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After the Eclipse summary After the Eclipse , series After the Eclipse , book After the Eclipse , pdf After the Eclipse , After the Eclipse 316586dc14 A Stunning Psychological Thriller About Loss, Sisterhood, And The Evil That Men Do, For Readers Of Ruth Ware And SK TremeyneTwo Solar Eclipses Two Missing GirlsSixteen Years Ago A Little Girl Was Abducted During The Darkness Of A Solar Eclipse While Her Older Sister Cassie Was Supposed To Be Watching Her She Was Never Seen Again When A Local Girl Goes Missing Just Before The Next Big Eclipse, Cassie Who Has Returned To Her Home Town To Care For Her Ailing Grandmother Suspects The Disappearance Is Connected To Her Sister That Whoever Took Olive Is Still Out There But She Needs To Find A Way To Prove It, And Time Is Running Out

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    After The Eclipse by Fran Dorricott is an edge of you seat, guessing game of a thriller whilst reading you get a little heart sore too, there are many moments where your given enough descriptions of certain things in the book that your mind and heart fills in the blanks and turns it a little darker You need plenty of time to read this as it s easy and page flipping.It s the kind of book you read and everyone could of done it and in the end you still can t actually believe who it was and what was right under your nose as a reader let alone right in front of the characters.It also has those kind of moments where all you can think is oh for god sake come on and in the next breath the ending leaves you with oh my god I recommend this to everyone.

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    Thrillers and mystery are not my normal genre of choice, but this is a book that may convert me Dorricott has achieved a stellar debut, layers of mystery on mystery that keep the reader entranced and engaged Like the guilt ridden protagonist, Cassie, I found myself jumping to all sorts of conclusions, thinking I could foresee what was coming, only to turn the corner to another complete surprise The pacing, the straightforward language, the very ordinariness of the characters, one of whom you know to be a demon but which one make for an unstoppable, unforgettable read I was fortunate enough to have received an ARC of this remarkable first novel We can only look forward to .

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    Twisty, creepy, and impossible to put down Loved this.

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    Firstly, a big thank you to the author for letting me borrow a copy of After the Eclipse.This book is heavy with guilt and fraught with tension Cassie is a mess who spends her life chasing the past to try and make up for it The twists are delicately woven together, leaving you guessing with every reveal This read balances a detailed mystery with an emotional rollercoaster that works incredibly well An amazing story with complex characters and intricate relationships, I can t wait to read by this author.

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    What a great debut novel, full of twists and turns, a real page turner 16 years after the disappearance of her sister, Cassie returns to Bishops Green where it all happened to take care of her gran who has dementia and to escape her life in London Haunted both by her sister Olive and her own guilt Cassie a journalist finds herself enmeshed in trying to uncover a similar disappearance in this sleepy backwater town In doing so she embarks on a journey of self discovery and finally gets closer to the truth of the disappearance of Olive.The plot is tightly woven and pulls you into this mystery like a magnet There are so many secrets and lies that it was impossible to guess who the perpetrator was Just as I thought I had it sussed another curve ball appeared to blow that theory out of the water Good likeable relatable characters, plenty of suspense and momentum kept this read at a fast pace I devoured this in just under a day The who dunnit does not come out until the very end a very accomplished debut that results in a very enjoyable read I look forward to Fran s next novel 5 stars and highly recommended.I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

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    I just could not put this book down This is only my second book that I have marked as 5 stars this year so far With this story, we follow Cassie in two different time lines You have Cassie when she was younger and at the time when her sister went missing right about the time of an eclipse You then have the older Cassie who has returned to her home town when another girl goes missing, just in time for the next solar eclipse There are so many similarities between the disappearance of Cassie s sister and the girl who has just gone missing in the present day that Cassie can t help but thinking that they are linked in some way, so she starts to investigate.Yes, this story does have aspects that are pretty typical for thrillers but there were a few twists and turns in this story that I really were not expecting and I have to be honest and say that I really did not figure out the ending before it happened That one did really surprise me A really surprising thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat For reviews, please check out the link below Debra s Book CafeDebs

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    4.5 Rep lesbian mc, bi liCWs implied child abuse and rape, alcohol and drug abuse

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    If you enjoy your thrillers with a bit of a difference, a unique angle, fast paced storyline and memorable characters, then this is certainly the book for you Having recently started my journey into the Genre of Thrillers, I have dived into it wholeheartedly for a couple of reasons The stories are as varied as the Authors who write them, as are the changes of direction in the storylines Yet the situations are eerily believable in how they come about This Author has certainly delivered another gem for avid Thriller fans I adored the fact that this was from the Sisters perspective, it made it so much different from traditional Crime stories of being from the view of the investigator, and also gave it that bit of a personal feel The back story was wonderfully done, so that we can connect with the Characters, and truly understand the pain, frustration and need to know the full story.The dual timelines were perfectly done, at each point giving you just that added bit of context, a bit detail so you were gripped tightly by the flow of the story, whilst holding back enough to keep you guessing, and certainly guessing incorrectly.I loved the Authors writing style, it was an intriguing mix of easy to follow and read, and eerily honest feeling It has the somewhat disturbing skill of making you feel like you are in the story, and as you can imagine, with a thriller that is both uncomfortable and invigorating at the same time.The chapters are just short enough, they aren t too long, which I find in Thrillers just adds to the suspense and tension all the , giving you just the right amount of detail and keeping you engaged, without giving the game away too quickly.Add in the gorgeous detail that s easy to follow which is often found within the Young Adult Genre, and this is the perfect book no matter what your mood Want something engaging, that will grip you from start to end Perfect Fancy something easy to sink into and wind down with Perfect Something new and a bit individual Perfect.This story really does have a little bit of everything going for it Overall, this was a lot of fun to read, and kept me up late into the night because I kept thinking just one chapter I needed to know where this was going And I will certainly need to know where the Authors subsequent stories go as well

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    MY THOUGHTS I received this book in exchange for my honest review.Okay, this book kept me turning pages It took one day to read, even with breaks A fantastic psychological thriller with one major creep factor The building tension, fast pacing, chilling plot with lots of unexpected twists and turns perfect.The author can weave a story, drawing the reader into a dark and disturbing world of compelling intrigue and shuddering outcomes Love the tight writing and the author s voice You couldn t wait to see what was going to happen next.All the characters were regular Joes with regular issues What made them extraordinary was the way they developed as the story progressed, very effective As the story unfolded, these characters became complicated and layered The reveal was bang on.Loved the ending, loved this author Can t wait to see what she does next.

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    Fantastic So many ways to be kept guessing A real page turner from start to finish I really believed in all the characters Highly recommended.

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