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10 thoughts on “Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge: FAA-H-8083-25A (FAA Handbooks)

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    what I learned from this book is I was destined to be a pilot.

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    This is a very useful book Though, i m not a pilot who lived in the USA and regulated by FAA The information contained principal matters of aeronautical knowledge A comprehensive guide for me as a Dispatcher.FYI also, this book is available through the FAA website You can print directly for your own use.

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    If you want to learn how airplanes fly, this is a great book Filled with understandable information than I would have guessed could be crammed into one relatively slim volume.

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    Pilot s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge is great for new pilots starting to learn how to fly It tells you a lot of the basics and how things work It really helped me out

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    Read and understand this and the Airplane Flying Handbook and you ll pass your written test.

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    The Pilot s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge or PHAK, for short is the go to book for learning about all of the major topics involved in the aviation world I recommend reading this book in conjunction with a good ground school course.As other reviewers have mentioned, this book can be downloaded for free directly from the FAA website It can also be purchased from several publishers if you prefer a hard copy You could also print one yourself, but I imagine the ink expended in the process would be expensive than just buying a bound version.The PHAK covers the basics of aerodynamics and principles of flight aircraft systems, instruments, performance and documentation weight and balance weather theory and services airspace navigation and aeromedical factors At times, when additional information is available, Advisory Circulars or the FAR AIM are referenced as needed.I highly recommend this text for any student pilots operating out of the US It may be peripherally useful to non US pilots, but certainly discussions on airspace will not be valid outside of the United States.

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    This book is crammed full of good information, the stuff you ll need to be able to fly a plane as well as to understand a bit of aerodynamics, aircraft systems, weather, and psychology I found this very useful while studying for my private pilot s license.I will note that some elements of the books are poorly written and or edited The book comes with its own errata, which mysteriously have not been applied to the contents, so you have to manually go through and make the corrections yourself And there are additional errors, including duplicated passages and other obvious mistakes, that haven t yet made it into the errata I even spotted at least one error in the errata.The other thing that I found annoying was the excessive dumbing down of some elements, to the point of nonsense, as in the explanation of how to calculate rate of turn, such that basic units analysis falls apart It s great to simplify things, but not if you just sow confusion.

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    If you are looking to get your Private Pilots Certificate, this is the bible Mastering the knowledge in it is critical to passing the FAA written test Update 11 14 2013 I finished the book and passed the check ride for my PPL

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    It is a good book for beginners.It doesn t talk much about the concepts of jet engines I have the newer version of this book they have added certain topics The book helps to get ur basics cleared.It s a great book to have around.

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    This book is awesome Great introduction to the world of aviation If you are thinking about becoming a pilot someday read this book I recommend reading this before taking a ground school.

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