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    I re read it along with a Scribd audio and now it was very easy for me to do this When I read it in the first time, it was very hard to understand the English vocabulary, even though it is a children s book I hope I m really improving my English.

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    Such a cute book I love mallory and her cute personality because I can totally relate to her in this book.In this book mallory is going back to school But this year, she s going to a NEW school, making NEW friends, and most important, she s taking her mom with her Mallory thinks there is nothing worse than having her mom for a new music teacher But later she thinks different I think Laurie Friedman s writing style is made for making reading enjoyable I m not that big a fan of reading, unless I have an interesting book to read, and this is one of my favorites this was an amazing book to read and I recommend it to most girls

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    Recently I have started reading Back to School Malorry by Laurie Friedman I think that the theme of this book is to overcome change and fear, because Mallory thought that her new school was going to be terrible but in the end things came together and ended up better that she thought Mollory immediatly thatought that she wouldnt know anybody, she wouldnt see her best friend, and the first day she had to take her mom with her to school In the end she ends up staying in touch with old friends, finding new ones along the way,and doing new things with new people.

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    This book was great Not as good as Mallory On The Move, ut it was still a great book about friendship, personality and attitude Mallory is really embarressed when her mom becomes the music teacher at her school, and keeps embaressing her in front of her class What will Mallory do Read to find out

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    I think mallory is selfish and she always wants everything kinda like..me but the book was still good I think that it was terrible what mallory did during the show that her mom set up and she should not be embaressed by her mom.

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    I love this book and what it s about

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    Mallory starts at her new school, with her mom being a new teacher there, and faces a variety of problems Again, the author does a great job of getting inside an 8 year old s head Throughout most of the book, Mallory is unhappy with various situations, but like in the other books, she learns how to deal with the issues and change her attitude, and the problems are resolved The main lesson in this book is about giving people situations a chance, rather than pre judging the situation as a something that is horrible I like also that this also deals with accepting the changes in her life as she lets go of some of the past, and doing what you have to do, even if you don t like it As in the other books, the heart warming resolution and lessons learned all happen rather quickly in the last couple chapters I appreciated that, in the end, she and her parents talked openly about her frustrations and feelings, and that s a reminder to me to listen and dig deeper into what my kids are thinking and feeling when they are acting out with bad attitudes or behavior Maybe if these issues were talked about earlier, it could have prevented some of the bitterness.

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    Summer is over and that can only mean one thing for eight year old Mallory McDonald like the restaurant, but no relation she has to go back to school But not just any school, a new school with all new kids in it To make matters worse, her mom is going, too She s the new music teacher, and Mallory can t think of anything that could possibly be worse until her first day She has to sit with Pamela, who always says the right thing and steals her ideas Joey is so busy with his old friends that he has no time for her, and to top it off, she s picked to be an eggplant in the Fall Festival her mom is putting on It s not fair What can Mallory do Should she give Pamela, and her new school, another chance

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    This book was amazing, it s about girl who moves to a new place and a new school At first she doesn t like it at all the since her mom is the new music teacher and her best friend Mary Ann get the teacher that they had both dreamed of since kindergarten Then she is incredibly upset cuz there is a play called the Fall Festival, she doesn t get the part she wants She gets a eggplant Then she has the invite her best friend to come and she doesn t want to When it is her part she pretenses to break a leg since brother said to in show talk

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    Lingkungan baru bagi beberapa anak memang sulit untuk beadaptasi , salah satunya MalloryCeritanya sendiri setelah Mallory On The Move , setelah musim liburan berakhir , Mallory gugup dengan keadaan ibunya jadi guru musik di sekolahnya sendiri , temen temen baru , dan juga hari pertama yang bisa dibilang kacau sekali Terus , konflik sama temannya , Drama musikal ibunya dan juga tidak ketinggalan selalu ada Mary Ann setiap Mallory mau curhatWalau terbita lama , tapi menghibur kok Ilustrasinya juga menarik , dan terkesan tidak membosankan.

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Back to School, Mallory (Mallory McDonald, #2) download Back to School, Mallory (Mallory McDonald, #2) , read online Back to School, Mallory (Mallory McDonald, #2) , kindle ebook Back to School, Mallory (Mallory McDonald, #2) , Back to School, Mallory (Mallory McDonald, #2) 71bfdca5c2c2 Summer Is Over And That Can Only Mean One Thing For Eight Year Old Mallory McDonald Like The Restaurant, But No Relation She Has To Go Back To School But Not Just Any School, A New School With All New Kids In It To Make Matters Worse, Her Mom Is Going, Too She S The New Music Teacher, And Mallory Can T Think Of Anything That Could Possibly Be Worse Until Her First Day She Has To Sit With Pamela, Who Always Says The Right Thing And Steals Her Ideas Joey Is So Busy With His Old Friends That He Has No Time For Her, And To Top It Off, She S Picked To Be An Eggplant In The Fall Festival Her Mom Is Putting On It S Not Fair What Can Mallory Do Should She Give Pamela, And Her New School, Another Chance