and I don t mind the slowburn romance but I guess it just lacked the little something extra that make it special for me.

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    This is only the fourth book in the series by Thayne but the this series continues the I love it Not only does each book have a storyline that draws you in but the characters and the town just make you believe that you are right there with them If you haven t started this series you re in luck because each and every book could be read as a standalone but it s fun when you start from the beginning of course This story is about the sexy Cade who just so happens to be the Cheif of police in Haven Point He not only takes his job seriously but he s well liked by the citizens he has sworn to protect Cade also has a thing for his best friends little sister Wyn who also happens to be one of his deputies Yikes After Wyn risks her life to save two boys from a fire Cade suspends her for not listening to orders but Wyn is bringing out feelings he didn t know or shouldn t have about her and with being her boss this could be trouble Wyn became a police officer after her twin brother and father will killed in the line of duty She only wants to do what is right Wyn has kept her feeling for a Cade a secret but after one kiss she doesn t know if and how they can go back to being friends With the pull of their feelings and her almost dying Wyn had decided that she needs a change in her life and if that means leaving the police department she will do it Only one person can change her mind but he s a bit stubborn to try This story is all about the road to romance and that s what I love about this series I even forget there are no hot sex scenes because I m too involved in what s happening with their relationship and watching it grow This is a total plus for me If an author can make me forget that I know the writing is good but don t get me wrong I do wish their were some wink I loved each and every character Of course some secrets come to light and some bad guys enter Haven Point but I love how these people in this town are close and stick together They help each other out no matter what the circumstances are If I could live here I totally would Wyn s brothers and sister are in this story and from what I have read in this book they are all single Hopefully in the future Thayne will have each of them find their HEA I really thought this book was a sweet read I love the falling in love with best friends sister stories and this one a great one Hopefully everyone will enjoy this story as much as I did.

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    I am a huge fan of Ms Thayne s books so when I see a new one coming out, well, I have to get my hands on it ASAP There is so much going on in the small town of Haven Point Police Officer Wyn Bailey should know She grew up in this town and returned home to serve after her twin brother and her dad dies Now she is carrying on the family tradition and she is keeping a special eye on her boss Chief of Police Cade Emmett is also a local boy Unfortunately his mother died when he was young so he did not grow up in a happy household That was until he met the then Police Chief Bailey The Bailey family helped him get passed his childhood He has been hiding his feelings for Wyn for some time now but when she risks her life is scares him way too much All that plus apparently Wyn s new neighbor is hiding something and there seems to be a bit of mystery about what happened the day her father was shot This makes for a very hard to put down book I am definitely looking forward to the next installment of the Haven Point series

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    Riverbend RoadRaeAnne ThayneARC received from NetGalley for an honest reviewWhat a wonderful addition to the Haven Point series RIVERBEND ROAD is exactly why I love RaeAnne Thayne s books and devour them rather quickly The secondary characters are from the previous books and it was great catching up with everyone Wyn Bailey is a police officer in Haven Point and her boss is Chief Cade Emmett, who has been the chief since Wyn s dad was shot Cade also happens to be Wyn s brothers best friend She has had a crush on him since she was a kid but never let him know Now they are older and she is having a hard time hiding her feelings from Cade Not to mention the fact that he is her boss and there could be career ending problems if anyone finds out Oh did I forget to tell you that Cade s boss is the mayor of Haven Point, Wyn s best friend Mackenzie Oh yeah you can t make this stuff up As with all of RaeAnne Thayne s stories, you will be instantly drawn to these real life characters and feel the emotions they feel I could not put this book down I had to see what was going to happen The plot is just perfect and the little twists that RaeAnne throws in captures your heart and your head Amazingly written and totally believable, this is my favorite book in the series, but I always say that with each and every new story RIVERBEND ROAD was a quick read for me I was instantly captivated in their lives and was flipping the pages like crazy to see how RaeAnne Thayne was going to wrap up all the storylines I never skipped a single word, I was that engrossed in all their lives The secondary characters in this story will have you cheering Wyn and Cade have some major hurdles to get over and problems to overcome, but if anyone deserves to be happy, it is these two Even though this is book four of the series, it can easily be read as a stand alone I didn t realize I was holding my breath near the last page until I let it out to let the tears flow RIVERBEND ROAD is filled with heart tugging moments and will have you laughing and crying all at once.

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    If you re going into a Raeanne Thayne novel wanting or expecting some hot steamy sex scenes and an immediate romance to bloom you re probably not going to get it but I m no expert and have only read a few of her novels BUT what she does provide is equally amazing.I ve been making my way through the Haven Point series pretty quickly I literally finish one novel and jump right into the next if possible Each new story follows a strong, relatable woman who I honestly read and want to be friends with This far they ve all been just very real women The love interest s have been people already in their lives in some fashion What I like about her way of writing romance is she captures the heart of emotions Her main characters have their own baggage, they re not perfect Their love interest usually has some demons from their past they carry around with them and have allowed to spew so many negative thoughts into their mind, they don t think they deserve love.In Riverbend Road the main character is Wyn who is a police officer She saves two boys from a burning barn and is put on suspension by her boss Cade Cade is basically part of the family His mentor was Wyn s father before he passed and he grew up being best friends with her brother The two are secretly attracted to each other but Cade is the Chief if Police and Wyn is one of his officers.I love the town of Haven Point that Raeanne Thayne has created Love the friendships, the way people are there for each other, beautiful descriptions of the mountains and flowing river, and I enjoy her slow moving romances Love takes time And her characters really go through the motions of calling it what it is Onto book 5 for me

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    Rated 3.5 RIVERBEND ROAD by RaeAnne Thayne brings us back to Haven Point and its small town niceties A welcoming community, Haven Point is a great place for newcomers The main characters outdo themselves this time by helping a woman and her children find a place to belong after they ve been living in fear Easily read as a standalone, RIVERBEND ROAD will entice you to read the next couple s story For reviews, plus travel, garden and food topics with photos, visit The Zest Quest, my pursuit of a zestful life.Police officer Wynona Wyn Bailey rushes to the scene of an emergency called in by her great aunt, only to realize the woman is in a stand off in her driveway with a baby moose and the mother protecting him Great Aunt Jenny isn t in any immediate danger, as long as she stays in her convertible, which isn t likely to happen if that moose keeps eating her prized flowers.Such is life in a small town for a police officer most of the time That is until Chief Cade Emmett orders Wyn to stand down in a fire situation to await the fire department and she ignores him in order to save two little boys The chief suspends Wyn for seven days for disobeying an order, even though the town feels that s a bit harsh Wyn tries to convince Cade to lessen her punishment He resists, but neither of them can resist the kiss that has been burning unrequited for some time.Wyn loves her town but she s unsure if she still loves being a cop Wyn is from a family of law enforcement with the on duty death of her twin brother and father always reminding her and her mother of the dangers on the job Now Wyn has the attraction to her chief to deal with and she s beginning to think she will be better off doing something else in another town.Fans will recognize author RaeAnne Thayne s signature small town sense of humor within the first few chapters I always love those moments that make me laugh out loud and the Haven Point rumor mill is worth a good chuckle.Wyn has a heart of gold and seems to get herself into one situation after another because of her passion Her dog is a great side kick and adds some fun Wyn s relationship with her mother is unbalanced and overbearing, adding frustration, until Wyn begins to understand her mother s side.It took me a long time to warm up to Cade He seemed emotionally removed from Wyn and unable to commit for various reasons He finally got his act together, but his reasoning frustrated me Once I understood his backstory, his actions made sense.I m a huge fan of author RaeAnne Thayne s HOPE S CROSSING and HAVEN POINT series, but this novel moved a little slow for me The only thing that I can pinpoint is that there seems to be an overage of internal dialogue with Wyn and Cade each hashing out within themselves why they should or shouldn t be together I felt there was too much thinking going on instead of moving the story forward with action.I related easily with Wyn s love of hiking through the mountains near Haven Point I could easily see myself hiking those same paths RaeAnne Thayne s descriptive clauses are always spot on, increasing my ability to enjoyably visualize her world.There s also an excellently portrayed, creepy villain who is as slimy as I expected Wyn is pretty clever in the way she reacts to him It s one of my favorite scenes.If you haven t read the rest of the HAVEN POINT series yet, be sure to read my reviews of SNOW ANGEL COVE, REDEMPTION BAY and EVERGREEN SPRINGS.I m especially excited about reading SNOWFALL ON HAVEN POINT, book 5, due to release September 27, 2016 You ll meet Andrea and Marshall in RIVERBEND ROAD and know why I m anxious for their story I have my advanced review copy of the next story in hand, so it won t be long before I immerse myself back into the world that speaks to my heart.Review by Dorine, courtesy of Romance Junkies and The Zest Quest Digital ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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    What an AWESOME Book I think this is my new favorite in the series The characters in this series just seem to draw you in and you feel like you are right there with them Great cast of characters and very well written.Wyn and Cade have had a secret crush on each other for years but have never done anything about it Cade is Wyn s brother s best friend and now he is her boss Cade feels if he acts on it they will both lose their jobs I also loved the extra bonus story line of Wyn s new neighbor.A very heartwarming story you will hate to see it end.Read the book today to see how it all turns out.I received a copy of the book from the author for my honest review Which I did give my honest review Thanks for the copy of the book I really loved it

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Riverbend Road download Riverbend Road, read online Riverbend Road, kindle ebook Riverbend Road, Riverbend Road acf2fdd57ded Return To Haven Point, Where New York Times Bestselling Author RaeAnne Thayne Proves There S No Sweeter Place To Fall In LoveProtecting The Streets Of Haven Point Isn T Just A Job For Police Officer Wyn Bailey, It S A Family Tradition But Lately She S Found Herself Wanting , Especially From Her Boss And Overprotective Brother S Best Friend Sexy Chief Of Police, Cade Emmett The Only Problem Is Getting Cade To View Her As Than Just A Little Sister Cade S Hands Off Approach With Wyn Isn T From Lack Of Attraction But His Complicated Past Has Forced Him To Conceal His Desire When Wyn Is Harmed In The Line Of Duty, Cade Realizes The Depth Of His Feelings, But Can He Let His Guard Down Long Enough To Embrace The Love He Secretly Craves