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    Nobody else is going to care about this, and I think it s a sweet little book overall, but mostly I was caught up with Shirin s prayer wishing for straight hair and it wrecked me because things and beauty standards and those aren t tears, they re allergies.

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    Aware that Ramadan the Islamic month of fasting was set to begin again in three weeks time, I had been looking around for good children s stories which address the topic, when I stumbled across this engaging new picture book by Iranian American author Reza Jalali, published this past June I was particularly pleased, over, when I noticed that it was a Tilbury House title, as they are one of my favorite smaller presses Wanting to be a part of her family s Ramadan observances, and always competitive with her older brother Ali, nine year old Shirin pesters her mother and father for permission to fast Finally, after her grandmother, Maman Bozorg, relates a story about her own father s youthful desire to observe Ramadan, and the compromise that was reached, Shirin is allowed to make a partial fast But, as Maman Bozorg maintains, Ramadan is not simply about fasting, but also about doing good deeds Will Shirin be able to recognize the good deed that needs doing, when the time comes, or will sibling rivalry get in the way A warm family story that encompasses the themes of religious observance, cultural practice, and the resolution of conflict between siblings, Moon Watchers Shirin s Ramadan Miracle is a lovely addition to any holiday shelf Young Muslim readers will see a part of their experience reflected back at them something that is still too infrequent, in the world of children s literature while those of other religious persuasions will gain an appreciation for this important time in the Islamic year I appreciated the fact that Jalali managed to incorporate a discussion of the diversity of beliefs and practices, within the Muslim community, as it concerns women s use of a head covering Shirin s grandmother wears a head scarf, her mother does not and I thought that Anne Sibley O Brien s illustrations complemented the tale admirably In short this is one Ramadan title that I would recommend to all

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    Moon Watchers Shirin s Ramadan Miracle by Reza Jalali, illustrated by Anne Sibley O Brien Touching story about a young girl who wishes to practice all the traditions of Ramadan but is too young to practice the fasting Appreciated the compromise and also the honest sibling relationship.

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    This is a nice story about a 9 year old girl who wants to be able to participate in the Ramadan fast with various information about Ramadan including the titular moon watching and Ramadan s basis in a lunar calendar woven throughout Her familial interactions feel really genuine.

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    In Moon Watchers Shirin s Ramadan Miracle, nine year old Shirin is anxious to join her family in fasting for the holy month of Ramadan Her parents say that she is too young to fast, but instead should concentrate on doing good deeds for others Eventually, they allow her to fast part time , and the book tells of the day to day activities of the family during Ramadan.The illustrations are very realistic, and seem culturally appropriate Scenes show the family praying on prayer shawls, and preparing tea in a samovar The book doesn t specify where the family is from, but the foods stuffed dates, sweet rice with saffron and a brief use of Persian indicates the family, like the author, is from Iran Living in the United States now, the book is mostly about the happenings in the house The title of the book comes from Shirin and her father s nightly tradition of going out to watch the moon First, looking for the new moon to signal the start of Ramadan, and then throughout the month watching the moon grow wax and wane until the next new moon signals the end of Ramadan However, her Ramadan miracle is not so miraculous, and involves her brother being nice to her He gets her a present to celebrate Eid after she does not tell her parents that he is sneaking food during the day That constitutes her good deed for others for the month.I really liked how this book walks readers through the traditions of Ramadan I had a much better picture of the month after reading the book The main focus was on the daily practices during Ramadan, but the story reads like a diary than a story with an engrossing plot Shirin s parents and grandmother encourage her to focus on other aspects of Ramadan since she could not fast, but she is very focused on the fasting I would have liked to see of the charitable aspects of Ramadan shown However, the book would be a great introduction to Ramadan, and very helpful is a school like mine where many children do fast during Ramadan.

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    1 Text to self connection Growing up, my family attended church I remember when I was younger, wanting to get baptized because everyone I knew was baptized Everytime I would ask my mom about it, she would tell me that I was too young This is similar to the experience of Shirin wanting to fast with her family during Ramadan Like Shirin, I was eventually able to convince my mom that I was old enough.2 A Knowledge What doesn t Shirin s family do during Ramadan B Comprehension Explain what happens during Ramadan C Application Predict whether or not you think Shirin will participate in the next Ramadan.D Analysis What is the main idea of the book E Synthesis Create a timeline of events from the book.F Evaluation Decide if you think Shirin is old enough to fast for Ramadan or not.3 2010, June 1 Booklist.

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    I enjoyed learning about Muslim customs and the Ramadan holiday through a picture book and I believe this would be a good introduction for young students The book focuses on a young girl s desire to take part in the adult custom of fasting and is relatable to all children who want to be like the grown ups but aren t allowed The story humanizes a Muslim family, including sibling rivalry and kind, loving parents, and this is an important lesson in our society The book does not focus on the religious beliefs so it could be used in public schools as a cultural lesson or part of a unit on different holidays The illustrations are paintings that show details that may be unfamiliar to American students such as headscarves and traditional foods, but also portray familiar suburban sights such as the father grilling and the children wearing T shirts Best for grades 2 4 Kirkus reviewed.

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    Really enjoyed this book from the story to the illustrations, and as an educational tool to understand the sacred holiday I chose a children s book to keep it simple, direct, and fun.Very sweet, heartfelt, and real Told from the point of view of a young girl, who is not yet able to fully participate in Ramadan.Love the way she gains understanding from various family members, some who are helpful, and one, seemingly unhelpful Her Father involves her in watching the various moon phases and educates her on how this is important throughout the month Ramadan The rivalry with her older brother rang true, as he is able to fully participate, and of course, gives her a hard time.Sweet, special ending, too.

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    Shirin and her father watch the Maine sky for the new moon so they will know when Ramadan begins The story tells of how she and her family observe Ramadan Shirin has an older brother, Ali, who is old enough to fast but Shirin seems him sneaking snacks after school She debates whether to tell on him or not but in the end decides not to For her good deed, she and her parents are surprised when Ali gives her a present for Eid Readers how enjoy this book may also enjoy Magid Fasts for Ramadan

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    Shoring feels left out as she is the only member of her family not fasting for Ramadan She feels old enough this year She has lots of questions and struggles to find a way to make a significant offering of her faith to Allah Shirin overcomes a bout of sibling rivalry and supports her brother as he struggles to keep the tradition that she so desperately wants to be part of This well crafted story is best suited for 1st graders and up because of its length Listeners and readers will learn a lot about Muslim beliefs and traditions

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