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Rumo & Die Wunder im Dunkeln (Zamonien, #3) summary Rumo & Die Wunder im Dunkeln (Zamonien, #3), series Rumo & Die Wunder im Dunkeln (Zamonien, #3), book Rumo & Die Wunder im Dunkeln (Zamonien, #3), pdf Rumo & Die Wunder im Dunkeln (Zamonien, #3), Rumo & Die Wunder im Dunkeln (Zamonien, #3) 1a7db721b6 From The Author Of The Cult Classic The Lives Of Captain Bluebear Comes Another Fantastical Journey Into Zamonia This Captivating Story From The Unique Imagination Of Moers Is Astonishingly Inventive, Amusing, And EngrossingRumo Is A Little Wolperting A Domesticated Creature Somewhere Between A Deer And A Dog Who Will One Day Become The Greatest Hero In The History Of Zamonia Armed With Dandelion, His Talking Sword, He Fights His Way Across Overworld And Netherworld, Two Very Different Realms Chock Full Of Adventures, Dangers, And Unforgettable Characters Rala, The Beautiful Girl Wolperting Who Cultivates A Hazardous Relationship With Death Urs Of The Snows, Who Thinks Of Cooking Than Of Fighting Gornab The Ninety Ninth, The Demented King Of Netherworld Professor Ostafan Kolibri, Who Goes In Search Of The Non Existent Teenies General Ticktock, The Evil Commander Of The Copper Killers Ushan DeLucca, The Finest And Most Weather Sensitive Swordsman In Zamonia Volzotan Smyke, The Corpulent Shark Grub Rolv Of The Forest, A Wolperting Who Can Pass Through The White Fire Yggdra Syl, The Guardian Of The Nurn Forest And Its Talkative Animals Professor Abdullah Nightingale, Inventor Of The Chest Of Drawers Oracle And, The Worst Of Luck, The Deadly Metal Maiden

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    Moers may have become my favorite author I picked this book up on a whim, off the sale table at Powell s, and it was stunning I think it s a children s book, but it s the rare children s book that doesn t adjust the language to read at a sixth grade reading level or sanitize any of the violence This book turned out to be the beautiful love child of J.K Rowling and Norton Juster, raised by L Frank Baum and the entire staff DC Comics Beautifully illustrated, marvelously gory and violent while still lighthearted and playful, stunningly imaginative, and incredibly detailed I m in love I immediately went out and bought the other two books of his that have been translated into English.

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    I completely disagree with the Washington Post Rumo is no mash up of Rowling Douglas Adams Shel Silverstein, nor is it silly Moers is like no one else I ve ever read, I think I can safely say that he stands alone in his style of writing This particular novel has plotline than previous ones I ve read, and yes, it was too long but it was too much of a good thing, which is better than too much of a bad thing Everyone has got to try reading a Moers book at least once he is so fabulously inventive and quirky that it restores my goodwill towards humanity Rumo is quite bloody and violent, which doesn t seem to help it as a children s book however, kids can be quite bloodthirsty beings, and enjoy fantasy battles immensely without mixing them up with real life, sobe warned, but don t deprive them of the wonder, either.It s lines like these that endear me to Rumo Rice grain literature Rice grain literature Whole novels inscribed by Bonsai Mites on grains of creamed rice Hundreds of titles in stock Bonsai Mites only one of the hundreds of creatures which populate Moers books No humans in sight Highly recommended.

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    Oh, my what a fun and crazy read this was If you have a hankering for fantasy, comedy, and awesomely unsettling illustrations, combined in one amazing adventure then you have come to the right place Right from the word go we are introduced to a little Wolperting a dog like creature called Rumo named after the famous Zamonian card game His content life being looked after by Hackonian Dwarves is thrown into chaos when he and the friends are taken captive by the evil Demonocles So then begins a madcap turn of events that sees Rumo go from one peril to another in a wild and wacky journey that left me with many warm and happy fuzzies.I totally loved the debut novel in the series, 13 1 2 Lives of Captain Blue Bear and love Rumo equally as well Moers ability to create a world so bizarrely mind blowing, and populate it with the most fantastical characters imaginable is simply amazing This is easily the most creative and fun series I have read and may soon be my number one favorite Seriously with characters like a talking sword called Dandelion, and a Shark Grub Volzotan called Smyke, what s is there not to like

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    Rumo the wonder pup is named after a card game If I had to choose a card game name for myself I would go with Solitaire Not as catchy of course, but maybe going by a shortened version of the name instead might improve it a little.THEM How is the girl book cave treating you Solly ME Not a cave built for two friend, move along Sounds perfect to me.BACK TO THE REVIEWRumo the wonder pup is a Wolperting but it took him a while to learn this fact because like my favorite Bluebear from another Zamonia story, Rumo s first memory is of just existing Thankfully this existence has placed him in the arms of a caring adoptive farm family But what kind of story would it be if things stayed safe and happy Thus begins a journey that lands Rumo in numerous situations that have zero learning curves Think fast or be eaten alive would be the motto of this fantastical story of imaginary critters in imaginary lands.WHY I LOVED IT Read the paragraph above again and let me know how anyone could not want to know about this odd story An engaging writing style plus off the wall illustrations wraps this one up with a big, fancy, glittery bow.WHY I DIDN T LOVE IT ENOUGH TO GIVE IT FIVE STARS It s a bit much in the length department I would find myself putting it down often than I would have liked simply because the daunting idea of that much still left to go kept bubbling up A great story should wipe this thought from your mind making the pages flutter on by I can t put my finger on exactly what it was that caused this flaw in my reading Maybe it was the layers upon layers of adjectives or maybe it was because it was a lot darker than I expected There is a lot of war, fighting and death in this one and not as much humor as was in the first book I read about this fictional world So really, not the book s fault but a preference issue with this read.And now it s on to wherever my silver thread might take me.

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    Oh war das toll Ich habs nat rlich geschafft die B cher komplett achronologisch zu lesen, aber das tut dem Ganzen keinen Abbruch Bemerkenswert finde ich nicht nur die F lle an Sub plots und Geschichten in Geschichten die alle letztlich von Bedeutung sind, sondern auch die Tatsache, dass die unaussprechlichen Grausamkeiten das wohlige Gef hl, dass sich bei mir einstellte, nicht kleinkriegen konnten Ich war entr stet, emp rt, angeekelt und dann kurz darauf entz ckt, gl cklich und verzaubert Rumo ist nat rlich toll Ich will au erdem ein Einh rnchen, aber das wollte ich ja schon als ich Ensel und Grete las.Am Sch nsten ist aber die allerletzte Seite, weil ich das Buch mit einem breiten Grinsen geschlossen habe.

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    We should all have some Wolperting in us Walter Moers is a magical writer.

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    The one of the great achievements of Rumo is that, despite being a book of epic proportions, never becomes a chore to read There are many to choose from for example, the delightful illustrations by the author spaced throughout, the biazare flights of imagination, the varied and unique characters, and a plot that is strange but never hard to follow Strange is a good way to describe Rumo, but it is a strangeness grounded in both science and in literary savviness Cliches are subverted with loving care, and insiduous and obscure references peppered throughout the text makes it especially rewarding to a knowledgable reader An example a set of surgical tools based off prehistoric sea creatures Knowing that many are still lurking inside makes re reading a tantalising prospect.For all its weird and wonderful creatures, Rumo does occasionally touch some darker depths In fact, in its twisting and dreamlike folds, it manages to hit almost every spot surreal humour, pure escapism, genuine adventure, and also manages to be quite moving at points.A fabulous book, quite possibly my favourite It manages the near impossible feat of rambling engagingly.

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    This one those books that is a fantasy comedy that is so funny you wet your self ever scream out loud The b w ill are what make this book extra special a Ghotic dark mad adventure access life death hahahaha The Overworld the Underworld lost world every world this mystery of the Dog like the ugaly duck story but in a crazy fun Adult way onld disspoment is that other books in the series have not been Translated into English

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    This book is highly creative and has an interesting story, if it would only manage to stick with it We are presented with backstories to every minor character and there are far to many of them There is sometimes not really a focus But on the upside, everything is kind of relevant, either to understand the character right now, or it becomes important later on The illustrations made by the author are great to better understand his visions I enjoyed them a lot There are a little too much fight scenes for my taste, but everything you might not care about that much is easily skippable thanks to notes on the sides demonstrating the beginning of a new topic I was surprised how much I liked the characters that normally are not my kind of persons Rumo, at least in the beginning, is easily bored and does only care for fighting, still I was sucked into his story from the beginning by Moers writing All the I enjoyed Romu s development My favorite part of the book is Rala s story near the end It felt intense and dealt so differently from how other authors would do such a plot I must admit I did not like every bit of the whole story as much as others, but on the whole, I found it to be a good book The wonderful maps and pictures may be the reason I m giving it 4 instead of 3 stars, but yeah, it s worth it I recommend this to readers who like to read fantasy with new creatures and concepts, because this is, in my opinion, the biggest strength of this book It involves a coming of age story, too, but I think for liking this book you must be open to Moers kind of creativity.

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    Leggere Rumo stata un avventura magnifica, fatta insieme a compagni speciali, nel caleidoscopico mondo di Zamonia La fantasia di Moers non smette mai di stupirmi dalla storia di Forte Vermicchio alla dinastia dominatrice di Tartaro, dai minuscoli inesistenti ai vrachi, dal viaggio all interno del cervello di un Tenebrone al cuore di un croccamauro E i personaggi Rumo, eroe silenzioso, frettoloso e a volte incosciente Smeik, lo squalombrico che non si mai messo in gioco in prima persona in una battaglia ma ha sempre fatto da consigliere o al massimo gestiva le scommesse Urs, un combattente eccezionale che preferisce approfondire la passione per la cucina Friftar, che pianifica un colpo di stato da decenni Gaunab, il re che unisce dentro di s la follia dei 98 regnanti precedenti Tiktak, il comandante delle facce di bronzo frutto di un assemblaggio di parti metalliche al cui interno c lo zamonium che gli conferisce un intelletto e tantissimi altri Tanta, tanta roba Rumo diventa uno dei miei libri preferiti in assoluto e so gi che difficilmente trover un altra storia di questa portata

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