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Home Run (The Boys of Summer, #2) chapter 1 Home Run (The Boys of Summer, #2) , meaning Home Run (The Boys of Summer, #2) , genre Home Run (The Boys of Summer, #2) , book cover Home Run (The Boys of Summer, #2) , flies Home Run (The Boys of Summer, #2) , Home Run (The Boys of Summer, #2) 3a75a398de4e1 The Second Novel In New York Times Bestselling Author Heidi McLaughlin S Boys Of Summer Baseball SeriesCooper Bailey Finally Has A Shot At Being A Major League Ballplayer, But It Will Take All His Focus And Energy During Spring Training To Make It Happen Complicating Things Is His Instantaneous Connection With Ainsley Burke He Can T Get Enough Of Her, And Before He Knows It, They Re Spending Every Night Together But As Happy As He Is Off The Field, His Focus On It Is Suffering, And He Isn T Willing To Risk His Lifelong Dream Over A GirlBut Without Ainsley, Cooper S Miserable, And His Game Is Still Off No Matter What He Tries, He Can T Get Her Out Of His Head, And He S Starting To Realize That Maybe He Doesn T Want To Baseball Is Just A Game, But Ainsley Might Be The Real Thing Now He Just Has To Convince Her Of That

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    NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK Barnes NobleI have a huge love for Baseball romances, and it s not just because I get to imagine those baseball pants This book is every reason why I love this genre so much and these characters are exactly what I always look for when I pick up a book Cooper wasn t your typical Hero that we get in Sports romances You know the one, the player that has women throwing themselves at him at ever turn Instead he was a really down to earth guy and I loved seeing him relate to Ainsley so well These two had a tough time in life but their pain was lessened when they were together, which was amazing to get to see This story actually surprised me with how deep into emotions it got but I loved that it made me feel so strongly for these characters This is definitely a book I would recommend, not only for sports romance lovers, but for all lovers of a brilliant romance with a swoon worthy Hero ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Are you ready to run to one sweet and heartfelt sports romance If so, batter up and get ready to fall for Heidi McLaughlin s Home Run Cooper Bailey is on track to living his dream of becoming a professional baseball player With spring training coming up, Cooper is well aware that this is his one shot and nothing will stop him from fulfilling his dreams and passion Well, what happens when he meets Ainsley Burke When Cooper meets Ainsley, there is an instant attraction Chemistry that is an indescribable As Cooper pursues his career, he also finds himself pursuing Ainsley as well So will Cooper discover hitting a home run in the big league is just as difficult as winning the heart of Ainsley Home Run is a very sweet, light angst and cute romance As for heat factor, it was tame but it worked for the story line of Cooper and Ainsley So are you ready to batter up and discover this sweet catch of a love story Heidi McLaughlin

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    Link to full review below Character driven sports romance Family drama provides the conflict I liked the hero, but the heroine seemed a bit immature at times.

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    4 starsI really enjoyed reading Home Run by Heidi McLaughlin.From the first few pages I knew this was going to be my kind of read The writing is well done, the storyline held my interest throughout the book and I found myself connecting with both lead characters.I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between Cooper and Ainsley, they had great chemistry and both were likable entertaining characters.I m a big fan of sports romances and Home Run turned out to be a great read.Looking forward to reading from this talented author.Purchase Links dp B01LYO4N6 Barnes Noble Thank you to the publisher author for the advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts

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    Drama off and on the field This is my first venture on the baseball field with The Boys of Summer and Cooper and Ainsley knew how to turn on the emotional heat Both were at turning points in their life and found each other at the best worst time they could There days were chock a block full of so much, but the attraction they felt for each other was something neither could resist I love this author s easy writing style and ability to connect me with her characters When I first picked up this story I admit it didn t seem to hold my attention which surprised me I put it down for awhile and when I went back to it, the words spoke to me the way I hoped Yeah, sometimes it is just me, not you I felt Ainsley s pain and Cooper s indecision mar the happiness they were finding with each other It wasn t a home run right off the bat, there was a lot of drama from them both that aided and hindered their need to be together Not over the top drama llama s but certainly a lot for fledgling love to weather Thank goodness, at the end of the day, they were grounded enough to deal with it all and figure out what was important A solid first outing and has me wanting to find of those Summer Boys Diane, 4 stars

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    Kitty s review 4.5 starsHome Run was just a triple for me until things started really picking up and the truth finally came out I adored Ainsley in the beginning in the middle I was getting a little perturbed with her in the end, it all came together and I loved her again As for Cooper, it may have taken him a bit but he finally figured out what being a team player and having someone to love meant.Ainsley had her issues Issues with men Issues with her home life Her one constant is her job and she loves where she works She s sworn off all athletes and refuses to fall into the rut so many of the woman in town fall into She will not fall for some baseball player who is going to love her and leave her right after Spring Training But, there is something about Cooper He doesn t come off as a player , he seems sincere and caring and he s leaving When she finally does give him the time of day, her life falls apart and everything that she was afraid of happening, happens.Cooper has lived his life for baseball since he was a little boy It was just him and his father growing up and he s on the brink of living his dreams One person is standing in his way and it s up to him to show the bosses who would be the better option He has a hard road ahead of him especially when his father shows up especially when he starts falling in love with Ainsley His one saving grace turns out to be his nemesis He ll learn the words team player He ll learn the word trust He ll also learn what it s like to lose the one person who completed him.Home Run was filled with love, lies and mystery Heidi McLaughlin brought forth the true feelings of what a Rookie has to be going through to earn his place on the team She handled love and loss with grace She added some twists and turns that were unexpected She gave us complete characters with true emotions and feelings She wrote a beautiful story that showed us the true meaning of believe, trust and love.Review copy provided for a voluntary review.

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    ARC Provided by the Publisher and NetGalley I am really disappointed by this book.I get it, a sports hero needs to be arrogant, they need confidence or they will never get anywhere But, there is also a fine line for me where the arrogance turns into being a jerkand when you tell off a 3rd grader for saying he doesn t think you will be in the startingline upat a charity event, well, that line is crossed for me In a big way This wasn t the first thing Cooper ssaid that rubbed me the wrong way, but it was my final straw on this guy.I can t read a book about a hero I can t stand and want him to get the girl She deserves better Maybe he maturesI would think he would have tobut I am not going to hang around to find out.DNF

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    OUT OF THE PARK, LOVED THIS I m not a baseball fan, it s not something that s big in my country but it didn t matter, the characters and the plot was what gripped me Ainsley and Cooper first meet when he is doing a fan tour at the zoo with children, something Ainsley has organised being a worker at the Zoo.Cooper is new to the team, a rookie, his whole life has lead up to playing in the big leagues and with an overbearing father the last thing he needs is a relationship but it s instant attraction for both of them There s hindrances and opposition along Ainsley and Coopers journey to a hea Home run is definitely not a smooth hit and run there s plenty of obstacles in the way making this a page turner of a read, I was completely rooting for this couple to find a way, they are great characters, and Cooper is definitely a swoon worthy BBF.I loved the news and blogger parts in between chapters, brilliant idea.Home Run is compelling, steady paced, told in dual pov s and an ideal weekend relax and get immersed kind of read that will have you swooning,anxious and happy throughout the journey to the final home plate There s also a little big of hotness thrown in a well balanced read Looking forward to Travis Kidd s book, that guy has a wicked sense of humour and I can t wait for his story Arc received by netgalley for reviewhttp www.bbbf sizzlereads bestbookb

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    4 Stars 3 Flames This is WAAAAAAAAY too cute for words After reading the first in this series, I was a little worried about continuing it Don t get me wrong I enjoyed the first one, but I found it predictable which didn t pull me in as much as I hoped for But this one It was just right Was there still some predictability in it Of course, but it wasn t blatant like the first and I found myself fully engulfed in this one I mean, I finished it in a day Cooper is the new rookie for the Renegades But he s not the youngest player, nor is he the least experienced In fact, he finds himself having to fight for a position he thought he already had but finds out that the player he s supposed to replace ISN T retiring after all Cooper can t seem to get his head fully in to the game because he s got other things on his mind Between being completely enad with the girl from the local zoo, trying to find a place on the team and his father all over his performance or lack thereof , Cooper just can t get his career under control.Ainsley is a zookeeper Well, she was until her mom became very sick with cancer Now she runs the front office and is in charge of the media and field trip day involving the Renegades Dating athletes isn t anything new to the local girls in town, but Ainsley has sworn off any athlete after a disastrous relationship turned sour So when Cooper shows up, courts her properly and gets under her armor, the temptation is just too much But of course that s not the end of the story Ainsley s mom has always stirred her away from athletes Why Good question It s a major theme in this story and one that adds to the shocking conclusion.Like I stated before I was pleasantly surprised by this second book of the series I felt engaged with the characters both main and secondary I enjoyed the Blog this time around probably because it didn t involve a main character But importantly, the ending was such a beautiful HEA that it left me feeling good And I m actually wondering who s next Although I m crossing my fingers for one loud mouth toddler hint hint.Is this a stand alone I would say that you could absolutely skip the first one and read this without missing anything But in all honesty, you shouldn t I think you d actually follow along better if you did read it I received this book from the Jeep Diva in exchange for my honest opinion.