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Lewis Rand files Lewis Rand, read online Lewis Rand, free Lewis Rand, free Lewis Rand, Lewis Rand 5acd6d406 Written In By Classic American Novelist Mary Johnston, Lewis Rand Features Characters Drawn With Wonderful Psychological Penetration Set Amid The Splendid Chaos Of The Jeffersonian Era, Where The Great Men Of The Day From Jefferson Himself To Aaron Burr And Many Others Take Stage, It Is Nonetheless A Personal Character Study Of One Man Driven By The Will To Succeed Lewis Rand Is Truly A High Point In Johnston S Oeuvre

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    Lewis Rand is the story of an ambitious son of a Virginia tobacco planter, who aspires to political power It is set during the Federalist period, against the backdrop of Jefferson s presidency and the beginning of the two party political system in the United States The beginning is rather slow, and seemed a bit hackneyed about the poor boy making good, complete with marrying the upperclass girl and ascending the dizzying heights of political office Our hero is overly ambitious and makes a misstep by supporting Aaron Burr s misguided attempt to start his own Empire over the Mississippi Rand is exonerated, but then murders his one time rival in a fit of passion The last quarter of the book is far better than the first three quarters, as we read about our hero s regret, struggle to retain his grasp on his image, and the unshakeable love of his wife The efforts of the murdered man s brother to bring Rand to justice, as well as Rand s internal struggle are well written Overall, it was an okay book, with the beginning portion verging on poor.

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    Lewis Rand is a poor farm boy who makes himself into a success, which normally would have the reader cheering Then he throws everything he s accomplished away, which leaves the reader disgusted.

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