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The Incurable Matchmaker (Signet Regency Romance) summary The Incurable Matchmaker (Signet Regency Romance), series The Incurable Matchmaker (Signet Regency Romance), book The Incurable Matchmaker (Signet Regency Romance), pdf The Incurable Matchmaker (Signet Regency Romance), The Incurable Matchmaker (Signet Regency Romance) 00e57b59ff It Was Well Known That Diana Ingram Was As Impeccably Virtuous As She Was Exquisitely Beautiful It Was Just As Well Known That The Handsome And Charming Marquess Of Kenwood Was The Most Insatiable And Successful Seducer In All Of Aristocratic Society

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    I loved ithaven t found an old Balogh that I never read in a while This little ditty about Jack and Diana so sorry, I just couldn t help it has got one of my favorite premises, rake hero entering a bet to sleep with the heroine, and a developing emotional intimacy with friendship that allows me to believe the rake hero will stay faithful to the heroine for a true HEA It has other elements I love 1 Heroine has strength of character and real values, she is not just pure because she lacks desire.2 Heroine truly loved first husband..ok their physical relationship was only mildly pleasurable given his reserve, and I really prefer when it was good e.g.,The Madness Of Lord Ian MacKenzie , but their love was beautiful as is her relationship with her in laws She knows exactly what she is looking for.3 love an initial sexual scene in a case of mistaken identity, Lord Ruin style 4 love hero s POV as he fights his feelings and exposes himself emotionallyhe really thinks about the things heroine said to him, and her private thoughts and words have a huge impact on him.5 love a rake manHo who is not just playing with women because he thinks he s entitled but has fears feelings that he isn t worthy of whether it s a regency age Marquess or rock star Kellan Kyle Thoughtless 6 it was restrained and relatively clean compared to what I read these days but still hot in a restrained way Balogh taps in to the raw sexuality beneath proper regency behavior Lots of books talk of sex with mistresses and servants but she uses small details to show you what a rake really is, the way they would make free use of women s bodies as playthings There is a scene where hero plays with a chambermaid s breasts almost idlyhonestly it s evocative of the way he is than other authors showing actual intercourse with other women 7 fun secondary characters who don t detract from overall story and are interesting in their own right Her secondary romances are often just as interesting as the primary That was the case here.

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    2.5 stars The marquess regarded his boots modestly and took another sizeable swallow from his glass Can I help it if I was born irresistible to the fair sex he asked of no one in particular He yawned until his jaws cracked Women They re the only thing that makes life worth living His words sounded strange to his own ears They were rolling themselves together around his tongue I daresay there ain t a female in all England who could resist Jack if he set his mind to having her, Maurice said admiringly, addressing the company at large Mary Balogh The Incurable Matchmaker Kindle Locations 26 30 Kindle Edition The H of this novel is Jack, the Marquess of Kenwood and he s also the KING of all super manwhores who lack shame and will sleep with any passably attractive female once she s willing I ve read lots of novels with manwhore heroes and I ve founds most of them to be sexy and redeemable but Jack just got on my last nerve At the start of the story, he and his ass kissing male friends are at White s listing out the names of the 5 or 6 women that Jack has had sex with in the previous 3 weeks.That s not sexy in my opinion, especially at the beginning of a romance novel Throughout the entire book, this is the impression I had of Jack As for his male pals, I have one thing to say about all of them These horny manwhores, who all worship Jack and place his penis on some kind of symbolic pedestal, come up with the following wager they are so confident about their H s studly abilities when it comes to women, that they wager a couple of other guys that Jack can seduce a beautiful young vicar s widow called Diana Ingram They choose Diana because she s was the belle of her debutante season and she refused marriage proposals from Earls and other titled guys because she felt that a nice decent vicar like Teddy Ingram would make a better husband Diana s known as a conservative but kind woman who will not engage in any kind of promiscuous activity These guys feel that Jack s super penis is so powerful that it ll enable him to seduce the unconquerable Mrs Ingram The one thing I disliked about the men was the fact that they ignored all sense of propriety and common decency They thought that it was ok to bet on Jack seducing Diana because she wasn t a virgin ingenue but a young 23 yr old widow They should ve have respect for her The fact that she s hymenally challenged does not mean that she s lacking in virtue Diana is one of the most virtuous heroines I ve encountered She s idealistic and even though she hadn t been passionately in love with her late husband Teddy, she had cared for him a lot and he had been a loving, kind and faithful husband Her sex life with Teddy had been mechanical since they always did it in the dark and never saw each other naked Jack and his pals think that as long as a female is not a virgin then it s fine for them to pursue her aggressively even if the woman wants to be left alone The biggest idiot of the bunch is Ernest, Diana s brother in law He was the one who had drunkenly suggested that his late younger brother s wife be the object of Jack s seduction in the wager This fool then spent the rest of the story following after Jack and Diana trying to prevent the seduction from happening Jack always came across as a drunkard manslut who was unable to turn down the opportunity to sleep with a willing female In fact, there s one scene at an inn where Jack is not even in the mood for sex but he just sighs and thinks that he might as well go bang the slutty barmaid because she s been coming on to him desperately all evening It s almost as if his penis is just an organ that he needs to feed everyday The man has no concept of what it means to say no to a flirtatious skank He even thinks he s honour bound to sleep with them when they re giving out such loud signals and begging for his attention After all, he s a gentleman and can t bear to hurt some woman s feelings That is just so wrong in my opinion It s like Jack lacks the adult ability to evaluate right from wrong when it comes to casual sex with total strangers The only reason he fails to bang the barmaid is because he walks into the wrong bedroom where he finds the heroine Diana He ends up almost having sex with the heroine because she s been ill and had taken some laudanum to rest peacefully Diana had been having an erotic dream and drowsily started to respond to the manwhore Jack It s only when she groans and says something that he realizes that her speech is refined and not the common rural accent of the barmaid The incurable matchmaker in the story is Diana s mother in law the Countess of Rotherham This lady is also a distant relative of Jack s and she s a lovable and kind but very interfering character The countess has good intentions but, like all busybodies, she often interferes to the point where she becomes very annoying In this novel, she decides to play matchmaker for Jack and Diana She was also determined to set up her bumbling son Ernest with a sweet Mary Sue young girl called Angela I would ve rated this as a 1 star novel had it not been for the minor storylines with Ernest and Angela and the other guests at the house party It was easier to believe that Ernest and Angela would find true and lasting love Jack seemed very attracted to Diana but he continued to act like a big joking jackass all the time and he never took anything seriously He was like a big stupid teenage boy full of hormones who didn t stop to think about the consequences of his behaviour He didn t have sex with any other women during the course of the story, but he kept putting himself in idiotic compromising situations with them In a couple of instances, he kissed a skanky chambermaid full on her lips, fondled her pendulous boobs and put a gold coin her bosom to make her feel better after he had rejected her offer of free sex The idiot also did this in front of the heroine He thinks he s being chivalrous and sweet in his method of rejection to the chambermaid Betsy, but the dumbass never stops to consider Diana s feelings I m honestly not comfortable around a man who finds it so easy to flirt and give away lip kisses to strange women just to make them feel better How can the heroine ever trust him He might not cheat by banging other women but his reluctance to hurt other females feelings will cause trouble I don t know about other women, but I expect my man to put my feelings before all other women Jack also flirted a lot with a married woman who had been his former mistress He didn t have sex with her, even though she wanted it, but he wasn t firm with her either He kept complimenting her, being nice to her and even kissing her hand like some gallant swain Some women who are interested in a man sexually, will tend to view such things as passive or latent encouragement I prefer it when the H is a bit mean and firm to these skanky bitches Jack drove me up the wall and Diana was too good for his nasty ass He claimed he loved her in the end and that he wouldn t ever want other women but the author didn t prove that he had been sufficiently redeemed in my opinion This is not a novel that I will ever read again but it wasn t a total failure The minor storylines and minor characters made it interesting but the actual main romantic storyline between the MC s was not that thrilling There was some minor wannabe OM drama with a middle aged widower called Mr Peabody but that failed to inspire my interest because Jack didn t even get jealous of the guy The H kept laughing at him as if he was a big joke while the poor heroine kept getting jealous of the married neighbour, the barmaid and the chambermaid WTF kind of thing is that I much prefer it when it s the H who is all jealous and besotted.

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    This novel manages to wrap three classical romance plots into one the wager, the mistaken room identity, and the matchmaking Oh and the weather helped, too It was a bit of an overkill, I dare say, the poor rake didn t stand a chance against all these odds Fun, sweet, with some few hot scenes in between and a nice secondary story What s not to like

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    2.5 stars This story was slow going and a bit boring, and I didn t really like the heroine she was too dull for the hero It took me a long time to read because I kept picking up other books to ease the boredom a little It was also too short a book to have a secondary story involved I would have liked the story if it was just focused on the leads I give it 2.5 stars instead of only 2 stars because I love books with rakes wagering over seducing the heroines, and I liked the hero s rakish personality, but this one just had too much going on and didn t give the reader enough quality time with the hero and heroine Not one of my favorite Mary Balogh traditional regencies.

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    3 stars for the main characters, 5 stars for the secondary characters they were much interesting, and much funnier The main characters were a little boring, wish Ms Balogh wrote the secondary characters as the main characters and visa versa.Diana Ingram is newly widowed and her ex mother in law the Countess of Rotherham is determined that she marry again and she has provided the perfect opportunity a huge get together of family and friends on her estate to celebrate her husband s birthday over a three week period Jack the Marquess of Kenwood is fairly well known for being a seducer However, as the countess pushes them together in one of her matchmaking schemes, they realize there might be between them that meets the eye The secondary characters romance is what intrigues me even about his book, and is the reasons that I re read it Angela Wickenham is much younger 10 years than Ernest Lord Crensford nevertheless, she has been in love with them since she was 14, while he thought of her as nothing than a child Angela arrives at the estate for the birthday party 4 years after meeting Ernest the first time Lord Crensford realizes that Angela is not the child he knew, but now looks like a woman though she doesn t always act like one And with the help of the matchmaking countess, Ernest realizes that he returns Angela s love.This is a sweet book, whether your favorites are the hero heroine or Ernest and Angela The countess is also funny with how she manipulates everyone in a very caring and loving way to her matchmaking schemes.

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    How can it be angsty goodness and humourous Well the aunt and the 2nd ary couple were very amusing The angst comes from the deep seated fears of both h h It was lovely to see heroine turn the tables on the world weary rakish hero Worth looking for

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    I did not like this at all I thought Jack was obnoxious and disrespectful to Diana The ending felt rushed and the secondary love story was irritating

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    I have to admit I found it rather tasteless compared to other works from this author I couldn t get a connection between the pairs, it all seemed like splash, voila In the end, it felt like a story of attraction rather than love.

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    A rake and a widow this is not mary balogh

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    THE INCURABLE MATCHMAKER GBalogh, Mary Signet RegencyIt was well known that Diana Ingram was as impeccably virtuous as she was exquisitely beautiful It was just as well known that the handsome and charming Marquess of Kenwood was the most insatiable and successful seducer in all of aristocratic society.Society held its breath, and wagering was hot and heavy when this irresistible libertine met this unmovable lady Never had the game of love been played for higher stakes as the divine Diana tried not to lose her honor and the masterful marquess tried not to lose his heart Widow and a rake pleasant enough read

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