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Wild Embrace download Wild Embrace, read online Wild Embrace, kindle ebook Wild Embrace, Wild Embrace a5d5732e8542 It Did Not Take Long For Marisa Montfort To Fall Inn Love With The Lean, Dark Frenchman Nicholas Pomfrey At First Glance He Made Her Gypsy Blood Boil And Awakened Her Sleeping Desires Although Still A Young Innocent, She Knew That She Had To Follow Him Into The Louisiana Wilderness For The Thought Of Nicholas Demanding Kiss And Intense Caress Made Marisa Yearn To Spend All Of Her Days By His Side And All Of Her Nights In His BedNicholas Pomfrey Swore Never To Marry He Couldn T Be Saddled With A Fragile Female For The Long Journey From New France To His New Home But Something About Marisa Intrigued Him He Was Enchanted By The Way Her Raven Hair Framed Her Beautiful Face, And Hungered When Her Hips Swayed Knowingly Beneath Her Skirt He Couldn T Deny The Passion She Stirred In Him And Once He Tasted Her Honeyed Lips He Knew She Would Be Bound Forever In His WILD EMBRACE