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Ten Big Ones pdf Ten Big Ones, ebook Ten Big Ones, epub Ten Big Ones, doc Ten Big Ones, e-pub Ten Big Ones, Ten Big Ones c8b91ae5aa2 I M Stephanie Plum My Mother Says That I M Famous And Have To Set A Good Example She S Right, But I M From Jersey And Truth Is, I Have A Hard Time Getting A Grip On The Good Example Thing Swing Off The Jersey Turnpike And You Ll Be In Bounty Hunter Stephanie Plum S Neighborhood You Ll Know It Because All Hell Will Be Breaking Loose Not That She Looks For Trouble It Just Seems To Follow Her In Ten Big Ones It Explodes At A Deli, And When Stephanie Pegs A Robber As A Member Of A Vicious Trenton Gang, They Peg Her As Dead Vice Cop Joe Morelli Fears She S In Way Too Deep Even With The Help Of Crime Solving, Cross Dressing, Bus Driver Sally Sweet, And Stephanie S Friend Lula Riding Shotgun As Backup With A Notorious Killer On Her Tail, Stephanie Figures The Best Hideout Is Ranger S Secret LairOriginal

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    Book Review 4 out of 5 stars to Ten Big Ones, the 10th book in the Stephanie Plum cozy mystery series, written in 2004 by Janet Evanovich We ve hit double digits in the books, and with it, Evanovich brings double the laughter, which was already in overdrive We meet Sally Sweet in this book, a cross dresser with so much to say Hilarious Just over the top But so is Stephanie, as she s going to be killed by the mob She s gotten a little too big for her britches, as they say, by now in her hometown People know she is a bounty hunter They know she usually, in some weird way, gets her perp And she always survives, no matter what they throw at her Sounds pretty lucky, huh I thought so too And if the books weren t so funny, I might have a hard time with the formulaic stories But in truth, there are so many different characters, a fantastic amount of plots and incident, you can look the other way and just enjoy them for what they are And when the mob is involved, you know the hits will keep on coming About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by.

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    I don t get it, Morelli said Other women are happy to stay home My sister stays home My brothers wives stay home My mother stays home My grandmother stays home Your grandmother is insane You re right My grandmother doesn t count First of all, Morelli sounds like Stephanie s mother right now Secondly, he s kind of right Stephanie has a gang after her and they have a hired hitman coming in to kill her It does seem like a good time to maybe stay safe, catch up on some reading or something But, Stephanie is not the brightest bulb in the pack She s determined to put herself in danger by strutting around town like one of those moving targets at the shooting range Stephanie isn t smart enough to be one of the ducks She s that tin can at the bottom.So, when the gang members graffiti Morelli s house and her car, showing that they know exactly where she is, she freaks out and moves out of his house She uses an argument they have about her staying safe as an excuse, but really, I can t believe Morelli still puts up with her constant break ups The good news is, Stephanie ends up hiding out at the Bat Cave Ranger s place We finally get to see of the elusive Ranger And, the I learn about him, the I like him This is true We have never seen Ranger and Batman in the same room Suspicious The bad news is, Stephanie is really jerking these guys around She lives with Morelli, but kisses Ranger anytime she wants You know what I would think about my hubs kissing another woman I think he wouldn t survive what I think Before he kisses her, he would need to get his affairs in order Arrange his own funeral and such That would workHere s what I would like to see happen Morelli meets another woman and marries her Stephanie finds out that Ranger is actually married to a beautiful supermodel Stephanie realizes that her hamster, Rex, cannot possibly be a real hamster because he s lived longer than a couple of hamster lives put together She kisses Rex and he turns out to be a cursed fae that was trapped in the hamster body He takes her back to his kingdom and keeps her in a glass aquarium, throwing her pieces of pizza crust and cereal each day Seems only fair Okay, maybe that s a bit unrealistic Ranger should be married to an international spy or maybe Catwoman Better

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    It only gets a four because I m not sure where I stand with this whole love triangle I m a hardcore Morelli Steph fan who can appreciate Ranger but doesn t want Ranger with Steph for many reasons and am getting a little tired of the walking out on Morelli because they disagree I d love to see Morelli finally get tired of the whole thing and date someone else, forcing Steph to realize what the hell she wants.In terms of this particular book, I was getting a little frustrated with Steph s behavior with Ranger regardless of how sexy it may have been The soap Buy a bottle yourself and go over to Joe s I was having the same guilt attack she was having when she thought about Joe Pick a side already Steph The drama is carrying on for too long.The story itself was hysterical and any book that has Sally Sweet in it is going to be good The ending had me giggling and it was all well justified and crazy in that well known Plum style.

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    This one is worth reading for the batcave alone Seriously Stephanie breaks into Rangers apartment and hides out there to keep safe from the gang that has targeted her It breaks down the mystery of Ranger in a lot of ways and yet not He becomes less phantom and Man in this book which is welcome I think his becoming real makes his a bigger threat to Morelli and Stephanie s relationship.

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    These books get better and better Who doesn t love Stephanie I like how she doesn t really choose between Joe and Ranger She chooses herself instead and doesn t let them boss her around They are just along for Her ride through life Dudes, either get on or get off, but I m driving These are good lessons for young girls Be strong, fight hard, and do your best at whatever job you doReread May 2018 Still loving this book Steph makes her way into the bat cave Meanwhile street gangs are hunting for her But the best part is who saves her life in the end I won t ruin it for you butSome people can do anything in heels.

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    Warning Warning You should not operate a treadmill while reading Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum books Why, do you ask Because hysterical laughter can and than likely will trip you Thank goodness for that little string that turns off the treadmill WHAM Trip, slip, hit, roll Reading this book was refreshing I ve been reading so much blood gore and paranormal romance, that my mind was in desperate need for funny This book centered around Stephanie Plum duh, right and her knack for stumbling into dangerous situations Felons to apprehend Humping dogs to evade scene to be posted individually as it deserves nothing less And two extremely sexy men to fantasize over Hiding from gang members and some psycho badass, Stephanie finds herself living with Ranger, only he doesn t know it yet Sexual tension much Stephanie is a hilariously gorgeous woman with a sidekick that rocks Two women fighting crime and eating donuts What better way to live Luck is the only thing that saves her ass Lula, Stephanie s sidekick is awesome She is the most hilarious character ever invented Be still my beating heart Actually, Lula still looked like a hooker Lula s a full bodied black woman who favors animal print spandex enhanced with sequins I figured Lula didn t want to hear my fashion opinion, so I didn t say anything I just raised an eyebrow Morelli, the sexy cop, and Stephanie s on again off again main squeeze, just can t get his head out of his ass Trying to convince Stephanie that she needs to be a stay at home housewife just isn t good for his health Morelli s a very sexy, very handsome Trenton cop Morelli and I have a long history and possibility a long future Mostly we take it day by day, neither of us feeling the need for documented commitment right now. Vinnie doesn t show up too much in this book Nonetheless, the fact that he once loved a duck is enough to bless this post s presence Vinnie is my cousin on my father s side of the family and sole owner of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds He s an oily little guy with slicked back black hair, pointy toed shoes, and a bunch of gold chains hanging around his scrawny tanning salon tanned neck It s rud that he once had a romantic relationship with a duck. Ranger, latino and deadly It just doesn t get much better than Ranger Read him Love him Lust him That s the only way it works He just flat out does it for me Ranger rarely showed emotion He was a man of action throwing people against walls and out windows, never breaking a sweat, his face perfectly composed Now you ve made me mad, he d calmly say And then bodies would fly through the air. I recommend this book to all mature adults and above Super mild sexual content with some interesting scenes filled with violence Triple thumbs up Silly, but I just can t help myself Line of the book If you buy chocolate with loose change the calories don t count. Happy reading

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    I love Stephanie Plum, Bounty Hunter And I love how Janet Evanovich makes me laugh while I m reading all her books This one was no different Really fun stuff, even amid the gunfire and craziness.

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    I ve enjoyed all 10 books of this series I MIGHT do 11 but that would be it for me First book started in mid 90 s and I think this one is still in the 90 s even though cell phones, GPS, and airport security sound like the current century Also, her hamster is still alive and started at 3 y.o I know Stupid details But they bother me The biggest reason I m done is because I don t feel that the main character, Stephanie, is growing at all The characters story line are static she s the same, situations the same, her awful diet is the same, love triangle is tired Plus she s already in her 30 s, so it just feels like 10 books in she should have matured some But it doesn t feel like she s grown at all, not even a tiny bit.It was fun while it lasted I don t think I d enjoy reading 8 books which are left in the series w out some major change up.Another reviewer mentioned that this series is starting to feel like a sitcom that s jumped the shark I agree This would be a fun sitcom to watch I imagine James Franco as Morelli maybe I think he could pull it off Can t imagine someone for Ranger or Stephanie yet though.OK broke down and did end up reading 11 It was good, but the same And now there s a movie out for One for the Money Katherine Heigl looks good for the part in the previews but Morelli hmmm doesn t seem sexy enough just based on looks But maybe they ll have great chemistry Should be interesting Oh and I didn t imagine Debbie Reynolds for Grandma Mazur at all either

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    This wasfine But also super annoying A big part of what I don t like about this series is the fact that Steph STILL can t make up her damned mind between Morelli and Ranger This book essentially brings that to a head for the first time I mean, sure, she ends up stuck in the house and bored out of her brain because a psychopath wants to kill her But DUDE WHAT THE FUCK MORE DO YOU EXPECT MORELLI TO DO THIS IS NOT A REASON TO BREAK UP WITH HIM AND MOVE INTO RANGER S APARTMENT I justAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH In short, Steph s logic is not like our earth logic If any sane person had a psychopath wanting to kill them, they d be all Yeah, I m totally going to stay in the house forever and ever, thank you very much and not be all Ugh, this is the worst I need to go to the mall now I mean, really THE MALL You re willing to risk death for the sake of new shoes Essentially, all this had going for it was a Bob the dog, and b the return of Sally Sweet.

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    I know people love these books, but I just don t get it apparently.I keep listening to these because I got them all from the library and it s the only thing I have while I m cleaning and working on Christmas presents, but I have to say that with every book, I get annoyed with Stephanie Plum In any other book people would consider her TSTL Someone is trying to kill her, someone who has already killed 3 people including a police officer, so she takes a stun gun to her body guard because she s bored and wants to go to the mall Really There is a gang who is unhappy with her because she can identify one of their members as someone involved in an armed robbery, so she drives into gang territory to see if she can spot him See what I mean And the way she acts about Ranger what is she a 14 year old girl I don t deny he sounds hot And if she wants to have a hot, sweaty time with him, go for it But he s just a guy And if you want him, you should really egt rid of your boyfriend I mean the fact is that while the one time in series that her and Ranger actually had sex, she was broken up with Joe, fine Of course if Joe had had sex with someone else, she d pitch a fit and end it for good, but the fact is even when she s dating Joe, she s kissing Ranger Kissing and lusting and flirting and being in general kind of skanky and totally hypocritical Make a choice already I would really love if Joe left her once and for all He s said a thousands times she s not worth the headache and I think he s right.My personal opinions of the characters aside, the stories all fit into a formula that is becoming a little repetitive Although I have to say, I love Sally Sweet So that was a bonus for this book I m continuing this series, but I don t have high hopes.

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