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Antisemitism quotes Antisemitism , litcharts Antisemitism , symbolism Antisemitism , summary shmoop Antisemitism , Antisemitism ab49e71c An Argumentative, Controversial Analysis Of The New Antisemitism, By The Historian Who Defeated David Irving In CourtAnti Jewish Violence And Vandalism Have Been On The Rise In Europe In The Last Five Years Deborah Lipstadt Asks, Does This Mean We Are Returning To The Brutality Of The S No , Is Her Initial Answer, Quickly Followed By It S Complicated Connecting Different Currents In Contemporary Culture, Such As The Resurgence Of Racist Right Wing Nationalisms, Left Liberal Tolerance Of Hostility To Jews, The Plight Of The Palestinians, The Relationship Of Antisemitism To Anti Zionism, And The Rise Of Islamic Extremism, Lipstadt Explores How Contradictory Forces Have Found Common Scapegoats Lucid And Convincing, Antisemitism Will Calm The Fearful, Rouse The Complacent, And Demand A Response From Readers

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    Update I bring this book back up today Given the horrific occurrence at the Jewish cemetery in San Diego This is an OUTSTANDING AUDIOBOOK it will open your eyes Audiobook read by Ellen Archer, Paul Boehmer, and Phoebe StroleThis is an OUTSTANDING Audiobook Given all the noticeable antisemitic occurrences in recent years Charlottesville and the shootings at the Pittsburg Synagogue.left wing groups targeting Jewish students and Jewish organizations on American College campuses..and Nazi slogans popping up around town.we can t deny that Anti Semitism is HERE and NOW Author, Deborah E Lipstadt, A professor of Jewish history at Emory University wrote a very timely book I love the way this book is written EASY TO FOLLOW.HOLDS OUR ATTENTION.Over the course of a year, Professor Lipstadt, And..one of Lipstradt s Jewish students, Abigail, who is about to graduate and go out into the world, And..Professor Wilson, Joe a non Jewish law Professor from the same University , examine modern antisemitism from every angle In conversational style..through emails Group Viewing for all three of them Abigail, and Professor Wilson send emails to Professor Lipstradt and ask valuable questions, and share concerns They lean on Lipstradt s years of expertise study to help them understand WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON AND WHY They ask for tips, opinions, inquire about what they can do exploring MANY THOUGHT PROVOKING IMPORTANT QUESTIONS.THIS IS NOT AN ACADEMIC book It s intimate and personal It s a fantastically ENGAGING READ definitely important to Jews and non Jews SURPRISINGLY A VERY ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE spending time with THIS BOOK Perhaps enjoyable is not the correct word I agree but what I m trying to say is it s NOT AT ALL BORING NOR HARD TO COMPREHEND This book is perfect for THE MAJORITY THE LAYPEOPLE regardless if politically savvy or not AWARENESS happens naturally through the journey one takes with this conversational injury book Abigail asked the professor a simple embarrassing for her , question what is the correct way to spell antisemitism.and why are there so many different spellings Is there any meaning behind the various ways it s spelled The answer was fascinating to me I had never thought about this question.Abigail brings concerns to the professor about social conversations with non Jews on campus about antisemitism Are Jews themselves to blame in part of so much hate We look at conspiracy theories, delusional theories, illogical theories that we can t understand look at ways to define it , extremism, enablers, dinner party covert antisemites, clueless antisemitism, racism antisemitism, Israel s government, Zionism, De Judaizing the Holocaust, BDS, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions , etc etc.OUTSTANDING HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE.I PROMISE or I ll eat my hat.that it s not only NOT BORING.but you come away with better vision better hearing and better informed 5 STRONG STARS

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    I became interested in this subject because of the news coverage of Charlottesville and the shootings at the Pittsburgh Synagogue Therefore, I decided to read this book The book is well written and researched Professor Lipstadt explores the subject in a series of letters to fictional composites Abigail, a Jewish student, and Joe, a non Jewish colleague Lipstadt examines current day antisemitism The author also discusses the conspiracy theorists or ideologues who cannot be reasoned out of their view points I enjoyed the discussion about how to spell antisemitism and the meanings put on words Lipstadt skillfully examines antisemitism In the last few years, I am surprised at how rapidly worldwide antisemitism has spread.I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible The book is seven hours and thirty seven minutes Ellen Archer, Paul Boehmer and Phoebe Strole do a good job narratoring the book.

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    This morning in the New York Times, there was a full page aid thanking Trump for having appointed a person to monitor and combat anti semitism Yeah, that was my reaction too Considering Trump s reaction to what occurred at Charlottesville, let alone his ad that no real network agreed to run, one does wonder why And this wondering even occurs when one takes into account the rise of anti semitism that has been occurring One also wonders what Dr Deborah Lipstadt thinks of it LIpstadt s new book focuses on anti semitism, not only explaining exactly what it is, and how it gets tied up and sometimes conflated with criticism of Israel The book includes a look at the boycott Israel movement as well as whether certain politicians on both sides of the pond are anti semitism She just doesn t just examine trump and Corbyn but also other public figures and their comments.The book is designed as an email between Lipstadt, a student, and another professor who is not Jewish This allows for the answering of questions what it the difference between anti semitism and criticism of Israel, where do the two melds, how does one combat the racist belief that Jews control everything Lipstadt does seem to be in part inspired in terms of structure by Coates work, a debt which shedoes acknowledge.

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    The is little doubt that anti semitism is on the rise, fueled by the explosion of social media and the rising tide of hatred in the U.S and overseas This book dives into current examples of anti semitism and white nationalist violent demonstrations happening in the U.S and in Europe today as well as in the past, including a long look at Holocaust deniers I did not care for the book s format, where Lipstadt uses a series of letters to guide her wide ranging but seemingly unfocused discussion Anger against Israel s treatment of Palestinians, unjustified fears of Jewish control of governments and the media, even stereotypes or arguments that Jews are better off than other minorities, indifference to aggression against by political leaders like President Trump, the Labour Party in the U.K and in France, and the failure of Warsaw bloc to acknowledge their complicity in the deportation of Jews are some of the many reasons for this deplorable situation.

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    A profoundly disturbing and timely book I m going to need time myself to think about it The book is arranged in the form of email exchanges between Lipstadt, one of her graduating students, and a non Jewish colleague from the law school Each chapter critically examines a particular aspect of antisemitism, putting each in historical and sociopolitical perspective, evaluating the origins and significance of each, and discussing possible responses Far personal than any of her other work that I ve read, and profoundly honest.

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    Professor and author Deborah Lipstadt has made her name countering the slimy, hurtful acts of Holocaust deniers It s safe to say she has become the most well known, and effective, person in defending the memory of Holocaust survivors, so than even some institutions Her voice has become one of authority and leadership in the push back against Holocaust denial and with it, antisemitism In her new book, written as letters to a fictional Jewish college student and non Jewish professor, she tackles the history and present of antisemitism head on, explaining how we got here and, in very helpful ways, how we should be in the face of the lingering, pestilent hatred and bigotry that is antisemitism.It s not particularly the easiest thing to crawl up on the couch and read a book about antisemitism I ve been reading and learning about it almost my entire life, yet still I found insights in this book to be new and helpful And I leave this book newly charged to be bold, outspoken and confident not just in my pride and identity as a Jew, but someone willing to witness and vocally identify antisemitism if when it occurs.It s all here, including how criticism of Israel and Zionism can and cannot be made and wielded as a form of antisemitism It s generally pretty simple Critique of Israeli government policies, including its disastrous, incessant control of the West Bank and now its nonchalance towards moving to a two state solution though Israel alone is not responsible for that are fair game Banning Israeli academics from conferences because of their nationality, voting down Jewish students from college student councils, banning pro Israel progressives from marches and activities on seemingly unrelated topics, like feminism and equal rights, is not.It s this latter point I found to be most interesting I ve always assumed antisemitism comes from the right, in the form of Nazism and white supremacy That, of course, doesn t include what Lipstadt calls dinner party antisemitism, when someone makes an insulting remark without realizing how antisemitic they are being Throughout the book Lipstadt is steadfast in pointing out antisemitism comes from both the left and the right.She provides many examples of how progressives have come to so closely identify with pro Palestinian and anti Israel philosophy that it has come to exclude and punish anyone who disagrees The thinking is one can t truly be progressive if they are pro Israel or Zionist It s as if one can t work together to fight against climate change if one closely and strongly supports Israel as a Jewish home, as I do Again, disagreement on Israeli policy is one thing Israelis themselves are generally as vocal and in disagreement with its own government and against continued occupation of the West Bank as any other group.But singling Israel out when China, Russia, and most other Middle Eastern countries are guilty of similar or worse violations of misogyny, homophobia and human rights is antisemitic Calling for boycotts of Israel alone, or refusing to work with pro Israel supporters, is antisemitic.Closer to home, Lipstadt engages with the pernicious reality of the rise of white supremacy and antisemitism in the United States Swastikas desecrating Jewish community centers and synagogues The shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh The ever present, seemingly innocent degrading of Jews and the age old stereotypes of malicious power and greed over the world.And of course she includes a section on Holocaust denial and revisionism, which seeks to either deny the historical record of the Holocaust, or to lessen the very specific attack that it was on European Jewry.One does not walk away from this book feeling good or hopeful It antisemitism hasn t been erased from our society by now, it never will be.But that s a call for vigilance, not acquiescence That s a call to be on the lookout, not for resignation That s a call to mourn the reality that synagogues and Jewish institutions must post security guards at their entrances, but also to walk past those guards and to continue living Jewish life with energy and enthusiasm and spirit.Antisemitism exists as does homophobia, racism and misogyny But it does not define us and we can t let it Our work is to strive to make the world a better for place For better or worse, we ll never run out of opportunities or chances to do so.

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    Difficult book to review cause of the subject and these hate filled times in our country.This author a Professor at Emery U has dedicated her life to study of the subject of antisemitism and the holocaust the organized manifestation of the hatred of Jewish people the form of this non fiction book is correspondence between the author Dr Listadt and a student Abigail and another professor Joe who is in Law Abigail is jewish and Joe is not All three are examining the subject and they look to Dr Lipstadt for her experience and her knowledgeSome of what she reports on is the phenomenon on campus and the organized protests by many muslims who have a fierce hatred of Israel and extrapolate that onto the jewish people She talks about a prevalent group fueling this BDS Boycott Divestment Sanctions Reading this became very difficult for me and I returned the book to our library after I read about 3 4 Im grateful to myself and to the library San Francisco Public Library that I had the ebook and I did finish the book Im left with what we as Jews can do in dealing with this standing up for what is rightJudy

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    OY VEY

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    To say anything worthwhile about antisemitism you need calm, lucidity, intelligence, and a faultless moral compass, all powered by a proper feeling for racial justice Deborah Lipstadt has the entire skillset That s why her new book is so welcome, so necessary, and so clear.David Hare Antisemitism comes in different shades, all of them ugly not least when it comes from those who regard themselves as champions of liberation To fight this abomination in all its shades, Deborah Lipstadt has given us a sage, sober, and lucid manual for the perplexed and willfully blind An outstandingly useful book.Todd Gitlin, Author of The Sixties Years of Hope, Days of Rage i A must read at the time of a mounting wave of aggressive nationalism and xenophobia in the world today.Professor Jan Gross, Author of Neighbors The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland A leading scholar of Judaism explores just about every manifestation of contemporary antisemitism, with plenty of history included for context A didactic tour de force approachably presented. Kirkus The most powerful and important element of Antisemitism is Lipstadt s clarity on the impact of words Violence doesn t just appear out of the blue it is enabled and encouraged by language Her book is essential reading for anyone perplexed about antisemitism and how we got to this point.Ruth Smeeth, Mail on Sunday Lipstadt has written a book that combines erudition, clarity, accessibility, and passion at a moment when they could not be needed . The New York Times Book Review The book deals with Trump, the alt right, social media and Holocaust denial, European populism, Islamism, leftist anti Zionism and Jeremy Corbyn So it covers, and covers well, the big concerns of modern Jewry a valuable book. The Times A timely book about contemporary anti semitism timely because all the signs are that we are entering an era when this ancient prejudice is having new life breathed into it.Hugh Linehan, The Irish Times This is not an academic history of antisemitism It s something valuable an act of zooming in the moral lens on what is happening in the world today Read Lipstadt s new book And then give it to your children and grandchildren It is that good and it is that relevant.Jeffrey Salkin, Religion News Service Lipstadt s insight and perspective contextualise current events crafting an informative read for those interested in social justice and political and Jewish history. STARRED REVIEW Library Journal Keeping her tone measured and carefully noninflammatory, Lipstadt presents an intelligent, evenhanded explanation of why Jews come under attack today Informed, historically sound, and deeply rational, her book offers both convincing reasons for the recent rise of antisemitism and apt advice to call out and combat it. Publishers Weekly The present book is not a history but a reckoning with antisemitism in its current guises and contortions.Geoffrey Brahm Leven, Canberra Times T he timeliness of Lipstadt s nuanced and accessible discussion of contemporary antisemitism cannot be overstated Lipstadt provides a useful taxonomy of antisemites Antisemitism here and now is a sobering but accessible read by an eminent scholar.Helene Meyers, Washington Independent Review of Books A rigorous examination of antisemitism s alarming rise worldwide Her central thesis, that genocide begins with words not with acts of violence is a reminder of the urgent need to call out and resist anti Semitism in all its guises. Australian Financial Review In a very accessible and thoroughly interesting book, the author has managed to pack in a terrific amount of thoughtful material, ranging from why she prefers to spell it antisemitism no hyphen or capitalisation through to her rugged defence of free speech.Anthony Smith, NZ International Review

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    A book that s written in letters It tells how small things are made to be acceptable which then makes others acceptable that cause and things to be acceptable Explains why you can t accept things as they are and why It needs to be stopped What s different about antisemitism today It s on the political right and left and Islamic.

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