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    Keri s life wasn t easy At sixteen she loses her parents in a tragic accident, living after in many foster homes Now at 24 she works as a bartender while finishing her degree in Sociology She also works at The Freeway Station, a home for children who have problems at home Keri s life is shattered when she finds out she has breast cancer, stage two Her only support is her roommate and best friend, Tanner.Jace is a 27 years old man who also has cancer, throat cancer He s a humanitarian, helping people through his organization He s also an artist His family is wealthy, but they doesn t support him like a family should do Instead, they plan his life He doesn t have a real support in his girlfriend Morgan, because she doesn t accept he has cancer.Keri and Jace meet each other at their chemo sessions They become friends very fast, soon both of them looking forward to these meetings You are so different from other women, Keri I ve never met anyone like you.I never expected this.Me Never expected what Jace You I never expected you, Keri They feel drown to each other from the beginning, they are connected by a bond that nobody sever They don t need wordsthey can communicate just looking at each other Soon Keri starts to fall for Jace, but Jace has Morgan He loves his girlfriend, he doesn t want to be without her, even if he feels this strong connection with Keri Everything changes for Keri and Jace when Morgan breaks up with Jace Reading the prologue you will think this will be a depressing read It really wasn t I truly enjoyed the first half of the book, but after, it started to drag a little bit The first half it was refreshing for me because like I said it wasn t depressing or super emotional like I expected.I liked both Keri and Jace They are strong and determined to fight and live They are perfect I mean very perfect too perfect For me they didn t feel always very real AnywayI liked how strong they are They have so much faith and hope I love their banter, their sweet and funny moments together and their connection What I didn t like is how fast Keri falls for Jace Too fast for me If the first half was entertaining, the second half felt a little flat The story has too many plot devices for me I felt it was too much There s too much going on There s angst and drama,like I expected it, but also there s some unnecessary drama, like the drama in the end Overall, I like this one, but I didn t love it

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    There are only two reasons people don t show up for chemotherapy If that isn t a grabber I don t know what is This book is one of those random gems you find while scrolling online and think hmmm maybe I ll click you I honestly didn t really expect much of it but after reading that freaking prologue I WAS HOOKED Abstract Love is a story of hope, second chances, love, fate, perseverance, and fighting against the odds.Keri is a 24 year bartender working towards a Sociology degree as well as volunteering at The Freeway Station, a home for troubled teens She s gone through a lot in life After losing her parents in a terrible accident and then bouncing around from foster home to foster home, she has finally found her calling and is determined to stand on her own two feet and follow her dreams, with the help of her room mate and best friend Tanner But there is one thing standing in the way of these dreamsKeri has stage 2 breast cancer Dr Olsen informed me a few short months ago that I have stage two breast cancer, now I live my life by the numbers Ninety three the percent chance I will survive the five year mark Thirteen the number of cycles of chemotherapy I must endure Eight the number of eggs harvested from my ovaries in case the chemo fries my insides Sixty five the percent chance I will lose my hair A few weeks into her chemo sessions, fate intervenes and paths that have been crossed merge into one, and with the new addition to their weekly Monday morning session group enters a man who will most likely change her way of life forever OH MY GOODNESS Seriously I cannot explain the how this book made me feel but I will try Holy butterfly, swoony, over the top feels This is definitely one of those books that will stay with me always I haven t felt this way since The Fault in Our Stars and Ruin I honestly didn t go into this with many expectations because there weren t many reviews to go through, so when that prologue threw me on my ass I was stuck I have never had a prologue make me go all teary eyed like that I was literally holding my breath and fearing for the worst Keriis my freaking hero She is an amazingly strong character She s already been handed the short end of the stick in life, losing her parents as a teen, being forced into the foster care system and then finding out she has cancer at such a young age, you would think that it would ruin her, but hell no She didn t let it run her life and I totally admire her strength and her will to move forward She picked herself up and lived life as well as she could and would still try to make the world a better place Jace, where do I start with this amazing man He s smart, funny, hella hot, humble and extremely talented but his hot spot lies in his giving heart A humanitarian who lives to give back to those less fortunate is amazing, and how he goes out of his way to bring a smile to someone s face had me melting He really is the epitome of the perfect man He s extremely loyal and though he fights his attraction to Keri daily, their dynamic friendship is super cute What we find out early on is that Jace has a girlfriend, and though he is a loyal and amazing man, he realises that there is something about Keri that s drawing him in They have a sort of companionship that we see flourish and grow into a beautiful friendship Their back and forth texting was hilarious and to see their friendship grow was just so special I swear I was in love with Jace by chapter three This author has an amazingly gripping writing style that keeps your eyes glued to every page, so much so that I inhaled this book within hours I could not put it down What you also don t know is that this book brought me out of my review writing hiatus I haven t written a review all year and this random beauty brought me outta retirement because it was THAT good that I had to, and I mean I HAD TO write a review in hopes that it would spread the word and have people recognise the epicness of this book But what this book also brought me was a slide show of memories of good times and some not so good This subject really does hit close to home and it s something that I hold dear to my heart A few years back I lost my grandmother after an epic battle with breast cancer Going through years of chemo, remission, scans being clear only to find a few months later it s come back was definitely a difficult period to go through Though through her struggles, she never gave in and let the cancer beat or define her She always had a smile on her face and I honestly do commend and take my hat off to all those amazingly brave people out there who go through this day in day out and can still look on the bright side of life and not let this silent killer run their lives is so freaking awesome There are seriously no words This book was brilliant and it was written so well that I have nothing but positives and happy feels about it Sooo to sum up my novel of a review I urge y all to drop what you re doing and go get this now It is definitely worth the read and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for a sweet story about how two people from different worlds can find comfort and solace in each other while going through one of the worst situations imaginable Take a chance and you ll see why I love Keri and Jace s story 5 Amazingly Beautiful Stars

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    5 I Never Expected You Stars This book was absolutely amazing From the prologue There are only two reasons people don t show up for chemotherapy This alone catches your breathe and you can feel the emotional hurricane begin Keri, so young, but the life she has lived thru is unthinkable Losing her parents in a fire at 16, she is now homeless and lost She closes herself off from the world and loses her feeling for life Until the day she begins to steal petty objects, she feels the adrenaline kick in, but that doesn t last long as she is busted and sent to a youth home where she meets her best friend, Tanner As she turns her life around with his help and love, she puts herself thru college, and finally feels happiness, until bad news comes knocking againher breast cancer diagnosis.As she begins her cycles of chemo, in walks the man that changes everything..Jace Young and handsome, 27 year old Jace, has been diagnosed with throat cancer and can t speak He talks in whispers and texts Instant eye contact leads to a bond between these two that is beautiful and connected in ways neither dreams of You are the best side effect of cancer As their connection grows each chemo encounter, they both want but there is one problem standing in their way Morgan, Jace s longtime girlfriend.They both agree friendship is path they need and respect those boundaries If only their hearts agreed to these terms As they support each other and understand the hell their cancer is putting them thru, they fall in love Friendship contines, and the journey is filled with the fate that they were meant to be together Neither can fight the bond they share Neither understanding their bond, until Keri tells her story of the fire That tragic day has bonded them together without them knowing.When fate plays the ultimate hand, Keri learns that Jace and his girlfriend have broken up They begin to test their friendship in allowing tiny bits of their love show Their connection continues to be tested by outside obstacles These obstacles don t stand a chance against the power of their connection and strength to fight You were my inspiration, Keri Watch me as I love you I have never had a book actually push me to be a better person The story is beautifully done and has weaved it s words in changing the way I look at life Thank you Samantha Christy

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    I really loved this one It touched my heart in so many ways

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    I am not strong enough to read a book that deals with cancer.

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    You may love this, but this book is not for me The hero has a girlfriend whom he loves She breaks up with him before he gives his love to Keri the heroine I can not stand books where the hero loves his girlfriend, does not want to be without his girlfriend, and it takes his girlfriend to break up with him for him to move forward with the heroine This is a personal reading preference I am not telling you not to read it I loved the premise, but can not handle a hero that loves another until the other does not love him back.

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    Abstract Love is the best book I ve read all year An emotionally gripping love story with amazing characters that fall in love in an atypical situation I don t want to be the type of reviewer that spoils the plot for you, but suffice it to say that this is not your typical love story in your typical setting, with the typical characters with the typical problems In my opinion, this book is extraordinary It tackles hard, real life problems with humor and grace and demonstrates that true love does indeed conquer all I have been known to read up to 700 books a year, and for a book to make this much of an impression on me is really saying something I ve already downloaded Samantha Christy s other novel and I cannot wait to get started If it s half as good as Abstract Love, I m already hooked.

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    This is by far a stand out of the year AMAZING story and wonderfully written Recommend to all 5 well deserved stars

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    I almost gave up on these two but strength and love prevailed

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    This book is absolutely AMAZING Seriously, it s one of the best books I ve ever read It s about a girl and a boy, who both suffer from different types of cancer It simply makes you understand what it s like to people in real life who suffer from serious diseases and how they feel about it and how other people approach it Jace and Keri are both so brave and amazing I must admit I fell in love with Jace the very first time he showed up in that hospital for chemotherapy I loved his character and his gentle personality He s a great humanitarian and would do anything for people who really need help And how he helped everyone from the chemo is amazing and it made me love him even He knew those people weren t really rich and the little gifts he gave them Oh My God I m seriously in love with him.Keri is amazing too She was annoying at some points, but then who wouldn t be when the person you love shows you that he has some kinds of feelings for you but won t really admit it, plus Jace was in a relationship with Morgan almost through the whole book And she was kinda b ch to him Like she loves him but she can t stand seeing the condition he s in because of the cancer For God s sake she left him because she couldn t stand seeing him after the side effect of chemo started showing I felt so sorry for him and also thought that he was an a for not admitting his love for Keri earlier It could ve been much easier for both of them, but whatever, it all turned out good in the end so I felt overjoyed in the end I felt giddy and sad while reading it and I smiled and cried at the same time Seriously, you have to read this book You definitely won t regret it and will feel extremely happy after you finish it.

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  • 21 August 2019

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