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    What a strange feeling to read a book and feel like it was written with me in mind I picked this one up on a whim I love stories with mediaeval settings, have a soft spot for tales of Robin Hood, and the title character shares my name my chosen name To be honest, I wasn t expecting much I had never heard of the book or its author, and thought it might be nothing than mildly diverting children s lit.In the first chapter, the book surprised me, and I revised my estimates, both of my expectations, and of the target audience This is not a book for ages 9 12, but like 12 15 I was a little worried when there was magic so quickly in the story I like fantasy, but I m wary of seeing it mixed with historical settings and non magical legends But in the end, I felt like this book had just the right amount of magic and flavour of paganism about it.And then then 13 year old Rosemary rejects her femininity, declaring outright that she does not want to be a girl or anything that comes with it, dresses herself in boy s clothes, adopts the name Rowan and I was lost I know some people would consider Rowan a Marysue, with her magic half elfin mother, Robin Hood as her secret father, elf gifted bow and arrows, and special half wolf dog, but I don t care she is everything I want from a young protagonist tough, brave, kind, competent and nonbinary Yes, I know that the author is probably just making comment, via the character, that being young and female in the mediaeval period sucked, but I choose to read the character as nonbinary, and there is nothing in the text to contradict this reading Sometimes Rowan wishes to be feminine, and sometimes masculine, and neither choice is framed as a bad thing.Rowan is befriended by three other characters who don t fit into the world they inhabit a half wolf pup she names Tykell, a large, sensitive, somewhat feminine minstrel boy named Lionell, and a runaway princess named Ettarde, who scorns her father s plans to marry her off, as well as the idea that a woman s only value is in her appearance and her chastity Together, they rescue Robin Hood from the Sherriff of Nottingham, and Rowan must decide whether or not to tell him he s her father, and that she s not the outlaw boy he thinks she is.The story was engaging, and in places, surprising The characters were likeable and realistic the villains were a little flat, but oh well The ending was satisfying and unexpected I read the whole thing in one sitting I want to believe that Rowan grew up gender non conforming, into a great healer and fighter, and that she and Etty fell in love, and lived happily ever after And I just checked and apparently there are 5 books in this series, as well as many other books by this author I may need do some reading

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    3 1 2From the author of the Enola Holmes stories which, if you ve been paying attention, you know I adore a similar type of story which follows the daughter of Robin Hood Since I quite like Robin Hood as much as Sherlock Holmes, I just had to give them a go.I thought the story was pretty good, and I liked the magical fae aelfe in the book aspects of the story, definitely adding a fantasy element to the story I admit I was a bit worried that the stories would be a little too similar to the EH books, but I think Springer did a good job of making the characters and the narration voice of the two series very different both of which suited to their particular heroines Also, this one is told in third person perspective, which gives it a different feel I thought the character of Rowan was fairly well developed, but a lot of the other characters were less so As the beginning of a series it was a good general introduction even if I wish view spoiler Rowan had joined Robin Hood s band instead of sort of creating her own hide spoiler

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    Rowan Hood Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest was a bit silly at times, but hey, it s in the YA section, so it s bound to have a bit of childlike fun in it On the whole I really, really enjoyed the book, which is part Robin Hood, part My Side of the Mountain, and part The Mists of Avalon Reading this made me want to pick up Nancy Springer Upon entering this review I learned that Rowan Hood Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest is actually part of series This pleases me greatly, but I m also curious to see how Nancy Springer does writing for grown ups Lots to explore among Nancy Springer s work I m looking forward to it.

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    I always hem and haw over the star ratings maybe I should give this a five I thought it was a well written and exciting YA book Robin Hood is the Robin Hood of legend both reckless and gallant The descriptions of the woods are compelling and make me wish I were there The story could confuse some young readers though, because it seems to be historic fiction but is really fantasy One thinks it is a tale set in the brutal middle ages, but then suddenly finds references not only to spirits and powers, but also to faeries who actually exist The aelfe are definitely less malevolent than in many tales of faerie, but still are mysterious and beautiful I think a lot of young girls would really enjoy this independent yet loving young heroine who is trying to find her place in the world Older readers will find Rowan a bit too modern in her sensibilities In addition, Lionel, while interesting, seems a bit redundant too similar to Little John AND a minstrel.Potential problems for Christian parents Rowan s mother is called a witch not only does she practice the healing arts, she also has special powers, including apparently, the ability to disappear although then why doesn t she disappear in chapter 1 oh, well slight plot hole perhaps Rowan s mother is not married but does have a child A reference is made to the lord s privilege of sleeping with peasant girls at age 14 Lionel is foppish and somewhat effeminate Rowan speaks or prays to the spirits of the water, the trees, etc Because Rowan is so sympathetic and because the forest is described as so beautiful, I could see sensitive young readers being drawn to this sort of nature religion.There are many references to magical things, but the book doesn t come off as an occultic book but rather a fantasy tale Still it would be interesting to see how the author deals with Christianity in the character of Friar Tuck.

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    I love rowan hood This was, I think, my first exposure to robin hood outside of the Disney movie with the fox I read these way back in 6th grade or so, and I m ever so happy to be rereading them as an adult See,THIS is a decent children s robin hood novel This is good The writing is just wonderful, and Rowan s great, even if she is a bit modern this is to be expected in a girl focused hood story, I believe And they actually address the fact that she WAs NOT an outlaw until the end of the story THANK YOU Nancy springer So, this is the story of Rowan Rosemary, a girl who sets of to Sherwood Forest to find her father after her mother is murdered And her father is None other than robin hood XD now, I like that while robin is an important supporting character,hes no the book s main focus This is Rowans story So even if your not a hard core hoodie such as myself, you can still in enjoy a great story Theres an a bit of a fantasy element thrown into with rowan and the elf creatures, but like with robin its OK, because it doesn t overpower the main focus of the book Rowans jounrey to find her family and where she belongs Its certainly there, but at least its not an easy out for helping our young heros out of a jam I also adore her little gang of misfit outlaws Lionel, so far, I think is my favorite He s such a big softy sweet heart.

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    Thirteen year old Rosemary and her mother, a healer with elfin blood and powers, have always lived alone in a small cottage in the forest The villagers come to her mother for cures, but the lord and his men fear and distrust her, believing her to be a witch But Rosemary never expects that they would go so far as to kill her mother But in just a few moments on a peaceful day, they do Rosemary knows the same men who killed her mother might now come after her, even though she lacks her mother s powers So she takes on a new identity Disguised as a boy, Rowan, she sets off to find the man her mother has always told her was her father, the famous outlaw Robin Hood Along to way, she teams up with a giant boy whose size does not match his scared nature, and a princess fleeing an arrange marriage But even with the help of her new friends, will she find her father I recommend this enjoyable historical fantasy adventure to young readers, especially to girls who enjoy stories featuring strong heroines There are several other books in the series about Rowan Hood and her friends, and the other books are enjoyable reads as well.

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    First in a series of 5 This really is a kids book, but it s fun light reading, and may also be enjoyed by those of all ages who are fans of the Robin Hood legend Rowan or Rosemary has always been told by her mother that she is the daughter of the outlaw Robin Hood When she is left alone in the world, she decides to run off to the forest, disguised as a boy, to join Robin s band, and to find out what kind of man her absentee father might be.There are the expected outside the law hijinks, as well as some mythic revelations it seems that Rowan is also a quarter elven, although this never plays heavily into the plot perhaps it becomes significant in subsequent books Rowan must come to terms with Robin Hood and with herself, as she matures and forms her own group of friends in the greenwood.

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    Boy, Logan just ate this up Rosemary s half Aelpha sort of Elfen mother is killed by the local lord s henchmen, so she has to figure out how to survive on her own Her mother had once said that Rosemary s father was Robin Hood, so she sets out to find him, acquiring on the way a dog wolf, an over sized boy minstrel as a friend, and some help from her Aelpha kinsfolk She disguises herself as a boy and takes the name Rowan There are 4 books in the series and although it looks like they re not as good as this one, Logan is committed to reading them all It was pretty predictable for me although not for L but it was a fun romp through Sherwood Forest.

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    The first time I tried to read this book in Aug 2007, I couldn t get through it it just didn t capture my interest at the time This year I read the Enola Holmes series by this author and really liked them, so thought I d give this one another go It s not as good as the Enola series, in my opinion, but I do like the author s ability to make strong heroines without making all men dumb, brutish, and mean Not that some aren t, but not all of them And the women aren t completely helpless and clueless, but do have to realistically I mean, for a kids book figure some things out It was good.

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    Fun and easy read It s not terribly deep or complex but I appreciate the handling of magic and Rowan s gender exploration I m curious about the sequels and where the author might take the characters and story over time.