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The Tiger Catcher pdf The Tiger Catcher , ebook The Tiger Catcher , epub The Tiger Catcher , doc The Tiger Catcher , e-pub The Tiger Catcher , The Tiger Catcher a4909a2346b The First Novel In A Beautiful, Heartbreaking New Trilogy From Paullina Simons, The International Bestselling Author Of Tully And The Bronze HorsemanCan True Love Ever Die Julian Lives A Charmed Life In Los Angeles Surrounded By Friends, He Is Young, Handsome, And Runs A Successful Business Everything Changes After He Has A Fateful Encounter With A Mysterious Young Woman Named Josephine Julian S World Is Turned Upside Down By A Love Affair That Takes Him And Everyone Else In His Life By Storm For The Two New Lovers, The City Of Angels Is Transformed Into A Magical PlaygroundBut Josephine Is Not What She Seems And Carries Secrets That Threaten To Tear Them Apart Seemingly ForeverA Broken Man, His Faith In Tatters, Julian Meets A Mysterious Stranger Who Tells Him How To Find Josephine Again If He Is Willing To Give Up Everything And Take A Death Defying Trip From Which No One Has Ever ReturnedSo Begins Julian And Josephine S Extraordinary Adventure Of Love, Loss, And The Mystical Forces That Bind People Across Time And Space It Is A Journey That Propels Julian Toward An Impossible Choice Which Will Lead Him To Love Fulfilled Or To OblivionThe Tiger Catcher Takes Readers From The Depths Of Despair To The Dizzying Heights Of Joy In The First Novel Of An Unforgettable Trilogy Of Love Lost And Found For All Fans Of Outlander, The Time Traveler S Wife, And Jojo Moyes

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    Any book by Paullina Simons is always a guaranteed good read, and The Tiger Catcher was no exception I wont really go into the plot except to say Julian finds Josephine, loves Josephine, loses Josephine Then, with the help of a shaman, Julian goes to find Josephine.A lovely book, full of love, grief and angst, we follow Julian as he staggers through LA and London, and in the end he risks all to find his girl Beautifully written, Paullina Simons captures Julian and all his emotions intimately We feel we are on the journey with him as he withdraws from his friends and family I found this book very hard to put down and I ll be looking out for the next installment to follow the continuing saga of Julian and Josephine A compelling book, I recommend this one.My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Well, this was completely different than anything else I ve ever read Paullina Simons I have the Bronze Horseman trilogy on my shelves saved for a someday read I have longed to read it, so hopefully someday comes soon I can tell you this reading The Tiger Catcher definitely made me want to grab them right away The Tiger Catcher is edgy It s the first in a shiny, new trilogy, which is even exciting because there s of this story to be told The Tiger Catcher is billed as a romance, but to me, it s so much The story here is an epic one, and it s much bigger than the love between two people It s also bigger than their pain There s intense, emotional pain that left me bereft at times Julian and Josephine are the couple They live in Los Angeles Josephine breaks Julian s heart by leaving In order to find her again, Julian must take a trip bestowed upon him by a mysterious stranger What ensues is what can only be described as an adventure Will Julian ever find his true love again You can tell based on the synopsis, there s a touch of science fiction to this novel I don t want to go into it and spoil anything, but just know, in my opinion, it only adds to the story and its marvel While I didn t always find Julian and Josephine to be the most relatable of characters, they are complex and I admired that Their story hooked me, so I how I felt about them individually didn t matter as much I m talking around this story quite a bit to avoid spoilers, and I ll conclude with this We are apparently in luck because the next two installments of this trilogy are already finished and releasing soon in succession, so I don t have to wait long to find out what s next And I am eagerly awaiting whatever that may be I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog www.jennifertarheelreader.com

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    TheTigerCatcher NetGalleyOMFG thank thank you to the peeps that I WILL LOVE FOREVER for telling me that this was on Netgalley I GOT accepted The Bronze Horseman The Bronze Horseman, 1 is what got me HOOKED on this AMAZING author If you have not read it OMG read it This series is the best series that has EVER been written

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    Well I almost don t know where to start Considering this author is the author of one of my favourite novels of ALL TIME, i had HIGH hopes Especially considering this is a trilogy and it was sold as an epic romance In turn, what i got was a heroine Josephine who was immensely unlikable, vacuous and basically a complete liar On the flipside, Julian, our hero of the novel was like a lovesick puppy, who dumps all of his friends and commitments when he falls in lust with Josephine I really really couldn t connect with their romance and barely saw love there, let alone an EPIC love Considering all that, i really didn t think it warranted view spoiler Julian becoming a total shell of himself and then throwing his whole life away on prescription drugs and into a black hole like portal to find the love of his life. which was like a blip on my radar, none of the usual flutters and certainly NO comparison to our beloved Bronze Horseman love affair hide spoiler

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    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review There ll be another time for you and me.There ll never be another time for you and me. In what is a planned trilogy, The Tiger Catcher introduces us to Julian and his love and obsession for Josephine Collins From the moment he sees her on stage he is captivated and can t believe when he sees her again months later across the country in a book store Simons has this couple s story swirling questions of fate, destiny, mere coincidence, or eons of soul searching Written in an ephemeral tone, the sentences are shorter at times and moments with and between Julian and Josephine felt like short bursts of energy the texture of the story takes some getting used to.The majority of the story is told from Julian s point of view which I think hurt my personal connection to Josephine but probably works for what the author is going for in regards to the overall series structure After Julian reconnects with Josephine, he immediately breaks up with his girlfriend and becomes consumed with her He has a very close friend named Ashton that from the beginning is very wary of Josephine and at first you ll probably read it as jealousy Josephine also has a friend, Zakiyyah, that reads the same way The story takes a turn, however, and details are revealed about Josephine and the bubble Julian has been living in gets popped Be careful who you pretend to be. The beginnings chaotic happiness is contrasted with the middles abject grief and Julian ends up wandering London and addicted to Klonopin as he deals with the loss of his Josephine With the knowledge the reader now has about Josephine, there won t be much empathy for this character and Julian s views, thoughts, and emotions start to read very skewed the beginning feeling of soulmates will be questioned The writing style of this part made it hard for me to really connect to the characters and therefore this extended wallowing made the story drag If you have read Simons before though, you ll know that little, seemingly innocuous details, can later have high importance, this thinking kept me locked in Julian was no one on a river of nothing on the way to nowhere, all because a Hmong shaman said, you want to see her again The later half brings in the mystical aspects that the writing style and tone were working for and the pace started to pick up again I love when author s take real things, like the Prime Meridian and Transit Circle, and infuse them with myth while utilizing them in fantastical ways The story shifts from grounded in reality to time travel as the Hmong shaman, Devi, Julian fortuitously or destined found his way to, tells him that while Josephine may be lost to him in this world, he can find her in another The story then shifts to the year 1603 But they still won t be cheering for you, Lady Mary, Julian says They ll be applauding for the thing you re putting on for them, for someone else Don t you want to be loved for the young woman you actually are Don t speak to me so presumptuously about love, she says And no, I want to be loved for the woman I pretend to be This part of the story I really struggled with, as even though, Mary aka Josephine is supposed to be immature, it makes Julian s obsession with her even frustrating If it is the author s intent to make you feel this way because the payoff and understanding develops in the second or third book, I suppose that is understandable since reader s go in knowing this is a trilogy but it still makes this first book a struggle to get through This latter thirty percent or so, was all Mary being a brat and introducing the idea that maybe we can t change the threads of our fate, predestined is predestined Heavy questions but not relayed with very enjoyable characters to read about my relationship with even Julian became very frayed here.The story ends with Julian leaning toward a possible cataclysmic decision The fabric of the story and characters was a little murky at times and I wish we could have gotten to know Julian s friend Ashton better the real love of Julian s life perhaps Their friendship was the highlight of the story for me and the only one that rang true What I found missing could easily be by design because of the trilogy aspect but I m not sure I connected with or was pulled in enough to read on in the series.

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    3,5 STARSThis isn t exactly what I was expected but still it was good, I enjoyed most of it There were so many times in this one that I was frustrated with the characters and I stopped reading it until I was feeling it again.This is an insta love story which sometimes works with me , here it wasn t a big problem.

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    Best birthday gift ever And I really do mean that This woman is freakishly talanted and turns everything she writes into gold.Update May 2018 OMG how long do we have to wait for this book I will literally wait forever if I have to but come on How much patience is a fan supposed to have Update July 19 OMG OMG I think I just fainted I just found out that End of forever is actually a triology and the titles are THE TIGAR CATCHER, A BEGGARS KINGDOM and INEXPRESSIBLE ISLAND I can t tell you how excited this makes me Finally a new book from PS Not one, but three, and they are apparently already done SQUEE

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    The Tiger Catcher is the first book in the End of Forever trilogy.This book is divided into three parts The narrator of this book is Julian 3rd person POV.The book starts with an intriguing and unusual prologue set some time in the future.The main characters in this book are best friends Julian and Ashton And a woman Julian meets named Josephine.I really wanted an epic romance And I can see that the author wanted this romance to be amazing But unfortunately the heroine was very self centered And the hero was so obsessed with her that he basically ignored his friends and job I guess you could call it insta love But I was a bit confused how Julian felt so much for her.There were some really good characters in the book I really liked Julian s best friend Ashton He was such a good friend and really did than any one person would be expected to do My favorite the most interesting character was the shaman, Devi He was such a unique and different character And even though his part of the story was not what I was expecting I really enjoyed him a lot.This book is filled with tragedy and adventure And the story definitely took an unexpected turn after part one.I don t usually like to know too much about a story before reading it But in this case I think that it is important to know that this story is not a regular contemporary romance There are fantastical elements And I m not exactly sure how I feel about that part of the story It made the story original But it also made the story seem impossible view spoiler Two big parts of this book are 1 time travel and 2 reincarnation I am not sure if knowing these things in advance would be helpful or spoilerish Both are intriguing concepts But they definitely make this book fantasy and less realistic hide spoiler

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    Got up to ch 19 After LOVING The Bronze Horseman series, I was looking forward to this SO much and just felt unconnected and bored I couldn t stand Josephine after learning what a liar she was and Julian fell too hard too fast Maybe it s timing right now but I have to put this one to the side and maybe I ll re try again at a later date.

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    True love never dies This is the tagline featured on the front cover of The Tiger Catcher, written by Paullina Simons, best known for her international bestselling novel, The Bronze Horseman The Tiger Catcher is the first novel in the End of Forever saga and all three books in this series will be released this year The Tiger Catcher is a novel that delivers a love story like no other, suspended by time, adventure and hope.Beginning with Julian, a young man who resides in Los Angeles, Julian s world is forever changed when he embarks on a fateful love affair with a woman named Josephine Julian is consumed by Josephine, dropping all of his friends and commitments to be with the woman he loves But Josephine is a woman with a bevy of secrets and these secrets will determine the couple s final fate Paullina Simons presents a contemporary love story with a strange twist, issuing her readers with the ultimate adventure story that crosses time, place and space It reminds us that love often knows no bounds and for Julian in particular, his love for Josephine is going to take him to places he never would have imagined The Tiger Catcher is a book that really sends the reader off kilter, on trek towards true love, heartbreak and hope.Paullina Simons has a firm position in this reader s heart Her well known book, The Bronze Horseman has remained my favourite book of all time, despite the fact that I read it over 10 years ago It seems some time has passed since we had a Paullina novel In an unusual move, the release of The Tiger Catcher is to be followed by the quick succession of two books in the new End of Forever saga and all three books in this new series will be released by the close of the year.I wasn t entirely sure how I was going to respond to this novel, I do know I had high hopes, being a long standing Paullina fan However, a fellow book blogger did warn me about the narrative twist in this book I won t go into explaining the nitty gritty of this aspect of the novel, as I would hate to venture in spoiler territory for potential readers of this series going in blind I will say that there are subtle hints to the fantastical, mystical world, perhaps even sci fi You do need to have quite an open mind for The Tiger Catcher, but it is well worth venturing into this wonderfully conjured world of magic and impossibility for just a short while I appreciated to chance to step into another world, creatively composed by Paullina Simons.If love at first sight romance stories are your weakness, I am sure that The Tiger Catcher will draw plenty of appeal I do love these kind of stories and I enjoyed walking in the shoes of the couple of this story Julian and Josephine reminded me just how skilled Paullina Simons is at portraying those grand, once in lifetime style love stories The epic, heart pounding, can t sleep or eat kind of romances Julian and Josephine s love is presented extremely well by Simons and although they are not a touch on Tatiana and Alexander, I still enjoyed their journey.In The Tiger Catcher Julian is determined to find his way back to the girl, Josephine and he downright refuses to forget her This is where the influence of a guru of sorts, Devi, comes in the picture Devi, along with many of the supporting cast are fleshed out well by Simons This is where the book takes quite a dive into a completely different narrative direction.The Tiger Catcher is certainly an emotional, swirling and mind boggling novel It has moments of airy light and gentle humour, along with darker moment of loss and intense aching for that one person that defined your life However, underneath it all is a strong message of hope and longing that dreams can come true, if close your eyes and wish hard enough The Tiger Catcher marks a very different novel from a much loved author I am confident that The Tiger Catcher and the following two books in the End of Forever series will be embraced by readers worldwide I wish to thank Harper Collins Books Australia for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.

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