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Tenth Grade Bleeds pdf Tenth Grade Bleeds, ebook Tenth Grade Bleeds, epub Tenth Grade Bleeds, doc Tenth Grade Bleeds, e-pub Tenth Grade Bleeds, Tenth Grade Bleeds e428a8fac3e In Tenth Grade Bleeds, It S Another Sucky Year At Bathory High For Vladimir Tod The Evil Vampire D Ablo Is Hunting For The Ritual That Could Steal Vlad S Powers His Best Friend Henry Doesn T Want To Be His Drudge Any And As If All That Weren T Enough, It S Getting Harder For Vlad To Resist Feeding On The People Around Him When Months Go By With No Word From Uncle Otis And D Ablo Shows Up Demanding Vlad S Father S Journal, Vlad Realizes That Having A Normal High School Year Is The Least Of His Concerns Vlad Needs To Act Fast, And Even His Status As The Pravus Won T Save Him This Time

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    Vladimir Tod has been learning a lot about his vampire abilities Otis has spent the summer training him on extending his telepathic communication He is also getting better at sensing when other vampires are near Both Vlad and his Aunt Nelly have gotten used to Otis being around and hate to see him go, but since Otis is still a fugitive in the vampire community, he knows in order to keep them safe, he must leave.Vlad s life seems to be going great He has the girl of his dreams by his side and everything just seems brighter when she is around Meredith is head over heels for him no matter what her friends say.A few things are getting in the way of his happy go lucky attitude though To start with there is the pesky Eddie and his brand spankin new camera, the terrible mood causing Henry, his best friend and drudge, to pull away from him, and his growing need for blood Also causing him problems are the terrible nightmares that have been interrupting his sleep Dreams of viscious attacks filled with blood and pain keep waking him in the middle of the night It really worries Vlad when he can t contact Otis for help and advise So, for the most part, Vlad is on his own.Heather Brewer has written a wonderful addition to The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series Vlad becomes and likeable as his kindness and soft heart keep showing through The thing that sets this book apart from the others in the series is the tone TENTH GRADE BLEEDS takes on a mature tone as Vlad deals with his relationship issues with Meredith and Henry and even so when adapting to his increased blood lust.The ending leaves the reader begging for TENTH GRADE BLEEDS is the best book in the series so far It is exciting to think about what the future has in store for Vlad.

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    Tenth Grade Bleeds is the third book in the series The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Vlad is now in tenth grade, and he is starting to experience the many struggles that come with high school His temptation to drink blood from humans is increasing, his best friend Henry doesn t want to be his drudge anymre, his uncle Otis has moved away again, and on top of all of that there is a vampire mercenary going after him that was sent from Elysia, the vampire council Vlad must deal with all of these things while he meets some new friend and learns a little bit about his deceased father.I thought the third installment of this series by Heather Brewer was just as good as the other novels, but lacked some finesse in the storytelling part of it She did a good job of juggling all of the numerous problems Vlad faced, but some of them were resolved a little too neatly or a little too rushed by the end one of the things I really liked though was Snow She seems to be a character that could really be made into a multi dimensional part of the book is she letting Vlad feed on her because she s his drudge, or because she really wants him to Hm Well, I m looking forward to reading the fourth book in the series

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    5 Stars Your heart will go bleed for Vald and his family as this epic tale continues.Among some of my favorites Outstanding literary work The characters are well developed, interesting The liked characters are likable and the hated are unlikable The writing is captivating enough to keep you interested until the end and leave you wanting It has a fairly original or uniquely well developed plot The pretense and romance were well balanced and done with properly distributed amounts of hints, behaviors, and chemistry Not so much predictable if at all Overall, loved it, I recommend reading Full Disclosure I participate in reviews with NetGalley, Author Review Requests, Publisher Requests, and Book Tours An e copy was provided to me by NetGalley and or the Author, and or the publishers No payment was received by me in exchange for this review There was not any obligation to write a positive review All opinions expressed here are entirely mine and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, the book s publisher and publicist, or the readers of this review This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    This has been the weakest installment so far There s been too much melodrama and to little action for my taste Also, Vlad has been progressively becoming a total idiot, which I don t like at all I m hoping the next one will be engaging After all, how can a teenager s life get boring as the guy gets older

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    If you want to read a vampire book with memorable characters, good scenes filled with dread, action, and some hilarious shit, you are not allowed to overlook The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod You hear me You are not allowed.First off, I had put down this book a while back Not that it got boring, I just had things to do I felt bad, and picked it back up and got whisked off on a shit ton of stuff that all made sense and drove fun plot subplot storylines Let s face it, stuff making sense is becoming rare in the YA department I applaud this book for saying, FUCK THAT I m gonna be awesome Because that s exactly what this book was Short, sweet, and awesome.I would also like to point out that Heather Brewer knows exactly what the hell she s doing while writing a vampire novel These people are fucking vampires They are going to feast on humans, they are going to burn in the sun, and they are pale, imposing figures with fangs that reek with awesomeness Brewer also makes great references to horror works the two huge examples being the town of Stokerton, and a character by the name of Edgar Poe, Eddie for short EDDIE POE I already love ya, Brewer.Now let s dive a little deeper I got real caught up in the story s writing Brewer s style drew me right back in where I left off and said, Nuh uh You shouldn t have allowed dust to collect on me, you bitch I m gonna take you for a fucking ride, to which I apologized for the delay of reading and proceeded to be blown away The only thing about the style was that there wasn t anything to memorable about it There wasn t a sentence I read that made me go, Shit, that is deep What was fantastic about it though, was that Brewer knew about pace and how to make it work for her If she wanted something to happen, she made it happen and kept the tension up view spoiler An example is Vlad feeding on the goth girl, Snow, for the first time Brewer gets the emotional distraught yet satisfaction of the feed PERFECT It was nicely written and left me stunned hide spoiler

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    The third installment in this series and it s just as good as the first two I was upset about what was happening with Henry and Vlad s friendship It was cool to Vlad becoming aware of his vampire powers Also enjoyed seeing Otis and Nelly s forbidden relationship bloom Can t wait to move on to the next book

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    EDIT Changed Brewer s name and pronouns Tenth Grade Bleeds is the third installment in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod I have to admit that I am so tired of this series even though I ve only got two to go I hope to get through them quickly so I can leave Zac Brewer and Vladimir Tod behind me.Now in tenth grade, Vladimir Tod has furthered his vampire training and come to accept the fact that he is the Pravus But now Vlad has to deal with Otis once again disappearing with no contact and D ablo threatening to kill him And Vlad now gets to deal with the added bonus of his potentially crumbling relationship with Henry and his sudden hunger for blood.PlotThe plot in Tenth Grade Bleeds is the same it s been in the previous two book Vladimir being angst y over the smallest things, high school, and a small bit of vampire ness actually thrown in At this point in the series I can definitely say that the plot is repeating itself That s what brought this book down to a one star review Ninth Grade Slays s saving point was the improvement in writing but that novelty has worn off and the reader is once again faced with Brewer s boring plots.I think if the books were shorter then they wouldn t be as boring Eighth Grade Bites was bad because of it s writing but it wasn t all that boring The story in Ninth Grade Slays and Tenth Grade Bleeds gets too stretched out to be enjoyable Brewer doesn t have enough plot to make her books last the entire school year, hence all the time skips in the book The plot is a bare bones one that Brewer tries to make better by filling it with fluff.WritingThe writing was alright Brewer has been getting better with writing, I can admit that He s still not good at writing scenes where nothing important is going on though If Brewer had a plot heavy story then I would probably like her books a lot better As it stands, her writing cannot make up for the plot alone A big problem in the writing is the repetition of things Do you know the only word Brewer uses to describe Vlad s purple eyes Iridescent Look it up every time he talks about his eyes changing colors that word is always in the sentence The only other thing I don t like about her writing is how he does the action scenes Any time there s an action scene he writes them in these big paragraphs The big paragraphs mess up the feel of urgency and tensity in certain scenes In action sequences things are constantly changing and with those changes should come paragraphs describing them These long paragraphs just don t work.CharactersOh, Vlad I mentioned in my second review of your story that I would only like you if you released Henry as your drudge I was wrong You were willing to release your drudge and I still can t stand you Vladimir Tod is a thickheaded fool He does things that are deliberately stupid without thinking about it first Like throwing away the Lucis and not killing D ablo because he was Tomas s friend , who you apparently forgot tried to kill you three times now Vlad is also still very foolish at heart and unless he really grows as a character I don t seem myself liking him in the near future.I ve come to like Henry a little bit He s started standing up against Vlad and acting as like an actual person would His character is still flat, though Same goes for Otis There is also Meredith, who we get to see a lot but whom we still know nearly nothing about I couldn t make myself care about her or Vlad s relationship with her Meredith could have been replaced by an inanimate object and still have been the same character.D ablo, our main antagonist, is just as foolish as Vladimir Tod The things he does and the way he goes about them make no sense I feel like D ablo could have been a much better villain but Brewer had to make him easier to defeat for Vlad He s a cookie cutter villain that wants to control the world but can t manage to kill a fifteen year old half vampire.All the characters are boring and flat and I don t care one bit about them.Things I Didn t LikeI didn t like anything in this book but I ll narrow it down to my two biggest grievances the boring, repetitive plot and the lack of vampire folklore I ve already gone over my problems with the plot This is the third book and the plot follows the same pattern as the previous two books My main problem is with the vampire folklore.Brewer has never given any straight explanation how her vampires differ from classic vampires We know for a fact that they do differ Vlad and his ilk aren t affected by crosses, silver, or holy water But they are affected by the sun Brewer sort of hinted that her vampires are allergic to the sun in varying degrees but we never get a full explanation I m pretty sure Brewer is just making up her vampire mythology as he goes instead of starting out with the limits and abilities of her vampires all planned out.DiversityThe characters are all the same as the previous two books The character named Snow may have been East Asian but if she was then it was racist the way Brewer described her But I can t be sure if she is or not because the text never confirms it.OverallI felt the same way about this book as I have the first two books The plot is spread thin over and entire school year while it could be enjoyable if condensed some Because of this the book goes by slowly and it s than a bit boring If the titles of the books are anything to go by, I hope Vlad dies in Twelfth Grade Kills because there are much better books about teenage vampires out there.Here is a link to my notes.

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    More of the same with book three Doubtless, if you enjoyed the first two books, you will like this one, too For me, the protagonist, Vlad, is not an active character instead, he reacts to the people, actions, and events around him He does have one significant moment with another character named Snow that changes him and it is not exactly what you might be thinking The same bad guy from the previous books is back making evil threats to Vlad s life that he has a hard time delivering throughout Another vampire named Ignatius is sometimes chasing Vlad, but thankfully he can only maneuver at certain times during the long, drawn out year, so Vlad is not really in any danger from him.D Ablo s actions at the end reduce him to a young adult villain who is unable to do any lasting harm to Vlad although something seems to have happened to Vlad with the ritual Not surprisingly, Vlad cannot bring himself to finish D Ablo, thus prolonging the inevitable showdown we will continue to see in books 4 5 For the first time, Brewer s timeline stretches credulity for me She is locked into making each book correspond to one of Vlad s school years this one is 10th grade But she does not have enough plot to fill nine months of the year She reduces the plot to the big moments in Vlad s world First Day, Halloween, Snow Ball, Valentine s Day, and Freedom Fest He has a birthday in there somewhere Outside of these events, Vlad mostly wanders around the streets, sometimes floating up to his belfry while the plot is forced to take huge leaps forward without warning.I am still troubled as to how Vlad s father, a vampire who is dead, can father a child with a human I hoped this would be explained, but as of book three, not yet I hope Brewer has a good reason for how Vlad came to be as it is the only thing keeping me reading.

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    Again, I m rounding up, because this book is a 3.5 at the very most But since I m scarfing this entire series up so quickly, it doesn t feel right to give it a lower rating.I feel the need to mention something that has been bothering me since the first book, though This kid cries A Lot Like, every other page No I m not talking about sniffling and holding back tears I m talking about sobbing All The Time Now, I m not one of those gals that thinks boys or men shouldn t cry, but come on If anything I ve given him a little patience than I would have if he had been a girl I guess in an effort not to be one of those people Because, I m telling you, if Vlad were a chick, I would have already lost any trace of sympathy As it is, I find myself rolling my eyes and praying that he learn how to suck it upsoon.

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    Things got kicked up a notch and now I m practically leaping for the next book in the series I m half tempted to go out right now it s currently 1am and get the next one to read at this very moment This might be my favorite book so far in the series

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